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Categories :: Entertainment : Language Articles


Category :: Language Articles Author :: Ian Lahey 
 Article Title :: The (de)Evolution of the English Language
Never before in history has a single language been as widely used as English. The number of English users in Asia alone is more or less equal to the number of Native English speakers worldwide: 350 million, more or less the combined populations of the United States, Britain and Canada.The advent of the Internet has boosted English even further, about eighty percent of the world's electronically stored information is in English, and this widespread use of the language has caused an increase in the demand for English courses. An estimate by the British Council reports that today more than 1 billion people are learning English for work, study or leisure. China is strongly pushing Engl  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Alexandra Gamanenko 
 Article Title :: 3 Most Common Wrong Opinions about Translators
#1 There is such profession as "translator"Translators are those who … yes, translate. Books for kids and contracts, poetry and program interfaces, politicians' speeches and love stories, scientific articles, sermons, Web content, as well as much, much more completely different texts. That is why there is no such thing as "just translator" anymore -- almost all translators work in their own niches, translating types of texts they are familiar with in the fields they have at least basic knowledge.Such an approach helps translators ensure the highest quality and save time, both clients' and their own. That is why a translator, who works with texts on IT or medicine, w  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Douglas Bower 
 Article Title :: True Confessions of an ESL Teacher
I was once an ESL teacher—for one day. That's right, I taught English as a Second Language for exactly one day. The story behind this is not as strange as it may appear. It started when my wife, who was teaching a class too large and too mixed with different levels of students, asked me to get involved. So, I did. What I discovered taught me two things. One is that my wife is a braver man than I am and two, that teaching ESL in the country of Mexico is a nightmare.My dear wife has from time to time engaged in teaching ESL while we have been here in Mexico. Sometimes it was because we needed a few extra pesos for some special thing that was coming up. Sometimes it was just to have  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Raghu Sundaram 
 Article Title :: The Importance Of The English Language
Frankly speaking, it is highly essential to know the language for communication. In general, the most popular language is English. In this computer age, English is the only language that any one can understand. So to say, it has become as an ideal language for expressing our feelings. First, we have to learn the language and then we have to gain fluency in the language. Unless we have the fluency in English language, it would not be possible to work with the computer. If you do not know English, then you would be in need of a translator to do the job.The first stage of learning this language would be very interesting. Once you are fluent with the alphabets, slowly you can lear  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Elizabeth Miller 
 Article Title :: Origins and History of the Spanish Language
The Spanish language began when Southwestern Europe's first settlers, the Iberians of Libya, got together the Celts, the nomadic Aryan tribes who migrated from the north. Together they formed the Celtiberian race and spoke a form of Celtic. At that time Spain was known as the Iberian Peninsula.The Phoenicians of Lebanon followed. These great pioneers of peaceful and productive civilization founded Cadiz and other trading posts along the Mediterranean coast. They left a profoundly rich legacy including the invention of the alphabet.Next came the Greeks. They founded several towns before the Phoenicians decided to claim possession of the peninsula and called for help from Cart  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Luca B 
 Article Title :: Learn Italian in Italy
Why study Italian in Italy? Reason 1 Thousands of students travel abroad each year to learn Italian language. They realize that the most effective way to learn Italian language is to learn in the country the language is spoken and may be used not only in the classroom, but all day and in the street, shops, restaurants...Reason 2 Italy is a world leader in the culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, etc. Those planning careers in such fields greatly benefit from knowing Italian and Italy.Reason 3 Living in Italy can be a fantastic cultural experience. Although it can be said that Italian cannot be considered a  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Brock Hadley 
 Article Title :: Learn to Speak Spanish - That Should be Your Goal
How long have you been studying Spanish? Between high school and college classes and you own efforts you could easily have a couple years already under your belt. During that time you have likely built up a good Spanish vocabulary along with a basic understanding of Spanish verb conjugation, but can you actually speak Spanish? Why is speaking Spanish so hard? Can you go up to one of your Spanish speaking neighbors and start a conversation? Can you help a Spanish speaking customer who comes into your store? Why not? Why is it so hard to learn to speak Spanish even after years of study? Learning Spanish the hard way Beginning hig  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Lynne Suzanne 
 Article Title :: Angling for a New Line!
Without a doubt, words are the tools of your trade. Watching anglers on riverbanks, I liken entering competitions to fishing. You throw in bait for the fish and sooner or later you'll hook one. Just like entering prize draws.Post enough and sooner or later your entry will get picked. It’s the luck of the draw!After a day's fishing you may come back laden with small and medium size fish, perhaps one "whopper", unless it was the one that got away!Similarly, you win small prizes or the big fish - the car or holiday.As many compers, as people who enter competitions are affectionately known, only enter prize draws to win the `whoppers', there's not so many entrie  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Jon Lewis 
 Article Title :: How to Learn a Foreign Language
Do you want to learn a foreign language? Have you already spent a huge amount of time and money on classes, books, audio courses and CD-ROMs to no avail? You are not alone. Every year, millions of people get disillusioned with their progress after starting with plenty of enthusiasm. Do a search on the net for language learning products and you will find many that offer guaranteed results, easy formulas, no memorising necessary etc. But they just don’t work. At least not for you, you think. Here are some guidelines to make your language learning experience more effective and perhaps more enjoyable.Lighten up!The one big thing that stops many people from successfully   (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Jon Lewis 
 Article Title :: The Big Mistake to Avoid if You Want to Learn a Foreign Language
Want to know what’s holding you back from learning a foreign language? It’s the one thing that children NEVER do when learning their mother tongue. You were a child once, and you learned to speak your first language without ever making this mistake. But adults just can’t stop themselves from doing it! What is it? It’s the question “WHY?”“Why do you say that in French? It just doesn’t make sense”, I would repeatedly ask my wife. This has an incredibly de-motivating effect on the brain’s desire to assimilate new information. Subconsciously, I am saying to myself, “this is really dumb, I don’t want to do this.” I noticed this when trying to conduct conversa  (read full article)
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