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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Laura Browne 
 Article Title :: Humor For Women - Christmas Spirit
“Mom, come quick!” my daughter shouted frantically from the living room. I dashed in, expecting to see blood. Instead, she pointed to a television commercial and said the words I dread, “Mom, I want to get that.” I sighed and gave my usual answer. “You can put it on your Christmas list.”It seemed like the Christmas toy commercials started even earlier this year. I’ve tried to explain that the commercials always make toys look so much better than they really are. Unfortunately, when you open a box, there isn’t a party in there complete with music and lots of friends. Normally, the more exciting something looks on television, the bigger the disappointment when   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Dawn Worthy 
 Article Title :: Beneath the Lemming Tree - The Tale of One Boy's Escape
The other day, my son came home from school in distress. It seems a group of children have been giving him the blues because he is gifted. My son attends public school. His school district, although I am told it is one of the best school districts in the country as evidenced by their test scores, (The vice principal told me that) does not address the needs of gifted students until third grade. I won’t even go into what I think about that. Believe me, it’s an 8 part series. My son told a story that I know all too well.It would appear that after several months of observing my son correctly answer questions in class, (I admit he can be eager to demonstrate his prowess) a gr  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Scott Morris 
 Article Title :: Grandparenting Ceremony
As if the stress of raising kids in today's hustle-bustle world isn't enough, with both of you working and the price of everything going through the roof; let's add to your family situation a couple of well-intentioned, "experienced" child-rearing experts.I mean, after all, look at the fine job we did raising you.For the purpose of this article, let's assume that you haven't, at least not yet, taken the easy way out and moved across the country---far away from "Grandma and Grandpa", "Grams and Gramps", or whatever pet names you have assigned us.No, imagine that you are the fortunate ones who have these virtual "fonts of child-rearing knowledge" living right next door-  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Jeff Herring 
 Article Title :: Parenting Tips: A is for Adolescence
When I first started out in private practice twenty years ago, I would often here people say to me "Jeff, you are really good at working with teenagers."And I would think to myself "Well, thanks, and I breathe well too."I discovered that most therapists either do not like working with teenagers or are frightened of them or both.That was fine with me because their fear and dislike really helped me to build my practice when I first started out.Adolescence is not a diseaseYou will rarely hear or see me refer to the teenage years as adolescence. This is because the term adolescence makes the teenage years sound like a disease or condition that needs t  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Kelly Nault 
 Article Title :: Allocating Chores and Responsibilities for Blended Families
In many households, it can be quite a challenge figuring out who’s in charge of which chores and which responsibilities. This is especially true for blended families.If not handled properly, favoritism (or perceived favoritism) can rear its ugly head in the chore realm. And the last thing parents want to hear from their kids is that their new siblings are getting “special treatment” while they do all the work.To avoid the Cinderella syndrome that often accompanies the process of assigning chores and responsibilities for blended families, it helps to keep a few basics in mind —basics about chores and basics about your kids.Kids Like Chores  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Dionna Sanchez 
 Article Title :: Pulse Points
I used to be a very carefree person. I’d let so many things just roll off my back; trusting that it would all work out.Something happened to me when I became a mom. I became much more serious and let things “get” to me far too easily. Why? I think it’s because I wanted to be the perfect mom. Now I’m learning that in my quest to become “perfect”; somehow I lost the enjoyment of it all!As I seek to relax some of my expectations a bit more, I wanted to share with you some things that I’ve discovered have added too much stress to my life unnecessarily.1) Interruptions. Children will be children and they ARE going to interrupt me! My tasks, chores  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Kathleen Shaputis 
 Article Title :: Who Left the Door Unlocked? Young Adults Boomerang Back To Live With Their Parents
Olympia, Washington: You breathed a sigh of relief when the last of your kids left home. You redecorated their rooms into an office or gym and you're not only getting used to the quiet and less hectic pace of life, you're actually enjoying it. Then one day, it all changes and suddenly, they're back. Those same kids who left months and sometimes years ago have returned with enough emotional baggage to fill the cargo hold of a plane, staggering debt and possibly a house-full of furniture.According to a recent statistic, adult children are returning home in alarming numbers. In fact, the latest U.S. Census data reports one out of four (27%) 18 to 34 year olds are living with their par  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Mario Campeau 
 Article Title :: Cheating to Win?
Are you ready to cheat to win? Are you those which believe that the end justifies the means and that it is necessary to do everything to win? I am not talking about the use of steroids or any other illegal act. No, I am talking about the small cheating that we make and which, sometimes, seems to be part of the game. Indeed, who never gave a small kick on its golf ball or 'forgot' to count a penalty? Hmmm? Who never pretended a fault in basketball after loosing the ball to influence the referee? Hmmm?I thought about this after a friend spoke to me about a comment his son made to him the other day. His 11 years old son is a goalkeeper in hockey. During a game, there was a tight p  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Mario Campeau 
 Article Title :: Starting Sports
Your young daughter is doing cartwheels in her room and already broke 3 lamps? Or she's using your new sofa as a trampoline? Your young boy is kicking the soccer ball on the house wall and it cost you a bay window? Or you are just a parent who thinks that sport is a good thing for young children? Whatever the reason is, you are now faced with helping your daughter or son make some important decisions. Which sport is the right sport for my child? Is my child too young to become involved in competitive sports? Which program or coach in my community will provide the best possible experience for my child? There are no simple answers to these questions because each child is unique and the deci  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Mario Campeau 
 Article Title :: Mixed Feelings
In my many years of involvement in sports, very often I noticed what I call 'mixed feelings' from parents. You know, the 'good news - bad news' feelings.Good news! Your boy made the cut for the elite soccer team. Bad news! He's going to play against teams from out of town and it will cost you a lot of money.Or this one that just happened to me a few days ago:Good news! Your daughter just classified herself for the Nationals in gymnastic. Bad news! You live in Montreal and the Nationals are in Vancouver. It is going to cost you $2000 to send her there. Bad news again! The Nationals   (read full article)
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