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Categories :: Family : Kids and Teens Articles


Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Kristin Johnson 
 Article Title :: Don't Throw Away That Poem!: Tips For Successful Poem Scrapbooking
"Roses are red Violets are green I'm really sorry I hit my brother But he was being mean."Kids not only say the darndest things, they write them, too. Whether this poetry springs out of creative writing exercises in the schools, or in HEARTSONGS, HOPE THROUGH HEARTSONGS and JOURNEY THROUGH HEARTSONGS 13-year-old now-deceased-but-never-forgotten writer Mattie J.T. Stepanek's case, out of special circumstances, degenerative muscular dystrophy, that bring forth a remarkable gift, the rhymes can easily be lost through time, moving, throwing away of school papers, or just simply forgotten.While our children's poetry may not become best-selling books and CDs (Stepanek   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Judy H. Wright 
 Article Title :: What Can We Do to Make Kids More Likeable?
Nothing touches the heartstrings of a parent or teacher more than the plaintive cry “nobody likes me" or ”I don’t have any friends.” We wish there were something we could do to insure the child will be, if not the most popular, at least included in the games on the playground. Actually, there is something we can do to increase their acceptance by the group and become more approachable to others.New research shows that all likeable children behave in certain ways. These skills are not in-born but can be taught by parents, teachers and other caring adults. There is a language of likeability that some children cannot pick up by osmosis, but must learn. It has been called   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Michael Grose 
 Article Title :: Beating Homework Horrors Forever
Homework causes more headaches for parents than it does for children. Some parents worry because their children don’t seem to do enough while others are concerned because they do too much.But for many parents homework is that time of the day when they routinely harass, hassle and harangue their child to JUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK!Okay, what to do?The first step is to know the homework policy of your children’s school and understand what is expected of you as a parent. Most school’s have parent interviews and information sessions at the start of the new year so make sure next year you get a good handle on how your children’s teacher expects you to assist your child  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Carl Ellis 
 Article Title :: 10 Steps to Making 2005 Safer For Your Child
1. Listen to your child/children. Pay attention to what they are telling you or trying to tell you. Far too often parents are too busy or distracted to listen to what their children are trying to tell them. Don't make this critical mistake!!!2. Teach your child what her phone number and address are. This is crucial for basic child safety.3. Make time for your kids. If you share your time with your children, you will create the trust it may take for them to open up to you and share something that might be bothering them.4. Trust your instincts. Nothing is as powerful as a parental instinct. If you have a suspicion, err on the side of safety and trust your instinct.  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Kristin Johnson 
 Article Title :: TV Critic Reviews "Higglytown Heroes"
As aunt of a preschooler and an aspiring voiceover actress (I knew all those hours of watching Bugs Bunny would come in handy), I know all the kids’ shows as well as every kids’ DVD out there.In my opinion, there’s no better way celebrities can recoup their outrageous salaries than entertaining and sometimes educating kids. And They Might Be Giants get the “cooler than Elvis” vote for singing the theme song to one of Playhouse Disney’s newest hits, “Higglytown Heroes,” which is also on their CD/DVD for kids, "Here Come the ABCs."For those of you not familiar with all things Higgly (an adjective used as much as “Smurfy” but not, thank Higgles, as a verb),   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Lesley Cordero 
 Article Title :: Teenagers Always Have a Good Excuse
Your teenager has a good excuse for everything he or she does, even hurting you, their brothers and sisters, drinking, doing drugs, and failing school. This good excuse, or positive intention is what is driving the behaviour. The negative behaviour won’t change until the positive intention has been recognized and satisfied in some way.There are two basic things that you need to believe before you even begin to try and figure out what is driving your child’s behavior. First you must believe that we do have a good intention behind every behavior. This will certainly help in the process of determining what positive intention your child is trying to satisfy as otherwise you may app  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Sanjay Johari 
 Article Title :: Best Gift For Your Child
This in my opinion is the best gift parents can give to their children. And it doesn’t cost anything, causes no botheration.The events that I am going to describe started when my daughter Shruti was about 6 years old (now she is 17). One day she came rushing to me back from her school with a request. “Papa will you please write a story for me? I have to submit a story in my English assignment.”My first reaction was that thoughts like these flooded my mind – “Is it right for me to do her assignment? Isn’t she supposed to do it herself? Will I suppress her creativity if I help her? Should I enforce discipline more strictly?”In spite of my apprehensions, wh  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Paula McCoach 
 Article Title :: Bullies Zapped in the First Quarter
Bullies in the Bully Zapper Mentor Program at our school are happy to be zapped by the end of the first quarter. They have not received any office referrals and they have passing grades – maybe for the first time in their school career. Many of their victims are happy too that they have had a quiet quarter where they could focus on their schoolwork and be a kid instead of defending themselves against the bullies.Two eighth grade girls are just a few of our super success stories. Both have excellent mentors. One of the girls has had the same mentor for 2 years and the other, actually the bigger bully, has only been in the program for 9 weeks!“Susie” came from a fami  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Ridgely Goldsborough 
 Article Title :: The Dune
The dune.The boy ran and ran and ran.Behind him, the man walked steadily, absorbed in thought, down the desolate stretch of beach that led to the tall dune.“C’mon, Daddy,” cried the boy and kept running.The boy tested his limits and periodically fell, crashing into the sand on his head or his shoulders.The man said nothing, pretended to ignore him, knowing that to acknowledge the plight would invite the tears.The boy picked himself up, brushed off a few grains and set out again, charging along the shore.The man did not lack compassion. If anything, he felt too much, carried far more weight than he needed, his own inner struggle with p  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Dean Erickson 
 Article Title :: A Simple History Of Skateboarding For Girls
When you think of skateboarding you think boys clad in helmets and knee pads doing impressive acrobatic-like moves with a board. Skateboarding may seem like a boys sport, but, according to Barb Odanaka, author of Skateboarding Mom, back in the 1970s both girls and boys did skateboarding and it was no big deal. When in the 1980s skateboarding went "urban" or "hard-core", she says, girls seemed to stop riding.Today, most parents still think that skateboarding is for boys, but girls are getting back on the boards with a vengeance. Girls can have as much fun on a board as guys can and they can be just as technically skilled. Take Elissa Steamer, for example, she started skateboarding a  (read full article)
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