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Categories :: Health & Medical : Nutrition Articles


Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Simon Brown 
 Article Title :: 10 Natural Agents to Help Protect Against Heart & Lung Disease
There are many natural agents widely available that can improve your health. Here are 10 natural agents proven to help protect against Heart and Lung Disease.Vitamin CStudy after study has shown how taking a daily dose of Vitamin C (1g a day) really can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. This nutrient also protects the lungs, especially in smokers. Smoking increases your need for Vitamin C and smokers are recommended to take an extra 35mg a day to compensate.The richest food source of vitamin C is acerola berries and Viridian (http://www.viridian.com) has launched a new vitamin C made from this fruit.HawthornRoman physicians used hawthorn   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: George Alarcon 
 Article Title :: 11 Fail Proof Habits for Producing a Floodgate of Energy
Feel more alive and energized by applying the following tips:* Always eat breakfastBelieve it or not, the first meal of the day is the most important one which provides your body the needed fuel to keep you going throughout the day. Never miss breakfast; snack on an energy bar, a banana, or drink a glass of juice, if you’re in a hurry.* Eat smaller meals and more oftenStudies have proven that by eating smaller meals actually give people more energy as opposed to bigger meals which often make you tired and sleepy! Try to eat every four hours to maintain your energy levels.* Exercise!Walk, jog, or cycle at least fifteen minutes everyday. Any kind   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Kevin Pederson 
 Article Title :: Benefits Of Turmeric
A native to India and other parts of Southeast Asia especially Indonesia, turmeric is integral to Asian cooking. A member of the rhizome family, besides imparting a yellow colour and a characteristic flavour to food, it has a long history of use in India Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.Health Benefits of Turmeric Botanically known as Curcuma longa, derived from the Arabic name for kurkum plant, known as saffron, turmeric is often confused and substituted with the same. Totally unrelated to saffron, a member of ginger family, the root of the turmeric plant in its dried form is used as spice. Mildly aromatic with a pungent bittersweet flavor, it was called “Indian saffron” as  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: David Skul 
 Article Title :: The Food Guide Pyramid
The Food Guide Pyramid is one manner for Americans to read how to eat healthy. A rainbow of colored, vertical stripes stands for the five food groups plus fats and oils. Here is what the colors stand for:orange = grains green = vegetables red = fruits yellow = fats and oils blue = milk and dairy products purple = meat, beans, fish, and nutsThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) modified the pyramid in spring 2005 because they wanted to do a more enhanced job of narrating to Americans how to be healthy. The agency later released a special variation for children. On this website you will observe a girl ascending the staircase up the side of the  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Olan Butler 
 Article Title :: Organic Food: Ten Foods You Should Definitely Buy (Organic) for Your Young Children
I believe successful computing also involves successful health management. So you will receive articles like this one periodically interspersed between computing articles. Poor health produces poor computing.1. Baby Foods: A 1995 report found 16 pesticides in approximately half the non-organic baby food samples.2. Rice: In California, rice fields have been sprayed with so much pesticide that the groundwater has become contaminated.3. Strawberries: 500 pounds of pesticide an acre is sprayed on non-organic strawberries.4. Cereal grains: 90% of tested non-organic wheat cereals were found with pesticides according to a 1994 U.S. Food and Drug Administration report.  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Don Ford, M.D. 
 Article Title :: 5 Signs and Symptoms of Folic Acid Deficiency
Folic Acid is one of your body’s essential nutrients! It is important for everything from brain function to cardiovascular health. Folic Acid deficiency is the most common deficiency of any of the B vitamins. It also works along with vitamin B-12 for formation of red blood cells.Some of the signs and symptoms you would want to look out for would include:•Irritability or Depression- Because of folic acids importance in your central nervous system you may experience symptoms such as irritability, sluggishness, forgetfulness, or depression.•High Homocysteine Levels- Along with other B-Vitamins, folic acid works to lower homocysteine levels. People with high hom  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Don Ford, M.D. 
 Article Title :: 5 Important Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
One of the essential nutrients for your body optimal health is vitamin B-12. It is part of what is called the “B complex” of vitamins and since it contains cobalt, it is also known as cobalamin. Vitamin B-12 is important for the maintenance of the nervous system, the formation of red blood cells, and growth and development in children. It is especially important in cells that are dividing rapidly such as in the bone marrow where red blood cells are formed.Some of the signs and symptoms you would want to look out for if you suspect you might be deficient in vitamin B-12 would include:•Nervousness or Moodiness- All of the B-Complex vitamins are important to your body  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Valerian D. 
 Article Title :: Do You Make This Mistake Using Fructose?
Fructose, also known as levulose or fruit sugar, is found in fruit, honey, table sugar and other sweeteners, and in many processed foods There is between 1 and 7% fructose in fruits, although some of them have much higher amounts. Some root vegetables, such as beets, parsnips and onions, sweet potatoes, contain fructose, usually in combination with glucose and sucrose. Fructose makes up about 40% of the dry weight of honey, As you can see, there is fructose almost all around. Recently scientists have found that fructose may trick you into thinking you are hungrier than you should be. The findings could influence future dietary guidelines by implicating fructose in th  (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Shari Hearn 
 Article Title :: You Say Tomato - I Say Superfood
The tomato has been called many things throughout history: Peruvian apple, love apple, and even, by Americans at least, a vegetable. Today, however, this lovely fruit is fast becoming known as Superfood! While not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, this super hero of the nutrition world is able to do some pretty amazing things. For example, some studies show the tomato may help decrease the risk of prostate cancer, as well as breast, lung and stomach cancers. And the Herald Sun reported in 2003 that the yellow jelly around the seeds have yet another benefit: They may stop blood cells from clumping together, which sometimes leads to strokes and heart attacks.   (read full article)
Category :: Nutrition Articles Author :: Nick Polajenko 
 Article Title :: Ballet Dancers and Nutrition Information
Let's face it. If you are overweight, or politicaly incorrct FAT, then you should lose some weight. Dancers are constantly working out, taking class, performing somewhere, so naturally they are thinner than most people. But not the very young students who are in the age group between 7-14. Yes, there are many in that group who are chubby, overweight and just plain FAT.There are about 3500 calories in one pound of body fat. So, if you create a 3500-calorie deficit through diet, exercise or a combination of both, you will lose one pound of body weight. In order to lose 2 pounds of weight, create a calorie-deficit of 7000 calories, and so on.....Easier said than done. Good   (read full article)
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