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Categories :: Health & Medical : Nutrition Articles


Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Frederic Patenaude 
 Article Title :: The 12 Most Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables
We know that pesticides are definitely dangerous to human health. We also know that one of the best things we can do to avoid pesticides is to consume organic food. However, this isn’t always possible due to several restraints: availability, price, etc.There’s another thing we can do, however, to reduce our pesticide exposure: avoid the fruits and vegetables that are the most contaminated.When organic is not available, eat fruits and vegetables with consistently low pesticide loads.It’s been shown that you can lower your pesticide exposure simply by avoiding the top 12 most contaminated types of fruit and vegetables, and eating the least contaminat  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Kathy Ferneau 
 Article Title :: Cranberries - Not Just For Thanksgiving!
Don't save cranberries for your Thanksgiving feast! They're way too valuable to limit to just once a year. A mainstay of this traditional American feast, cranberries count among just three fruits indigenous to North America.The Pilgrims named the red berries, but Native American Indians used them long before Europeans set foot on the new land as a healing agent and a dye for fabric.Sailors ate cranberries to ward off scurvy and bartered with them for other goods.Today, commercial growers raise cranberries throughout the northern United States and Canada.HEALTH BENEFITS Loaded with antioxidants, flavinoids, and polyphenols, this little red berry re  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Heather Dominick 
 Article Title :: 5 Ideas for Creating an Effective Immune System
Supplements, taken daily or when you feel “something” coming on, are an effective and inexpensive way to get your immune system functioning. Even if you take a vitamin after you feel a cold coming on, it can give the feel of wellness on its way -- IF you make some other adjustments to your usual routine as well.To get your immune juices flowing, here are five tried and true formulas that can work for cold cures or flu onset.1. Be aware of a seasonal change. We often keep moving at our same speed even though the seasonal environment is changing around us. Some things to keep an eye out for:• Being prepared with proper clothing, more or less depe  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Nelle Frances 
 Article Title :: Asperger's Syndrome - Does a Gluten-Free Diet Benefit?
A gluten-free, casein free diet is recommended for Asperger's Syndrome children and adults. Often parents feel rather overwhelmed with such a restrictive diet, and only opt to embrace it as a last resort. The results produced by the diet varies markedly - but the keyword here is RESULT. You can expect some result.Children with autistic spectrum disorders usually have gastointestinal problems as well, such as reflux, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting and hiccups. It is know that the proteins found in wheat, rye, oats, barley and dairy products (gluten and casein) aren't completely broken down in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. These undigested proteins can leak into the b  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Zach Bashore 
 Article Title :: Whole Grain Cereals
If you`ve been to the grocery store lately you probably have noticed the new trend going on with breakfast cereals. Many of your favorite cereals have switched to whole grain wheat as the main ingredient. Are these cereals good for you or is this just another gimmick used by companies to sell more of their product? I am going to explain some of the positives and negatives associated with the "healthy cereals" you have recently been eating. I am also going to give you some examples of the different marketing techniques used by cereal manufactures to sell more of their product to the consumer.In the past couple of years cold cereal has been given the reputation of being unhealthy. Si  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Stewart Hare 
 Article Title :: Beating the Common Cold Naturally
The common cold is an acute viral infection that affects the upper respiratory tract. The common cold is more common in winter and is a viral infection which means it cannot be cured by antibiotics. It is virtually impossible to avoid the common cold virus, it is highly infectious and is spread through the air via coughing and sneezing and being in contact with objects contaminated with the virus. Catching a cold all depends on how strong your immune system is, if your immune system is strong, symptoms may not even appear or they may just be mild. There are over 200 different strains of the common cold virus that can cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, aching, sore throat, runny no  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Harriet Hodgson 
 Article Title :: Calcium: Are You Getting Your Cs?
"Calcium is one of the major dietary deficiencies in children's diets," reports the National Dairy Council. For 9 our of 10 teenage girls in the US aren't getting the calcium they need. Adults may be calcium deficient as well. What's going on?Fact is, we're snacking more today than yesterday. We're getting snacks from vending machines and fast food restaurants. Many kids are choosing soda pop over milk, according to the National Dairy Council, and adults may be doing the same.Adults are drinking soda pop and coffee - lots of coffee - some 4,848 cups a second. Soda pop and coffee aren't the best food choices. The fizziness in carbonated drinks, including water, comes   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: David Mcevoy 
 Article Title :: Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA and Dha Explained
There is no doubt that Omega 3 fish oil can not only help your heart and joints, but your brain too. Most people are aware of these benefits, but aren’t sure whether the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil apply across the board for all types of Omega 3 fish oils. There are now many different brands available on the world market, with sellers aiming to capitalise on the Omega 3 fish oil ‘boom’. This makes for such a wide range of products and so many claims that it is hard for the consumer to sift fact from fiction.Omega 3 fish oil contains two active ingredients: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Most fish oils on the market contain both these ingredients   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Kathy Ferneau 
 Article Title :: Vegetarian Diet - 7 Tips to Becoming Vegetarian
Why go vegetarian? Your health. Vegetarianism ranks as one the best ways to eat a healthy diet--as simple as eating more salads and another apple every day. Want to follow a trend? For instance, Hollywood stars jumping on the bandwagon. Fanatic devotion, near religious status. Deeply into the animal rights movement, some dedicated vegetarians won't even eat in restaurants that serve animal products. Getting startedA vegetarian diet produces benefits no matter how you approach it, so don't worry about doing it wrong.Your body will appreciate any fruit or vegetable you send down! Just take that all-importa  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Leigh Erin Connealy 
 Article Title :: Aspartame: How Sweet It Is?
Aspartame, more commonly known as NutraSweet or Equal, is one of the most toxic substances being consumed today. The artificial sweetener, currently used in over 4,000 products worldwide, entertains a sordid past and has been one of the most tested and debated food additives in the history of the FDA. While the manufacturer maintains that aspartame is not a danger to your health, the scientific studies don’t necessarily agree. The FDA has approved the product for mass consumption, in spite of overwhelming evidence that aspartame can have neurotoxic, metabolic, allergenic, fetal and carcinogenic effects. When you question how such a substance has not been banned, one simply needs to   (read full article)
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