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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Lindsay Small 
 Article Title :: Fizzy Sherbet - A Sweet Science Lesson for Your Kids!
Fizzy sherbet in a paper bag with a strawberry lollipop was probably my favorite treat as a child, but I never knew what was in the sherbet and why it sparkled and tingled on my tongue! Try making some with your kids and enjoy a mini science lesson in the process.The basis of the sherbet is icing sugar (confectioners’ sugar). 50g will make enough for about 6 children. For that amount you will also need a scant teaspoon each of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid. You can buy the latter, in the form of a white powder, very cheaply in small quantities from your chemist or pharmacy. Children will also enjoy having a lollipop or liquorice stick to dip into the sherbet.Simply m  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Rene Graeber - 
 Article Title :: Improving Your Teen’s Self-Esteem
The teenage years are often the most difficult time of childhood. During this time, children are blossoming into adults and struggle to determine the individual identity. It is no shock the teen years are the most dreaded by parents, but these fragile youngsters are at a critical time in their lives. Often, boundaries are pushed and rules are stretched by a teenager yearning to take that “next step” into adulthood. Teens find themselves not only faced with emotional transitions, but also physical changes. In the midst of these physical and emotional evolutions, a teen’s self-esteem can be compromised. Parents can take certain steps in order to   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Robert Benson - 
 Article Title :: Entertaining Youngsters With Classic Toys-Play Doh
With video games dominating and transforming the landscape of our pre-teen children with a new virtual world for them to play in, it is refreshing to know that there are still classic toys available for our younger children to enjoy. Let’s look at one of these special toys: There is a classic toy, invented by two brothers in 1955, that still captures the imaginations of our pre-school children and youngsters alike. That toy, or product is: Play Doh. Originally a wallpaper cleaner invented by brothers Noah W. McVicker and Joseph S. McVicker, Play Doh was introduced to schools in the Cincinnati area in 1955 because McVicker’s sister-in-law asked if it was a safe a  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Robert Benson - 
 Article Title :: Classic Toys Never Go Out Of Style
Who hasn’t heard the old saying….back when I was young? Times have changed and so have the toys our children play with. Video games now dot the landscape with violence and virtual worlds for our children to “enjoy”. But something else has changed with this new age, the availability of classic toys. With the Internet, it is now possible to find the toys your grandfather or your father grew up playing with. These toys never go out of style. Let’s take a look at the history of one of these toys: The Erector Set A. C. Gilbert was a brilliant man. At the time of his death in 1962, he was credited with 150 patents for the inventions that went into his products.   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Thomas Trotts - 
 Article Title :: Child Safety And Child Protection: Easy Steps You Can Take Part 1 Of 3
Did you know there are over 2,000 reports of missing and abducted children to the FBI everyday? That's an incredible number, and that's only the ones that are actually reported. This is 1 of a 3 part series with some simple child safety steps you can take that will greatly minimize the chances of your child becoming missing or abducted. The experts recommend that you teach your child the following child protection techniques: Here we go... You should always be sure your child knows his/her name, address, including city, state, zip code; phone number, including area code; parents' names, work addresses(or atleast the business names of where they work), a  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Thomas Trotts - 
 Article Title :: Child Safety And Child Protection: Easy Steps You Can Take Part 2 Of 3
Were back, and in this lesson were going to discuss some easy child safety techniques you can teach your child to stay safe when your out and about in public, or when he/she might find themselves alone. But before we get started here's an interesting but frightening fact: Did you know that a child becomes missing, abducted, or lost about EVERY 40 seconds! Keep reading and let's do our best to keep your child safe today, and make sure that he/she is going to come home! Let's get started... This one is VERY important! If you become seperated from your child, he/she needs to know to never look for you if they become lost while shopping or in a public place. Instead, th  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Thomas Trotts - 
 Article Title :: Child Safety And Child Protection: Easy Steps You Can Take Part 3 Of 3
Unfortunately the reality is, you can't always be with your child. Occasionally your child is left in the care and supervision of other adults. As horrible as it is to imagine, the fact is, most child abductions occur by close family friends and/or other adults that the child is already familiar with. However, here are a few things you can teach your child that will empower them with the awareness they need to help keep them safe...even when you can't be there. Let's begin... There are "flags" that you can teach your child to be aware of, that seem to occur on a consistent bases with child abductions. One of those "flags" is that predators or would be predators ofte  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Rachel Incoll - 
 Article Title :: Why Should Kids Get Allowances - The Top 7 Reasons
The question of whether allowances are right or wrong, is one that has been argued for many generations. Now it’s your turn, as a parent, to decide whether or not an allowance is the best way to educate your child about financial responsibility. There are many reasons given on why a regular payment of money to a child should or shouldn’t be done – ultimately I believe there is no right answer, it is up to each individual family to decide what is the best option for them. Through many years of working with parents and educators, these are the top seven reasons I keep hearing on the question of why should kids get allowances. 1. They learn to be wise with how they spend thei  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Toni Phelps 
 Article Title :: Are We Breeding Bad Credit Teenagers?
It wasn't until about the fourth time that I gave my teenager an allowance advance that I realized I was nurturing her to become a bad credit consumer. Living free at home with no bills to pay, how would she balance a budget when she moved out on her own? Would she continue to borrow money in advance because she spent it all between paydays? Worst, would she constantly borrow money from me when I retire and live on a fixed income? Over the years I had lectured her on the value of money, but I never explained to her the impact spending freely can have on her future needs--- getting credit for a home or auto loan, a low interest credit card, and even for securing a good paying jo  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Anna Yulia 
 Article Title :: How to Increase Children's Reading Habit in A Developing Country
An Education Staff of Athalia School, Tangerang, Indonesia.If someone has the ability to read does not mean he directly has the interest to read. Reading skill and reading interest are 2 kinds of different matters. Many schools in the developing countries struggle to educate their society to be able to master the reading skills. For example in Indonesia, some parts of the society still have no ability to read because of their poorness in getting education opportunity or because they live in a very remote area.Many people in developing countries still struggle with the basic needs such as food, clothes and housing so that they do not have idea or budget for books, even for ed  (read full article)
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