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Categories :: Leisure & Recreation : Outdoors Articles


Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Peter Jaeckle 
 Article Title :: Wild Boar - Good for environment?
Environmental Benefits of Wild Boar in California Let's face it: Wild pigs all over the world have a bad reputation not only for being mean but also for the considerable damage they can afflict on protected cash crops and the land in general. After all, even a small herd of wild pigs can root up entire crop fields in one night and plow grasslands and hillsides in search of roots and tubers. Small mud holes become huge pig wallows and well watered fields new mud holes. Yet in the Californian oak lands, there is a beneficial side to all this rooting in the Oak lands that ring the Central Valley. Careful observation of grassy areas rooted up by wild pigs shows that native perennial grasses a  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Petersen 
 Article Title :: Archery Shooting - Five Key Components for Accuracy!
There are five key components for accurate archery shooting. The first thing you want to do to maintain accurate archery shooting is to periodically check your bow for proper tuning and your arrows for proper flight. You also want to make sure you number your arrows, so if one of your arrows is consistently out of your normal grouping you can easily determine if it is the same arrow every time. You don't necessarily have to toss the arrow away because you might just be able to tune it and get it to fly true again. Concentration is another key component to accurate archery shooting. To build up your concentration, shoot just a few arrows (five or less) at each practice session. You will   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Phil Winter 
 Article Title :: It's Mating Season for the Great Horned Owls
...And other interesting facts. The great horned owl is the first wild bird to start the mating cycle for the new year. Now (early January) is the middle of a mating season that starts in mid-December and peaks in mid-January (in the southeastern US). Listen for four to seven hoots, like "hoo, hoo-hoo, HOO, HOO." Or, if you hear or see frantic activity of crows, chances are, they are after a great horned owl. Great horned owls have an amazing habitat, ranging from Mexico, through out the U.S, Canada and Alaska. You'll find them in forests, deserts, swamps, and even city parks, from time to time. The great horned owl is aptly named - it's huge, measuring up to 25 inches high with an impre  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Fred Coolridge 
 Article Title :: The Pinnacle of Sport Fishing: The Thrill of Bonefishing in Great Exuma, Bahamas
When you think about the islands in the Bahamas, you most certainly picture white sand beaches, sparkling azure waters and friendly smiling faces. Without a doubt, Bahamas is home to beautiful scenery and warm islanders, but this Caribbean getaway is also the chosen destination of avid bonefishers from all over the world. For your next trip to the sun, consider visiting the island of Great Exuma Bahamas and partake in the exciting sport of bonefishing. Whether you are a seasoned pro or an amateur fisher, bonefishing is a popular sport that appeals to all individuals. Bonefishing is one of the most esteemed forms of sport fishing in the world. Bonefish are actually found throughout the Car  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Jacob Minett 
 Article Title :: Ranching with Wildblue
All across the country are working ranches where you will find cattle being herded, horses broken, fences mended, and a lot of hard labor going on. Many of these working ranches are in desolate locations with expansive land. This western lifestyle is not only something that some people enjoy, but also something necessary for the rest of us. Thanks to the cattle ranchers, we have T-bones steaks to enjoy, horses to ride, and more. However, many ranches are so isolated that making connection to the rest of the world is difficult. Obviously, a rancher needs to be able to contact labor, family, friends, veterinarians, suppliers, emergency services, and more. However, because of the isolated are  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Bill Hirst 
 Article Title :: Meteorite Hunting
Did you ever go on a strange vacation? Well this one is out of this world. When you come to Truth or Consequences to see the new space station that will launch tourists into space, do a little walking to find space junk...meteorites on our ranch. Hunting for meteorites does not have to be a bone chilling adventure to the Antarctic where the temperature is 50 below zero F and 50 mile per hour winds. Meteors enter the earth atmosphere everywhere. They impact everywhere. The trick in finding them is to look where they have had a good chance of impacting or where they have been concentrated by natural forces of the earth and HAVE NOT BEEN DESTROYED BY WEATHERING. This means deserts are a good p  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Marc Entz 
 Article Title :: Fishing Adventures in Canada
If you would like to experience real adventure in fishing, then Canada is the perfect location for you. Canada has a wide area of rivers, ponds, freshwater lakes, saltwater and streams. Freshwater and saltwater fishing are the favorite pastimes of Canadians and tourists. Fish in Canada including wildlife are very abundant. Canada offers a lot of first-class fishing trips that will make the most out of your time and money. Canada has the ideal water where the fish are abundant. There are also plenty of shops and establishments that sell fishing gear and tools for fishing. Fishing in Canada is divided in two groups. That is the Lake Water Fishing and the Salt Water Fishing. The two groups   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Marc Entz 
 Article Title :: Alaska Salmon Fishing Tips
Alaska is known as one of the most bountiful areas with salmon, and is ideal for fishing trips. This is because of extreme tides along the West Coast and the gush of ocean currents that create an environment ideal for the breeding of thousands of baitfish. It is also known as one of the best places to go if one wants to fish for giant King Salmon, the largest specie of salmon fish. The best way to catch these giant salmon (in saltwater) is through trolling or by angling a baited line drawn into the water. Fishing for giant King Salmon can be a year round activity (especially in Seward). The most sought-after species of salmon are the following: 1. The King Salmon (Chinook) are the l  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Stuart Edwards 
 Article Title :: Picking a Tent
Picking a Tent For a successful and happy camping trip it is essential to have the correct equipment. Campers need to be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions...even in summer!! You must have camping kit that can cope with these conditions, which will ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. On this site we offer some advice on what to look for. Tents come in all different sizes and styles, ranging from a one person model designed to neatly fit into a rucksack, for lightweight camping, to an eight berth frame tent, which could be used for a family holiday. In between there are numerous different kinds of tents made in lightweight nylon or polyester that can be fit  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Petersen 
 Article Title :: Coyote Hunting - A Beginner's Guide for Successfully Calling Coyotes!
Coyote hunting is quickly becoming a popular pastime for hunters all across North America largely due to the sheer excitement it has to offer. There are few things that can get my adrenaline flowing faster than seeing a coyote rapidly closing on my position in response to the desperate pleas of my distress call. My goal here is to provide you with some basic strategies that can quickly get you up to speed on the basics of coyote calling, and help you experience the joy of calling coyotes. The tips and strategies I will discuss will be listed in order of importance to your success at calling coyotes. The first and most important item that is crucial to your success at calling coyotes is sco  (read full article)
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