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Categories :: Entertainment : Language Articles


Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: Learn Spanish On Line – Easy As One, Two, Three
I live in Caracas, Venezuela and spend my entire day speaking in English. Sounds bizarre right; I live in a Spanish speaking country and speak English all day. Well as an English teacher it is my job and one I don’t really mind. The only problem is that after three months here my Spanish is still only mediocre at best and that is probably being generous. I finally got myself a tutor and that seems to help, however before that I had actually resorted to trying to learn Spanish on line. Yes I was that girl in the internet café taking notes in her little notebook. The people around me (all of whom I am sure spoke Spanish) would glance at my computer screen or my notebook and then give me wei  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: Learn Spanish Language – Smooth Sailing The Process
Learning the Spanish language, as with any other language is a daunting task. There is a lot to learn and it takes a long time to do it. However it seems to be further complicated by a fact I just recently learned. There appear to be many different kinds of Spanish. As with English you expect a language to have different dialects and accents. The people in New York Speak a lot differently form the people Georgia or Minnesota. However the basic structure is the same and the vocabulary is the same. The same is not necessarily true for Spanish. First of all I learned there is Latin American Spanish and there is Spanish in Spain. These two things appear to actually be quite differe  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: Learn Spanish – Quick And Easy
The first thing I discovered upon my arrival in Caracas was that I remembered much less Spanish than I thought I did. As it had been over five years since I had taken a Spanish course I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised right? Who can really expect to remember much from a high school course that was mediocre at best? As I tried desperately to order a simple sandwich and something to drink, I realized that if I didn’t at least attempt to learn Spanish I would most likely starve after a week or so. How exactly does one go about learning Spanish in a Latin American country? Seems pretty easy right? Well I assure you it is not, especially when your entire day is spent  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: How To Learn Spanish – It’s A Cinch…
How to learn Spanish? As I am sure you know learning a foreign language is not an easy task unless you are one of those people with an “ear for language”, something I never really understood. There are many available options. The first that comes to mind is obviously taking course in your high school, college, or other educational institution. This is a convenient and trusted way to learn, and one that has been utilized for years. However, given that most of the people that take a language in high school or college never actually become bilingual, the merits of this method seem to be suspect. As with anything else, when deciding how you want to learn Spanish, the internet i  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: Learn Spanish Words – It’s A Breeze
What are the first words learned when living in a foreign country? Well I can tell you when I started to learn Spanish words the first ones I picked up and began to use were the swear words. Why is that? Why do we focus on the negative aspects of a language first? The first thing we want to be able to do is yell at people and express our displeasure eloquently. Why do we not instead ask how to say something is amazing, or delicious, or fabulous? So to learn these important Spanish words the first thing we do when we get of the plane is make friends and ask them how to swear. Well what about learning other Spanish words? Reading is a good way. Pick up the local newspaper and tra  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: Learn Spanish Fast
How fast is it possible to learn a foreign language? You see products that claim to teach you to speak in weeks or even days. I am trying to learn Spanish fast, but as with any other language it is a long and tiring process that take months and even years to become proficient. It is possible to learn some Spanish very fast, but you will find that will mostly be swear words and slang terms that wont really get you anywhere when it comes to actual conversation. Sometimes I have dreams with a few of the Spanish words I know in them but they unfortunately normally revolve around how dumb I am and how I don’t know any other words. Of course some people are able to learn Spanish ver  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Gregory Newell 
 Article Title :: Learn Spanish On The Internet –It Couldn’t Be Easier
Like just about anything these days learning Spanish is a service that can be found on the internet. Nowadays it is possible to order just about anything you want on the internet, so much so that you could probably live a very long time without ever having to leave your house or interact with another human being. How you can learn a language this way though is lost on me. I guess it is possible to memorize words and grammar rules. You can gain an understating of the structure of the language and learn how to write and read; however speaking is a different matter. Personally I think if you learn Spanish only on the internet you are missing some of the important nuances that exist  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Jeff Linaker 
 Article Title :: How to Learn Spanish Easily
With the popularity of the Internet has come the opportunity to partake in a plethora of new services. Who would have imagined that you could, for example, learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language from an online course? All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to learn.Providers of online Spanish language courses offer a number of programs from whhich to choose. Online language-course services not only offer fast-paced Spanish language lessons but many also try to make the learning experience a pleasurable endeavor.Various exercises are offered to assist online students in becoming more familiar with the Spanish language. Some providers use the "natural l  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Jeff Linaker 
 Article Title :: Steps to Learning Spanish Online
Learning a foreign language is both challenging and exciting. The sense of accomplishment after you've successfully passed a language course is indescribable. There are benefits derived from learning other languages – in business, for example, it;s easier to close deals when you know the language of your client. For job seekers. It's a great advantage to speak multiple languages, as well.Spanish language courses have increased in popularity in recent years – maybe because more Spanish soap operas are available on cable! Fortunately for those who want to learn the language, Spanish courses are available online. You can of course, try and learn Spanish on your own, but you'll  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Larry M. Lynch 
 Article Title :: 6 Ways You Can Develop New English Language Skills or Learn New Information
A New Approach Every DecadeIt seems with every decade a new approach or theory of English or other foreign language learning comes into vogue. Keeping up can be daunting, even exasperating for TEFL English teachers worldwide. Each of us has our own environment and particular situation in regards to materials, facilities, time constraints, knowledge, training, skills and abilities among other venues. Let’s not even talk about administrative demands. Despite these, there are some commonalities. Our EFL / ESL learners all want the same thing in varying degrees – to develop English language skills.So first, let’s consider some ways people can learn new information or devel  (read full article)
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