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Categories :: Family : Kids and Teens Articles


Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Linda Ogier 
 Article Title :: 8 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Read
8 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Read by: Linda Ogier Take away the skill of reading and not only books become a mysterious and foreign world, but reading train timetables, ordering from a menu, understanding bank statements, and any number of straightforward daily activities become virtually impossible. If your child is struggling to read, the effects of their problem can reach into adulthood, be humiliating, and extremely limiting. The world of a non reader is a mixed up place where only those who know the ‘secret code’ can decipher the strange symbols around them and fully participate. A sad, lonely, and stressful place indeed. The time to catch your child’s reading probl  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Rose DesRochers 
 Article Title :: Ending Child Labor
Ending Child Labor by: Rose DesRochers Your Nike shoes that cost you 150 dollar and your 70 dollar pair of Levi Strauss jeans were most likely made by a young person from the age of 5-14 living in Indonesia, Honduras, China or Haiti. They are forced to work with no benefits, low wages, long hours, and unsanitary conditions. They are basically slaves. Some factory management assault, rape, and abuse the workers. Children are the majority that dies from this immoral exploitation. According to http://www.solidaritycenter.org Children are forced to work up to 15 hours a day, seven days a week in factories and in fields. These children are deprived of schooling, beaten, sexually abused, en  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Dr. Kempton Smith 
 Article Title :: 10 Tips for Better Grades in Math
10 Tips for Better Grades in Math by: Dr. Kempton Smith Pass these on to your high school math student: 1. Don't just aim for 70%. Aim high and shoot for 100%. 2. When doing your math homework, be neat. It does make a difference. 3. It's not just the answer that counts in math. Much of your grade is based on the intermediate steps in getting to the answer. So show all your work. Your objective should be to convince your teacher that you know how to do the problem. 4. It is important to read over the material in your math text book. Don't just focus on your homework problems. 5. Take notes from lectures, writing them neatly. When you study them, check points you need to review. 6.  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Ed Williams 
 Article Title :: Women, War, and Dating
Women, War, and Dating by: Ed Williams I guess I should’ve figured something like this would happen one day. My son Will, who has just turned sixteen, is now dating, and was out on one this past Saturday night. I happened to be sitting in the den watching one of those high speed cop chase TV shows when he returned home from said date. He walked in, nodded, and then looked at me somewhat seriously and said, “Dad, I need to ask you something. Tonight I took Candi to the movies, and I even let her pick out the movie. I bought our tickets and I even bought her some refreshments before we went into the theatre, even though I’ll be broke for the next two weeks. I did all that, and the  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: David Kunstek 
 Article Title :: Body Piercing, Is There Anything Wrong With It?
Body Piercing, Is There Anything Wrong With It? by: David Kunstek When you spend a day at the mall, you see people with body piercings. Perhaps you see someone with a nose ring. Another may have a belly button ring. In fact, you may see people with some really crazy body piercing. Is there any reason that people should not have so many body piercings? When it all comes down to it, it is everyone's separate decision to be made, but we must ask, is there anything wrong with it, really? Body piercing is popular, especially among teens. Something that once started as earrings led to the piercing of many other body parts. Do you have your ears pierced? Is there something wrong with  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Anton Komarov 
 Article Title :: Geomag Magnetic Toys
Geomag Magnetic Toys by: Anton Komarov There are many different types of magnetic toys that can be purchased for children. Most of these toys are extremely fun for children as well as adults. Many of these toys are also educational in addition to being fun, which is great for parents who enjoy educating their children in entertaining ways. Magnetic toys can be purchased from toy stores, educational stores, and online. Educational magnetic toys can be very useful in the lives of children. They can teach children about geometrical shapes, building structures, magnetism, and the effects of gravity. Most of these magnetic toys are only recommended for children who are five years of age or  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: David Kunstek 
 Article Title :: Boots! Boots! Boots!
Boots! Boots! Boots! by: David Kunstek Nothing feels the same as slipping into a pair of leather boots for a night on the town. The exact opposite is the feeling you get sliding on boots for the winter snow and slush mess outside. Boots come in many shapes and sizes. They are made for stylish events as well as a way to tame the outdoors. Are you thinking about purchasing a pair of boots? You could even check the online retailers to find some great deals! First, what type of boot are you looking for? Do you want a stylish addition to your shoe wear collection? Then choose from the many designer labels. Perhaps leather is what you are thinking with a nice high heel? Or, are y  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Rose DesRochers 
 Article Title :: When your child dies
When your child dies by: Rose DesRochers Children are the most special part of life. Losing a child is something that few really understand. Even a brief life offers so much that is special. My Daughter Katie Lindsey Rose, died July 1992. She was just five weeks old. I held Katie after she died and can never, would never, forget Katie as a person or my daughter. I also found out how hard it is for so many to talk about the death of their child. Many people find it easier to talk about the death of your mom, dad or your wife or husband than their child. But, this is often a time that you do want to talk or share feelings. You often get from people she doesn't want to talk about it. B  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Rich Brunelle 
 Article Title :: Teachers! Do you want to stop the Cheating?
Teachers! Do you want to stop the Cheating? by: Rich Brunelle It is really very simple. Just turn the clock back to a time before technology gave them the ability. I am talking about way back when we had to use pens and pencils to do our school work. Allow me a moment to further explain. Before technology gave use the world of information, we had a world of information. But, it came in books. Sure we could plagiarize a little. However for us to plagiarize, we had to physically write the information. With today’s technology a simple “cut-n-paste” from two or three different sources, and you don’t even have to read to have your term paper given an “A.” If the student is r  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Kevin Rockwell 
 Article Title :: Buying Your Child a Digital Camera- What You Need
Buying Your Child a Digital Camera- What You Need To Know by: Kevin Rockwell Purchasing any gift item for your child is a mind-numbing task. You can never be sure whether they will like what you buy for them or not. So, when you want to buy a digital camera for your little kids, then there are lots of things, which you must know, which will help you (hopefully!) to get the right camera for your child. One of the most important things for children is that the digital camera should be one of the latest available in the market. If it has been heavily advertised and people are talking about it, then it is even better. This gives children a sense of pride and also allows them to ‘show-o  (read full article)
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