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Categories :: Leisure & Recreation : Outdoors Articles


Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Stephanie Mulac 
 Article Title :: Family Camping Trip Finds New Pleasures
Camping is an activity that I spent most of my forty plus years believing I had no interest in and absolutely no use for. And don’t you just love it when circumstances present themselves which shatter long standing beliefs?After the passing of my dear mother, it was her wish that my family and I did something that would enhance our togetherness in her memory. For weeks, I struggled with how I was going to fulfill her wishes. Nothing seemed just right, and the few ideas I had just didn’t seem “lasting” enough.Then, one day I stopped into a local grocery store that I seldom use, but it was convenient at the time so I rushed in through the front door, with only my urgen  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Stephanie Mulac 
 Article Title :: Family Camping at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Campground
I may be the last camper on the face of the earth with children to have discovered the joys of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park campgrounds. But to cut myself some slack, I will also note that camping is a relatively new activity for our family.Because we got our new trailer late in the season, we only got to go on three camping trips in before winter set in, but the last one sure whet our appetites for this spring when we can start planning more family camping trips anew.We went to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground for their end of season, Halloween celebration and it was such a fantastic experience – despite the onset of some frigid temperatures and rain.If yo  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Stephanie Mulac 
 Article Title :: Ebay Started Our Family RV Camping Adventures
There was a time that I never would have pictured myself camping, let alone purchasing my first travel trailer on Ebay. But after a number of circumstances falling into place, that is just where I found myself in 2005, spending late nights on Ebay scouring the RV travel trailer listings.And so the camping adventure began…We don’t exactly live in the camping capital of the world and when my family and I decided to purchase a travel trailer, we were in for quite an education. We did what I suspect most people would do, and started scanning the local classifieds, picked up the trader magazines, etc. All to no avail. Everything we looked at locally was either way overpriced   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Neisha Bjorklund 
 Article Title :: Weathervanes- Learn the basic functions of the historic weathervane!
A traditional weathervane comes in two sections. The lower-half of a traditional weathervane is fixed and this is the section where the four points of the compass are aligned to their correct most accurate positions. The upper section of a traditional weathervane is the part of the vane that rotates and indicates the exact wind direction. The upper section can be any ornament as you wish, and the decorations often reflect the building the weathervane is atop. A weathervane ornament not only can display an animal or a gesture, but it can reveal a lot about you as an individual. A weathercock is also a weathervane, it just has a replication of a rooster as its decorations. The only rule with t  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Anne Schoch 
 Article Title :: Lighthouses
Why are so many people drawn to lighthouses? There are probably a lot of different reasons. Maybe it is because lighthouses are found in some of the most beautiful places on earth, many on rugged coast lines dotted with trees, others along the sandy beaches, still others on reefs or rocks out in the ocean. To some, lighthouses appeal to their nostalgic or artistic senses since many of the lighthouses are some of the most historical structures to be found in the United States today. Yet it may be that they are drawn to the lighthouses due to the multitude of heroic rescues associated with them. It does not matter, whether warning mariners of danger or aiding them in finding safe passage i  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Doug Gelbert 
 Article Title :: Doggin' Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Where To Hike With Your Dog
James Crawford is the father of Steamboat Springs, Colorado having settled in a cabin on Soda Creek in 1874. Instead of becoming “Crawfordville,” legend has it the town was named for the rhythmic chugging of a hot spring that disgorged mineral water 15 feet into the air. The medicinal springs brought the first settlers to the valley and later the town became an international ski jumping mecca with the arrival of Norwegian champion Carl Howelsen in 1913. Today outdoor enthusiasts and dog lovers don’t wait for the snow to fall to make their way to Steamboat Springs.In town, the Yampa River Trail system links Steamboat Springs with the surrounding mountain area. Th  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Doug Gelbert 
 Article Title :: Doggin' Redding, California: Where To Hike With Your Dog In Old Poverty Flats
The California & Oregon Railroad built a temporary supply center here in 1872 and named it Redding after B.B. Redding, its railroad land agent. The settlement took hold and in 1874 the California State Legislature changed the town’s name to Reading, in recognition of Pierson B. Reading, an early gold miner and rancher in the region. But the new “Reading” could not displace the original in the minds of the fledgling residents and when the town incorporated in 1887 it was “Redding.”Redding has aggressively developed recreational trails, including two that have received a National Recreation Trail designation. In September 2000 the city hosted the biannual National Trail  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Doug Gelbert 
 Article Title :: Doggin' Moab, Utah: Where To Hike With Your Dog In The Beehive State's Outdoor Adventure Capital
Most of us have seen the spectacular scenery around Moab without realizing it - the landscape has often been used as the setting for Hollywood westerns. Before that, popular Western novelist Zane Grey stoked the imaginations of readers with action placed in Moab. Real people started coming to the Colorado River town in the 1950s when uranium was discovered nearby. Even though the mines have since played out, the town has never returned to its sleepy agricultural days.Today Moab is an outdoors mecca at the foot of the La Salle Mountains. Moab is the gateway to southeastern Utah’s canyon country and the national parks at Canyonlands and Arches. In these parks dogs are not allo  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Doug Gelbert 
 Article Title :: Doggin' Ketchum, Idaho: Where To Hike With Your Dog In Ernest Hemingway's Last Hometown
In 1879 a tall, wiry prospector named David Ketchum built a small shelter along the Trail Creek to use as his base of operations in the area. He didn’t stay long. By 1880, when mining operations began to be permanently established, Ketchum was long gone, rumored to be in Arizona, or perhaps dead in a saloon standoff.The new town called itself Leadville but the United States Post Office turned down the name because Leadvilles were as common in the West as dashed dreams by that time. The settlers decided to name their town after pioneering David Ketchum, whose rudimentary shelter still stood down by Trail Creek.For more than a decade Ketchum boomed but the collapse  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Doug Gelbert 
 Article Title :: Doggin' Jacksonville, Oregon: Where To Hike With Your Dog In An Old Gold Mining Camp
Gold was discovered in Oregon’s Jackson Creek in 1851 but it brought neither fame nor fortune to the prospector, a lone miner remembered today only as “Mr. Sykes.” Gold fever ignited soon enough and within two years there were thousands of men tediously pulling flakes and nuggets from area creek beds.Jacksonville’s first brick buildings were in place by 1853 as the town thrived. It even became the county seat but when the Oregon & California Railroad headed for nearby Medford in 1887 and by-passed Jacksonville the good times ground to a halt.Jacksonville residents built their own railroad four years later but the struggling line was dismantled  (read full article)
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