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Categories :: Family : Kids and Teens Articles


Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Kathryn Weber 
 Article Title :: Back to School Feng Shui
Back to School Feng Shui by: Kathryn Weber How Rearranging Your Child’s Room Can Make Better Study Habits This Year Every school year parents and students dutifully trudge through the malls in search of the perfect sneaker or the cool new outfit for the coming school year. However, it’s unlikely that the new shoe or shirt will benefit them at school like a new room arrangement. How so? According to feng shui, a child’s room that is arranged well can positively impact study habits and create better grades. Feng shui, the Chinese technique for design and arrangement, suggests that rooms that have good energy, or “chi”, create happier, well-adjusted children. Feng shui the  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Anthony Kane, MD 
 Article Title :: Your Job as a Role Model
Your Job as a Role Model by: Anthony Kane, MD A certain educator was once asked at what point should a parent begin to prepare for child raising. "How old are you?" the educator inquired. "Twenty-three." "You should begin twenty-three years ago." What is the message? The single most important thing a parent can do to educate a child is to provide the child with a good role model. A parent has to work a whole lifetime becoming the type of person that he wants his child to become. The most important people in the world in the child's eyes are his parents. They are his first and most important teachers. The behavior of a child's parents leaves a permanent impression in the child's  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Anthony Kane, MD 
 Article Title :: Why Other Children are Rejecting Your Child
Why Other Children are Rejecting Your Child by: Anthony Kane, MD Introduction Developing healthy peer relationships is critical for the normal development of a child. Peer relationships have been found to be an important predictor of positive adult adjustment and behavior. Difficulty in finding friends leads to feelings of low self-esteem and these feelings usually continue into adulthood. Children with poor social skills are at risk for delinquency, academic underachievement, and school drop out. Even though the inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and restlessness frequently persist into adult life, these problems are of less importance as the child gets older. Rather, the main di  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Anthony Kane, MD 
 Article Title :: How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Child
How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Child by: Anthony Kane, MD One of the most powerful tools that parents have for raising their children is the natural emotional bond that exists between them and their child. Children who feel close to their parents will have a strong desire to obey them. No child with this type of connection to his parents will want to risk hurting that connection by disobeying them. When such a relationship exists, the mere look of dissatisfaction on the face of a parent will usually be enough to curb inappropriate behavior. This bond is so strong and so potent that it lasts even through adolescence when most of the disciplinary tools at our disposal are i  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Francie Kelley 
 Article Title :: Jammin' with Your Kids: The Wonderful World of Mus
Jammin' with Your Kids: The Wonderful World of Music by: Francie Kelley Does music need to be “dumbed-down” for kids? The answer became quite clear to me and my husband as we observed how our own child responded to complex melodies and varied musical styles in the first months of her life. When I embarked on the recording of my children’s music CD (“Wake Up & Go To Sleep”, Artsong Music) shortly after my daughter was born, it didn’t occur to me to create a happy little watered down collection of songs made just for young listeners. The songs simply evolved as the experiential narrative of a new mom. My husband, jazz guitarist and composer Pat Kelley, arranged and produced   (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Barbara De Oliveira 
 Article Title :: Educational Toys That Stimulate Chidren's Mind
Educational Toys That Stimulate Chidren's Mind by: Barbara De Oliveira When children start to walk more steadily, run, push, pull, climb and grab things - they are growing from infants to toddlers. Between their first and second birthdays, they are self centered and get busy doing various things like - to flip light switches, pour things in and out of containers, unwrap packages and empty drawers. The toddler stage is very important in a child's life. It is the time between infancy and childhood when a child learns and grows in many ways. Everything that happens to the toddler is meaningful. How do I know this? I am a mother of two boys who I love dearly. I decided to stay home and ra  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Peggy Butler 
 Article Title :: Rasing a Violent-Free Teen in 10 Easy Steps
Rasing a Violent-Free Teen in 10 Easy Steps by: Peggy Butler The disquieting behavior of teenagers in the 21st century, is being hailed by experts as a disturbing trend among troubled youth. Such an interpretation may be factual, but mental heath advocates maintain there are guidelines parents can utilize before problems reach the critical stage. They contend the problems of youngsters who defy parental authority is rooted in changes in the outside world as well as relationships in the home. For example, in recent years, we have witnessed a breakdown in discipline and the disruption of family authority. Family structures are not as strong as they once were, nor are rol  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Lin Miao 
 Article Title :: ABC's of Becoming an Effective Teen
ABC's of Becoming an Effective Teen by: Lin Miao A: Acquire a Strong and Positive Attitude B: Break Out of Your Shell C: Characterize Your Hero D: Demand Respect For Your Standards, Yourself and Your Beliefs E: Energize Yourself Everyday With a Goal of Making a Difference F: Failure to Plan, is Planning for Failure G: Go Big or Go Home H: Humility is Power I: Itemize Your Qualities and Seek your Strengths Not Your Weaknesses J: Jealousy Will Always End in Negative Not Positive K: Keep your Momentum, Never Stop, Keep Moving! L: Live Your Life M: Magnify Your Opportunities N: Nothing is Better Than the Truth O: Okay, You’ve Failed, Now Get Back Up! P: Position Yourself i  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Deborah Shelton 
 Article Title :: Making Summer Friendships Last
Making Summer Friendships Last by: Deborah Shelton Summertime isn’t just about getting dirty, staying up all night, playing in the rain, and going off to camp--It’s about meeting new people. Follow these tips to turn your vacation acquaintances into lifelong friends. 1. Summer Memory Book Make the summer last forever by preserving memories in a special book. Fill the plastic sleeves of a photo album with photos, ticket stubs, sections of road maps from summer trips, and other mementos. When you’re finished, exchange memory books with your closest summer buddy. 2. Picture Postcards Keep in touch with vacation friends by sending picture postcards. Scan summer photos and print t  (read full article)
Category :: Kids and Teens Articles Author :: Max Stein 
 Article Title :: Ten Careers For High School Seniors Who Hate Schoo
Ten Careers For High School Seniors Who Hate School by: Max Stein Let’s face it…not everybody likes going to school and high school can be a terrible experience for many students. Whether you’re the hands on type who preferred Shop class to English class, or an athlete who liked working as a team more than studying alone, or even someone who liked schoolwork more than schoolmates; the idea of four more years of school is unbearable. If you identify with any of these types, but still want to secure a good future, there are some great options out there for you. For you hands on types there are a lot of great careers out there that allow you to work with your hands and they pay we  (read full article)
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