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Categories :: Leisure & Recreation : Outdoors Articles


Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mike Brown 
 Article Title :: A Caribbean Dream: Scuba Diving on Roatan and the Honduras Bay Islands
What’s your idea of a tropical paradise? Perhaps it includes palm trees, sandy white beaches and crystal blue water. What if it had no crowds and featured some of the world’s best scuba diving as well? That pretty well describes the Honduras Bay Islands.Located in the western Caribbean off the coasts of Honduras and Belize, the Bay Islands are one of the few unspoiled tropical paradises left on earth. They consist of the islands of Roatan, Utila, Guanaja and over 60 islets sitting atop the world’s second largest barrier reef.Discovered by Columbus in 1502, the islands were long a refuge for pirates like Henry Morgan. Today they feature a laid-back lifestyle, a fr  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Birgit Bradtke 
 Article Title :: Kakadu National Park In Australia: How To Avoid The Tourist Crowds
Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is without doubt one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia. It is a must see for anyone travelling to Australia's tropical regions.Nowhere else in northern Australia will you be able to gain the same appreciation and understanding of tropical habitats, see as much wildlife, learn about Aboriginal culture, see ancient rock art, climb and swim at spectacular waterfalls and, and, and...Almost 20,000 square kilometres (3.2 million acres) in size - the same size as Denmark or Ireland! - Kakadu National Park is the only one in the world to protect the entire catchment area of a major river system, the South Alli  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Seth Jorgensen 
 Article Title :: Mosquito Netting and Control
When you think about mosquito control with netting, you can break it down into individual control and public control. Although many cities, states and countries may provide some sort of regulated mosquito control, you will probably also want to get rid of the pesky critters that plague your surroundings. Mosquito netting is a great solution too. Government pest control agencies may use pesticides in areas where there is a heavy population of mosquitoes, but that might not be enough to deter these insects. Bottom line you have to protect yourself form these little skeeters.Mosquitoes are actually flies that will bite humans and animals, leaving itchy red welts that can bother you  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Chuck Fitzgerald 
 Article Title :: Awesome Phoenix Area Hikes
Are you bored with walking around the neighborhood or hiking the same crowded trail? Are you looking to break out of your regular routine and discover new places and experiences? If so, then here’s some great news! A never ending world of outdoor enjoyment is just outside your front door. Let me tell you about one of the most under-appreciated, best kept secrets in Arizona. Drum roll please. I’m talking about the vast network of trails found in our very own Maricopa County Regional Park System.We live in the west valley and we find ourselves drawn to three of these wonderful county parks. They are the Estrella Mountain, Lake Pleasant and White Tanks Regional Parks. Here  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Peter Philip 
 Article Title :: The Wildebeest Migration
"One of the World's biggest spectacles". Many have so described it. Many have come back time and time again. They have witnessed this mass movement of wild animals roaming free through unspoiled and savage wildness. The air fills with the click click of the cameras tirelessly. You have not seen something like it before."Africa is changing at a quick pace and human encroachment into the wildlife reserves has continued to erase the traditional routes. In association with development and changes of the way of life, the image of wildlife roaming free is slowly getting erased. Fortunately, Masai Mara National reserve holds on to its charisma of an open, limitless land. It is one of the   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: John T Jones, Ph.D. 
 Article Title :: Goodbye Garden of Eden!
Our local rag reported on the Conservation International expedition to the Foja Mountains in New Guinea in December 2005. It was the fulfillment of a 30 year dream for Bruce Beehler, the co-leader of the team. He had wanted to go there since his graduate student days at Princeton University.As soon as the team got off the helicopter, they spotted a new bird species, the first in 60 years on New Guinea. They gave it no name in our newspaper so we may as well call it the Newest New Guinea Honeyeater or the Taylor Jones–the Hack Writer–Honeyeater until they come up with some more appropriate name.Here are some excerpts from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeyeater: “Th  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Richard Dickson 
 Article Title :: Uganda Gifted by Nature - a Perfest Safari Destination
Uganda once called "the pearl of Africa" has recently been rebranded to "Uganda gifted by nature" The word " Gifted " in the brand tagline reflects Uganda's extraordinary natural richness and cultural diversity, as well as the talents and abilities of the people - all bestowed as a gift to the world. " Nature " is seen as the giver of Uganda 's uniqueness- dependent on human protection to preserve its uniqueness for future generations.There are some places you would go to on a safari and then there are places that make the safari special. With so many things to do and see, Uganda is provides for a true safari destination. A gorilla safari is undoubtedly the top prefered tour for a  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Matthew Kellmer 
 Article Title :: Skiing at Breckenridge Mountain
Breckenridge has many green trails which are perfect of beginners. So do not be intimidated when you see the tops of the mountains, because you will not have to ride the lifts to the top to enjoy all the skiing that Breckenridge has to offer. If you are an intermediate skier, Breckenridge has plenty of blue and black runs that offer wide open skiing or tree skiing.If you enjoy extreme skiing, you'll love Breckenridge Mountain! You can hike any of the four peaks and on peak 8, the lift that will take you to the top.The Imperial Express Superchair will take you 12,840 feet high to the top of peak 8. From here, you will be able to see the town of Breckenridge, Quandary Mountain  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Michelle O'Connor 
 Article Title :: Tips for Traveling with Children in Your RV
A recreational vehicle can open up an exciting world of traveling possibilities for you and your family. An RV represents an efficient, convenient way to have a roadside adventure. Yet, you might be wondering whether your children will travel well in an RV.A Chance for BondingYou should look at your RV as offering a chance for family bonding. For instance, while your husband is driving, you may be able to play games in the back with your children. Alternatively, when you take over the wheel, your husband may want to turn on the DVD player and watch a movie with the crew. Once in your campground, hook up your RV Satellite Internet and stream videos or movies with   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Shirley George 
 Article Title :: Summer Vacation, Here We Come!
Before we know it the daffodils will be blooming and the school doors will be flung open, ending the school year. Now is the time to start planning your family’s next summer vacation. Here are some destinations to consider. There is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!For those who like roughing it, backpacking might be your next family adventure. The Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming offer scenic rock formations, abundant wildlife, and pristine rivers and lakes for fly fishing. In Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park captivates with ancient Pueblo cliff dwellings along with its beautiful scenery. Sequoia groves and w  (read full article)
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