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Categories :: Health & Medical : Nutrition Articles


Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Ben Greenfield 
 Article Title :: How Sugar Makes You Fat
Look at how many grams of sugar are in what you're eating (on the nutritional label). Now divide that number by 4. That's how many teaspoons of pure sugar you're consuming. Kinda scary, huh? Sugar makes you fat and fat-free food isn't really free of fat. I've said it before in multiple articles, but occasionally, I've had someone lean over my desk and say "How in the heck does sugar make you fat if there's no fat in it?". This article will answer that puzzler, and provide you with some helpful suggestions to achieve not only weight loss success, but improved body health.First, let's make some qualifications. Sugar isn't inherently evil. Your body uses sugar to survive, and burns   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Kevin Stith 
 Article Title :: Food With Vitamin E
The human body doesn’t synthesize vitamin E. Even though there are enzyme systems, vitamin C and beta-carotene take care of the body defensive mechanism against free radicals. Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant is needed for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Hence, the body depends on other sources through which vitamin E can be obtained.As a natural source, only plants synthesize vitamin E. Vitamin E can also be synthetically produced. It is found in vegetables like spinach, carrots, turnips, mustard and broccoli; in fruits like papaya, almonds and kiwi; and in plant-based oils like olive, soya, corn, sunflower and safflower   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Tim Gorman 
 Article Title :: What Is Folic Acid And How Does It Help Our Bodies?
Folic acid is one of those things that you see on the side of cereal boxes or packets but don't really know what it is or how it can be a benefit to your health. It is in fact a very important member of the vitamin B family and is especially important for women. But many people still wonder what is folic acid and why is it important to in a healthy diet? In fact, one of the major benefits of having enough folic acid in your diet is that it can improve the body's ability to actually create new cells and to renew itself. It may also help in the prevention of some serious illnesses such as strokes, cancer and also heart disease. It is also considered a good idea for women to make sure t  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Sacha Tarkovsky 
 Article Title :: Healthy Meat – Which Meats Are The Healthiest?
Man is used to eating meat it has been part of our diets for centuries, however in recent years many nutrionists have warned us about the dangers of meat. This article will separate the hype form the reality of eating meat.Let’s look at which meat is the best to eat and what meat should be avoided and some of the Conclusions may surprise you!Beef Per 100g 136 calories 5.1g fatAbout half the fat in beef is monounsaturated fat which is similar to the heart healthy fat that you find in olive oil.Look for organic cuts. The reason for this is these cattle are more likely to have been fed on grass and not grain which makes the fat healthier and will contain m  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Dianne Ronnow 
 Article Title :: More Concerns about Milk
Have you heard about the big milk controversy? Outspoken spokesperson for The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, Heather Mills McCartney (soon to be x-wife of singer Paul McCartney) is bringing the dangers of modern milk to attention of the press."As Heather Mills McCartney speaks out about the health problems associated with dairy products, physicians and nutritionists with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) are urging U.K. consumers to try an experiment: Eliminate milk and other dairy products from their diet for three weeks to experience firsthand the health benefits of a dairy-free diet," according to a PR Newswire release.Although I don't agree with  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Paula Rothstein 
 Article Title :: The Power of Antioxidants Times Three
In the third grade I was told I could write a paper on any topic for an English homework assignment. I chose the subject of scurvy as it affected sailors who were away at sea for long periods of time and the resulting discovery of Vitamin C as its cure. I remember the paper well for I was literally transcended from ignorance to a place of awe at the intricacies of the human body and its response to nutrients. Today, antioxidants are the word on the street. They are used to boost energy (forget caffeine - this stuff rocks!) and these antioxidants fight infection, and address a whole range of health issues. Before XanGo, Tahitian Noni, Fruta Vida, (containing, respect  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Michael Russell 
 Article Title :: Water And Fiber: The New "Nutrients"
This is part 2 of the subject of nutrients. Be sure to read part 1 of "Skin Problems? It May Be A Lack Of Nutrients" before reading this part.Royal Jelly is a nutrient that can be used as a topical application as well as taken as a supplement. This nutrient that comes from bees is full of vitamins, pantothenic acid and amino acids. Royal Jelly can help with darkening of the skin, blemishes and wrinkles. When taken orally, its properties can help in delaying collagen from deteriorating which can help the skin look younger.L-Cysteine (commonly known as just Cysteine) is a nutrient that helps the collagen in the skin to hold together. Most of the skin is high in this nutr  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Jim Oneill 
 Article Title :: How Nutrition is linked with Cancer Prevention
For many years it was assumed that what you ate each day had little or nothing to do with helping in the prevention of many of our deadliest cancers. However, recent research has proven that nutrition does indeed play a major role in the prevention and treatment of many types of cancer. There are certain vitamins and minerals that are believed to enhance and spread malignancies through the bodies system, and this is needed to help prevent cancer. There are also vitamins and minerals that help to prevent the growth of tumors. The National Cancer Institute has reported that one third of all cancer is diet related. They have also gone on to say that making changes in  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Edna Solem 
 Article Title :: Are You A Sugarolic?
A sugarolic is just as addicted as an alcoholic. You need the stimulation, your drug is the sugar instead of alcohol or cocaine. When you eat sugar you give your brain extra Serotonin, a hormone in your brain which makes you feel good. When the effect of the sugar is gone you feel worse and you eat more sugar. It`s like a roller coaster, you get high on sugar, down without.Here are some of the symptoms:* Sleep deprive * Mood swings * Lack of energy * Pain * Temperature swings in your body * Weight gain * Exhaustion * Migraine * Depression * TremblingThe sugar level in a can of coke or similar is equivalent to 10-12 teaspoon  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Sarah Manners 
 Article Title :: Top Ten Toxins We Regularly Put Into Our Bodies
We often consume foods and drinks that stress our bodies and overload our systems.Below is a list of the top ten toxins we are putting into our bodies on an almost daily basis. Luckily there are ways to reduce our intake to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.Freshly GroundEach day we caffeinate ourselves to the point of near psychosis. Sure, it’s a great way to stay awake during those dull meetings but what it really is, is a fast-acting stimulant which sends blood sugar and adrenaline soaring. Continual coffee drinking can force your adrenal glands to work too hard until they eventually become exhausted and dependent on another coffee fix. However  (read full article)
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