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Categories :: Entertainment : Language Articles


Category :: Language Articles Author :: Keith Taylor 
 Article Title :: ESL Exams: A Teacher's Guide
It's the end of another class, and one student has stayed behind. No problem, you think, maybe an easy grammar question, or a comment on how they enjoyed the class (or not!)... or maybe it's a question about an ESL exam. "What's the difference between TOEFL and TOEIC?" "Should I take the FCE?" "Who recognizes IELTS?" So if you don’t know your BEC from your KET, or your CAE from your CELS, here's a brief guide to the most popular ESL exams.ESL exams fall broadly into three main categories: General English, Business English and Academic English.General English Probably the most popular in this category are the Cambridge ESOL exams. One and a half million peo  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Larry M. Lynch 
 Article Title :: Curious Sayings and Humorous English Expressions of the Pennsylvania Dutch
English as a World LanguageEnglish, with its growing number of varieties, pidgins and inflections, is now firmly established as a world language. It is currently spoken as a second or foreign language by more speakers than those who call it their first language. Now there are more than three non-native speakers of English for every native speaker and the number of non-native English speakers continues to grow on a daily basis. “There’s never before been a language that’s been spoken by more people as a second than a first”, said David Crystal, author of the book “English as a Global Language”. In the area where I grew up in south central Pennsylvania, there is an intere  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Mark Holland 
 Article Title :: You Can't Get an Accent From a Book
Most of us were introduced to languages at school and I am sure the majority regret that they did not take it more seriously. I for one took French at school for 6 years and after all those years of bashing out mind numbing grammar and conjugating irregular verbs the first words which in the past parted my lips when on French soil was ‘Parlez vous Anglais?’ Most French know that us Brits have had French at schools for just as long as they have English. This is perhaps why they get ruffled when most English insist that we all speak English in both England and France. Many will sit back and blame it on the ‘curse of the English’ but I prefer to pass blame to the British educational   (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Paton Jackson 
 Article Title :: Using Audio Books for Learning English
My children's knowledge of the English language is far better than their friends'. The only reason for it is the fact that they are using audio books for learning English. My elder son has just finishing listening to the last Harry Potter audio book. Of course he became a great fan of the story. I got him the original script along with the audio book so he can search for words he can not understand within the book. this Harry potter audio book was a book on tape and consisted of several 30 minutes audio book cassettes.Students all over the world are learning English using audio books. Audio books are the most effective way of learning English. It is well known that the best way to   (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Larry M. Lynch 
 Article Title :: Learning a Language: Make It Real and You'll Never Forget It
Sniffing, then squinting and holding up a Kiwi fruit a Chinese student muttered something I wasn’t sure I wanted to have translated. A classmate from Brazil leaned over, pointing to a photo in a picture dictionary. Two Korean ladies giggled, their hands covering their mouths.The lesson on food was bombing big time. When the ESL class ended, none of us were satisfied, but at least the topic had been broached. “Review your vocabulary materials before next class”, I encouraged. They were all new to the USA. Some had only been in their new country a few days, others a few weeks. A few for a couple of months or so, but none had yet crossed over into the realm of communicating on a  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Larry M. Lynch 
 Article Title :: Accelerate Your Language Learning: Create Your Own Vocabulary Building Activities Part 1
When English EFL, ESL or foreign language learning students ask you, “Teacher, what can I do to learn more words faster?” Here’s an answer that will serve you and them handsomely. Create your own TEFL vocabulary building games, activities and puzzles to boost your vocabulary in record time. Not sure how to go about it? Here are some suggestions:Complete the ChartFirst fill in a chart of foods under categories like:• Fruits• Vegetables• Meats and Proteins• Fish and Sea foods• Dairy Products• Cereals and starchesYou can use a dictionary, talk with classmates or friends, look at pictures, etc. whatever you can t  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Larry M. Lynch 
 Article Title :: Learning a Language: What Makes Listening Difficult?
Of the four basic English language skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening, the most difficult to acquire is listening comprehension. It is also the one skill which cannot be “taught”.In evaluations that university English and foreign language institute EFL students must take at least three times a semester, the area which is most critical and the one in which they experience the greatest difficulty is listening comprehension.What makes Listening Difficult?There are four clusters of factors which can affect the difficulty of language listening tasks. Here is what they are and how they affect listening comprehension skills.The SPEAKER• How   (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Larry M. Lynch 
 Article Title :: What is a Language Teacher?
At a recent English Language Teaching or ELT conference, when I asked, “What is a language teacher?” a cornucopia of responses ensued. Many were quite verbose, others shorter and simpler, many rambled. For both EFL teachers and ESL or foreign language students, the definition of a language teacher is useful in determining what qualities to seek or strive for when studying English or a foreign language.It was TEFL linguistics researcher Costas Gabrielatos in 2002 who defined the term “language teacher”.A Language Teacher is: A person who teaches language.With this definition he also defined the three major aspects that constitute a language teacher. Here  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Arun Pal Singh 
 Article Title :: Power Of The Written Word (Part I )- Need of Expression
As human brain developed so did the feelings and desire to express them. The need led to development of the language. From howls and moans to the meaningful words today humans have made a great achievement. Same applies to writing too.What started as signs is a full fledged script now. (There are many of them but that is not the issue here)For a moment imagine a world without a language. You cannot. It is impossible. Without language we would be missing much of the pleasure that we enjoy. Without language we would be deprived of any information and its development thereof.Language is very essential aspect of our lives. Take for example the books. They have imparted u  (read full article)
Category :: Language Articles Author :: Hugh O'Connell 
 Article Title :: Learning English
Many people consider it one of globalisation’s greatest inequities that English, one of the world’s hardest languages, has become the international one. Few languages of any type have a grammar as complicated as English’s, and English – which, like so many of the world’s other languages, stems from a number of distinct linguistic lines – adds to the grammar rules a catalogue of exceptions that’s enough to make new learners despair.But, fortunately, languages are more than their grammars, and the upside to the situation is precisely that English is almost everywhere. Anyone who really wants to learn English – and it’s one of the best-kept secrets of the teaching of  (read full article)
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