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Categories :: Leisure & Recreation : Outdoors Articles


Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Tips for Holding Tanks
Today we're going to talk about RV holding tanks. To start with, I wanted to mention something about RV holding tanks that I don't think a lot of RVers are aware of. Many of the free dump stations available to RVers are closing because of chemicals that are harmful to septic systems and because RVers are abusing these dump stations. If we want to have access to these dump stations it is absolutely essential that we use septic safe chemicals (no formaldehyde), and that we clean up after ourselves and do not abuse dump stations.Your RV has what is referred to as a gray water holding tank and a black water holding tank. The gray water holding tank collects dirty water from the kitchen  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Spring Preparation Checklist
Your RV has been sitting idle over the winter. Now the early signs of spring are here and it's time to take it out of storage and prepare the coach and chassis for this years camping season. If you're like me, you want to have some type of logical sequence to follow rather then haphazardly checking the unit out. I made a simple checklist to use so that nothing is overlooked. I prefer to do the majority of spring preparation myself. If you're more comfortable having someone else do it you can schedule an appointment with a reputable RV service center to have it done.* Depending on how your unit was winterized it will need to be de-winterized. If you used non-toxic RV antifreeze you   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Michael Lastun 
 Article Title :: Hiking All Over US
The nature is the source of our life and we must see it at least from time to time to recover the energy we loose every day.Day by day we are more and more busy and we don’t have time for ourselves. We are always in moving, never stopping to do as much as we can in less time. We change sometimes our direction, but never our habits. There are a lot of places to hike and travel, things to discover and people to meet.Hiking is the perfect way to discover the world around us, to feel the pulse of life. Different services can help you find the perfect place for you and advice you what to do to reach it. This kind of activity is the thing we need to clear our mind.There a  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: J Aubin 
 Article Title :: Wreck Scuba Diving in Florida
Some of the most enjoyable diving you may ever do is wreck scuba diving. Because travel by ship was the main way of going from continent to continent prior to development of air travel, and because the technology used on ships and in weather forecasting was not advanced at all, many ships sank in waters around the world providing dives that are interesting and fun. There are so many wrecks that only the Florida wreck diving will be covered in this article.In fact, there are so many Florida wreck scuba diving spots available, you'll have plenty of difficulty choosing which ones to dive. Hurricanes, coral reefs, shoals and pirates all help sink the ships that are often quite near the  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Safety 101 - the Basics
“Are RV’s dangerous to own and operate?” After giving this question some thought I realized that this one short question covered a very large spectrum. There is no quick or easy response to this question. In most cases it’s not the RV that is dangerous, but the individual that is operating the RV that is dangerous. Some examples of unsafe acts that I have witnessed are carrying a full spare LP gas bottle inside the RV, sleeping in the RV with the generator running and never weighing the RV or checking the inflation pressure in the tires.When you begin your search for an RV, the first thing to verify is that the RV manufacturer is a member of the Recreation Vehicle Industry   (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Information - Improving Your Fuel Economy
Today we’re going to be discussing something near and dear to all of us, especially RV owners. How can you improve your fuel economy? The 99 cents a gallon days are long gone. We’ll probably be lucky to see the $2.80 a gallon days again and depending on what part of the country you live in, you may be lucky to see the $2.30 a gallon days again. It took a while but as with everything else you eventually accept the fact that higher fuel prices are here to stay.I for one am not going to let sky rocketing fuel prices change my plans for using and enjoying our RV. So, with that said and a motor home that averages 7 to 8 miles to a gallon I am forced to find ways to save on fuel rath  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Tire Failure 101
When I was young, my friends and I would go tent camping at our favorite spot in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. It is where I learned the art of fly-fishing for trout, trapping muskrats and hunting whitetail deer. To this day just the thought of those camping trips bring back wonderful childhood memories. Not only are the memories good, the lessons I learned have lasted a lifetime.My one friend’s father would go with us on many of our camping excursions. When he was a young man he spent several years working for a logging company. We would load up in his old 4X4 truck armed with chainsaws, axes, wedges and logging chains and head out in search of fallen trees and logs that wo  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Emergency Weather Planning 101
I love the freedom of the open road. There is nothing like exploring the back roads in your RV. You can go where you want and when you want, in your house on wheels, and because of this, often times you find yourself in a new destination everyday. Something that many RVers do not take into consideration with this freedom to roam is the weather conditions where you are traveling to or spending the night. RV’s are great, but they are not safe in severe weather like lightning and thunderstorms with high winds, tornadoes and hurricanes.When you are at home, you usually know what the weather forecast is from the newspaper, radio or television. When you travel three or four hundred mil  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Refrigerator Efficiency 101
RV refrigerators, for the most part, are efficient. In many cases it is something the owner does that makes the refrigerator less efficient. Before we talk about how to improve your RV refrigerators efficiency we need to have a basic understanding of how an RV refrigerator works.For starters, keep in mind that your RV refrigerator is different from the one in your house. Your RV refrigerator doesn't use a compressor or any moving parts for that matter. It works off of the principle of absorption. Instead of applying cold directly the heat is drawn out, or absorbed. The theory is, when there is an absence of heat there is cold. Basically your RV refrigerator uses heat, either from a  (read full article)
Category :: Outdoors Articles Author :: Mark Polk 
 Article Title :: RV Traveling with Pets 101
Its prime RV travel season and I thought this would be a good time to discuss traveling with pets in your RV. Pets and RV's just seem to go together. One of the really great things about traveling in an RV is that you can take your pets with you. In many cases the main reason people buy an RV is so their pets can travel with them. Both of our dogs have been traveling with us in our RV since they were puppies. They both get extremely excited when they see us loading the RV for another trip.It's fun and convenient to be able to take your pets along with you, but I realized a long time ago that certain precautions must be taken when you travel with pets. There were a lot of things to   (read full article)
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