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Categories :: Family : Kids and Teens Articles


Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Reno Charlton 
 Article Title :: The History of Prom Night!
The proms of today are very elaborate and exciting affairs, and ones that are talked about and prepared for by students long before the actual event. The prom has become a who's who of high school society and as the dance approaches the pressure is on to find a suitable prom partner, and preferably someone that can give you a helping hand to the coveted title of prom king or queen.Proms weren't always the exciting frenzy of posh outfits, stunning hairstyles, stretch limos and hot dates as they are today. In fact, during the early part of the twentieth century, the dance was a small-time, simple affair with little in the way of organization or preparation.As the decades passe  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Patricia Jensen 
 Article Title :: Super Bubble Recipes - Become an Expert "Bubbleologist"
So, you want to become an expert "bubbleologist"? These super bubble recipes and homemade bubble wands will make you an expert at creating big, beautiful bubbles. A great activity for kids parties or anytime.Bubble solutions contain a few simple ingredients which can be found at home or in your local supermarket or pharmacy. You will need liquid dishwashing detergent. The more expensive ones like Joy or Dawn work best. Mix with water then add either light corn syrup or glycerin.Glycerin is preferable because it makes stronger bubbles and doesn't attract flying insects like the sweet syrup will. The majority of bubble solutions will include these three ingredients in varying   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Patricia Jensen 
 Article Title :: Face Paint Recipes
These easy face paint recipes show how to make homemade face paint using common household ingredients. Mix and store in baby food jars or discarded film canisters. Be ready for your next kids party or dress-up event.HOMEMADE FACE PAINT RECIPESFacepaint Recipe #11 tsp. Cornstarch ½ tsp. Cold cream ½ tsp. Water Food coloring (variety of colors)Mix together cornstarch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and stir. Add food coloring one drop at a time until you get the desired color.Facepaint Recipe #23 tblsps. Cornstarch 1 tblsp. Flour 3/4 cup Karo light corn syrup 1/4 cup wate  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Patricia Jensen 
 Article Title :: Play Clay Recipes - Homemade Clay Made Simple
This quick basic recipe is very easy to make and to use. It is soft and pliable for little hands to work with ease. Color, scent, and even glitter can be added to the recipe to make more interesting clay creations.BASIC PLAY CLAY RECIPE 1 cup flour 1 tbsp. vegetable oil 1 cup water 1/2 cup salt 2 tsp. cream of tartarHeat, stirring constantly, until ball forms. Knead. Store in airtight container or plastic bag. Makes about 4 portions.Add-Ins for Color Food coloring Kool-Aid Fruit-flavored GelatinAdd-Ins for Scent Peppermint oil Lemon oil Vanilla extract Gingerbread: Ground C  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Tanner Rhoden 
 Article Title :: Drowning in a Pool of Shadows
Ecstasy is a very difficult drug to write about. Most "E" experiences consist of you and some friends sitting around an apartment or house listening to some form of upbeat dance music. Throw in some vicks, plenty of cigarettes, a nice massage, bottled water and a lot of weed and you've got yourself a party.The thing that always amazed me about ecstasy are the genuine, heart to heart conversations you would have with anyone and everyone around you. You could be sitting in a room with someone you don't care for at all but for that short amount of time on this drug that person would become one of your closest friends. That's a very scary thought considering the next day when everyone   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Tanner Rhoden 
 Article Title :: Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Bottom
You wanna stop, but you keep heading in a downward spiral until there's nothing left but a heap of lies and deceit. The addiction controls your every waking thought and action. Your mind is bent on it. You drive those closest to you away. No one is on your side. Everyone is against you. In a way, you want people to pity you. To feel sorry for you. When they don't, you instantly turn against them. You're a pitcher in a game of you against the world. It's a game you can not win. Repeatedly, you try again and again to defeat the inner demons. You tell yourself that this will be the last time. You justify using because of insignificant, miniscule things like having a good day at work. You're   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Tanner Rhoden 
 Article Title :: Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Acid Trip # 2
The second time I did acid was my freshman year in college. This night easily goes down as the weirdest, craziest and most bizarre night of my life.The night had been planned for over three weeks. My teammate, Dan had the hook up for the acid. Me, Dan and six other guys from our team were confirmed to participate in the festivities.By the time Dan came back to his house we were all ready to waist the next fourteen hours of our lives away. To my suprise though, Dan didn't come back with paper acid. It was in gel tab form. I wasn't;t aware at the time that you could take acid that way. Dan then began to tell us how his friend said this acid was special. Hearing it was special   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Tanner Rhoden 
 Article Title :: Drowning in a Pool of Shadows - Acid Trip # 1
The first time I did acid I was sixteen years old. That summer I was hanging out a lot with my friend Mia and her boyfriend Todd. Todd was a few years older than us and had been on his own for quite some time. Almost everyday that summer we'd all go to Topanga Beach to hang out. One day, out of the blue, Todd asked me if I had ever done acid. I told him no, but I was curious. he then proceeded to explain to me what happens when you're on acid. "You'll have a weird body buzz and you'll see things out of the corners of your eyes." Well shit, that doesn't sound to bad. I'll give it a whirl.After about an hour of having that little piece of paper on my tongue everything got very confus  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Gina Mahony 
 Article Title :: A New Alternative To Rubber Awareness Bands
Rubber Awareness Bands can be found everywhere. They are being used in schools, awareness groups, and any organization that wants to raise funds and spread awareness. The rings are a wonderful marketing tool that appeals to adults and kids since they can be worn and carried many different ways. They can be added to a necklace, bracelet, worn on your shoelaces, zipper pull or just carried in your pocket.For those looking for an alternative, try silver token rings. The rings are about the size of a quarter and can be engraved. With many different styles to choose from and companies providing them, some allow a cutouts in the middle along with engraving of your choice while other  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: How to Run a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser - Free Book Available Online
This school year as a parent, neighbor or just plain good citizen, you will undoubtedly be encouraged to organize or participate in a fundraiser. There are many ways to raise funds for your community organization, school or church, including bake sales, candy sales, pancake breakfasts to walk-a-thons and car wash fundraisers. Done right, a car wash fundraiser can be one of the most profitable fundraising methods you can choose - one that will not only provide a valuable service to supporters, but help your organization clean up in proceeds.A car wash fundraiser might seem like a simple thing to organize. What do you need besides a hose, a couple of buckets, soap, water, some rags a  (read full article)
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