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Categories :: Entertainment : Language Articles


Category :: Language Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: The Oxford Dictionary Creation and The Future of Language
Have you ever read the encyclopedia? Well, I guess you are not a; know it all, after all? Have you ever read the dictionary? It seems like a boring thing to do but you really should read it, as it is quite good actually. In my life I have read two dictionaries; an abridged Oxford dictionary and a regular dictionary.It is amazing how the language changes over the years in each society and in each new generation. If you ever want to read a book on the subject, then I recommend; “The Meaning of Everything; The story of the Oxford English Dictionary” by Simon Winchester.What will the future of the English language be? Well, a lot of that depends on professors and scholar  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: What Do You Call Someone Who Causes Commotion? English Language Needs a New Word
What you call someone who is causally and constantly causing chaos, controversy and commotion? I call that person a commoter! Many people believe it is not fair for me to make up new words and invent-a-words. Yet if you think about it there is no word for someone that causes commotion in the English language. We need to have such a word for these people who were constantly causing problems.A commoter to a lesser degree is someone that promotes doom and gloom and is always telling you that the world will end and that everything that is going on, well they say it is so very critical and everything that someone says negatively turns into gossip. Bill O’Riley and Ann Coulter could   (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Hurricanes and Language
We know that cataclysmic evolution can wipe out an entire tribe in Indonesia such as a major catastrophic event like a Volcano, Tsunami or a Major Typhoon. If an island tribe had its own language and dialect then that language may have died due to the last few inhabitants escaping to another island and perhaps joining a different tribe.Over time eventually they would die and no one would be left with knowledge of that language. The major category hurricanes in the Atlantic can cause the same issues and may well have in the past eliminated island dialects and languages. For those that study language of the human species they know all too well that cataclysmic evolution has in fact   (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Language and Communication Issues; We Must Make Spanish Mandatory in All Schools
If we continue to allow over 1 million illegal aliens and illegal immigrants into our country each year then we must start teaching Spanish and make it a requirement to all in our schools. Since our nation is predominantly English speaking, yet we have currently 24 million illegal aliens in our nation of which 82% speak Spanish and 60% speak Spanish only we simply cannot operate our nation without being able to communicate between us you see?Language and Communication Issues are serious and we need to do something. Either we require that all illegal aliens, illegal immigrants speak English or We Must Make Spanish Mandatory in All Schools and we must do this now.We simply can  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Jack Wilson 
 Article Title :: Esperanto: A Language For Everyone-How It Can Benefit You, How It Can Benefit The World
The Esperanto language was developed by Dr. L. L. Zamenhof in Europe over a hundred years ago. No one knows exactly how many people speak any language fluently. Some estimates put the speakers of Esperanto at more than a million. They live everywhere in the world. Zamenhof`s idea came from his experience in European communities which were made up of separate groups who gathered together because they spoke the same language. Next door to them was another enclave of people who spoke only their own language. There may have been ten or more different groups clustered near each other, yet they could not communicate outside their little language zones.This led to great difficulties in t  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Kah Joon Liow 
 Article Title :: 80/20 Guide to Chinese Pronunciation - Part 2
To continue with Chinese pronunciation...1. ConsonantsThere are 24 consonants in pinyin which are pronounced a lot like in English.b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, g, k, ng, h, j, q, x, zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s, y, wChinese pronunciation of Consonantsb as in boyp as in pinem as in motherf as in foodd as in digt as in talkn as in nonel as in loudg as in goodk as in kidng as in songh as in hotj as in jeepq like “ch” in cheatx like a sound between the “s” in see and the “sh” in shezh like “dg” in sludgech as in childrensh as in shak  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Kah Joon Liow 
 Article Title :: 6 Ways of Creating Chinese Characters
Did you know there are only 6 ways of forming Chinese characters?Yes, 6 kinds of Chinese characters make up the 50,000 Chinese characters in existence today.Amazing isn’t it?It shows that there is a logical symbol system used to create Chinese characters.That they are not just random lines and strokes.Once you know these 6 types of Chinese characters, you’l find that learning Chinese writing isn’t so difficult after all.Oh, one more thing…The “radicals”No, these have nothing to do with extremists or terrorists.:)They are the "root elements" of Chinese characters.The meaning part of Chinese characters.  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Lisa J. Lehr 
 Article Title :: Ten Reasons Why I Love to Teach English as a Second Language - and Why That Should Matter to You
Why do I love to teach English as a Second Language? Let me give you ten reasons (and ten paragraphs about why this should matter to you):One: I love to teach.Two: I love English.Three: I love language in general; discovering the connections between English and other languages is a bonus.Four: I love to hear other people speak their native languages fluently, easily, and beautifully.Five: I’m very patient and a good listener, and I love to practice things I’m good at.Six: I love to travel—no, that’s wrong. I don’t travel. But spending time with people from other cultures enables me to imagine that I travel.Seven: I love to feel li  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Fred Zacharias 
 Article Title :: Translation Companies: Getting The Best Out Of Your Translators
Globalization has necessitated translation from and to most languages of the world. A complex process, owning to differences in grammar and construction rules in world languages, translation entails a careful selection of translator and reviewer services.Since you can’t evaluate the quality of a translated document, you can make sure that:1. The document you are giving for translation is of the best quality possible.2. The service you are hiring meets your quality requirements.Before handing off:1. Run the spell check and grammar check: A basic but a completely necessary step. Remember, if your document is error free, there will be fewer translation er  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Jon Lewis 
 Article Title :: Mind Mapping - How To Use Mind Maps To Teach Difficult Grammar Points
If you are a language teacher, you probably already use mind maps to help your students learn vocabulary. These mind maps are sometimes referred to as “vocabulary networks” or “word maps”. One popular use of such mind maps is organising vocabulary groups, e.g. your central theme is “food” and your sub-themes are “meat”, “fruit”, “vegetables” etc. Another way might be to associate the various nouns, adjectives and verbs with your central theme, e.g. television, programme, film, switch on, watch, interesting, boring...But have you considered using mind maps for teaching grammar points? Anyone with a TEFL qualification will be familiar with using concept quest  (read full article)
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