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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: How Do I Handle This As A Peaceful Parent? No. II
Now that my son has hit adolescence he is even less communicative than ever. No matter what kind of question I ask him his answers are monosyllabic. ‘Fine’, ‘nothing’ or ‘I don’t know’ seem to be the only answers I can get out of him. Any suggestions on how I can talk with my son again instead of feeling like I am talking at him?Isn’t it amazing how one day you feel happy about the kind of relationship you have with your child and the very next day your child becomes mute, treating you as if you are the enemy. What’s happened? You review your own actions in the previous twenty-four hours and can discover nothing to provoke such treatment by your child. And ye  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: Peaceful Parenting(r) and Setting Limits
Peaceful Parenting® is not “Permissive Parenting.” Just because Peaceful Parents understand that they cannot control their children’s behavior does not mean that whatever a child does is acceptable. As Peaceful Parents we are still obligated to set standards and limits for our children.In fact, understanding Peaceful Parenting® means understanding why there is a need for setting limits and standards for our children. Our children are born with a genetic instruction for freedom. But this does not mean there are no limits. A Peaceful Parent’s job is to establish boundaries, allowing only as much freedom as a child has responsible behaviors to handle. As we increase ou  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: Peaceful Parenting(r) Success Story II
Naomi, mother of 5-year old fraternal sons Zachary and Samuel, wrote and asked for advice on how to work more smoothly with her children. She then read PEACEFUL PARENTING® and shared the following success story:“My boys are great kids. But our home use to have quite a bit of twin conflict followed by twin love. It seemed as the boys were at one extreme or another. Following them, my husband and I felt as though we too were at one extreme or another. Reading and applying Peaceful Parenting® has made all the difference.“I now realize that the boys are in a competitive phase in their lives. Their needs for power and freedom are driving their behaviors most strongly.  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: How Do I Handle This as a Peaceful Parent? No. III
My 12-year old Amy is my perfect child. She cares about neatness and being responsible. Being a Peaceful Parent with her is easy. But my 10-year old daughter Rebecca is my challenge. She has been diagnosed ADD, is chaotic, irresponsible, messy and forgetful. I try to help her, making lists, insisting she empty her school back pack with me. I’ve been using another parenting process called Love & Logic but it is not working. Please help!It is easy to parent a child who has similar pictures to our own. It sounds like you and Amy share similar ideas about how orderly and neat your environment and scheduled life should be. Because you share similar pictures, there is very lit  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: Peaceful Parenting(r) Success Story III
Submitted by Maureen, mother of 7-year old Kenny and 5-year old Stephanie:"I was having a terrible problem with my son biting his sister during their arguments. Even though Kenny is older, his sister has better language skills. So when they would argue, Stephanie seemed to have the upper hand because she could out-wit Kenny with words. Out of frustration, he would resort to biting to win. Unfortunately it usually worked. Stephanie would back off after being hurt by Kenny.Based on reading Peaceful Parenting® and especially the tips I’ve learned from the newsletter, I realized I could solve this problem differently from punishing Kenny for biting. Here’s what I did.  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: Peaceful Parenting(r) Musings II
The first duty of love is to listen. -Paul Tillich“My teacher likes the girls better than the boys,” David complained to me the spring of his 3rd grade year.“How can you tell?” I asked. What does she do that makes you say that?” I wasn’t immune to the media informing parents that teachers treated boys better than girls in our schools. As a woman supporting feminism I wasn’t happy about this news. As the mother of boys I was secretly hopeful that my children might get more, simply because of their gender.“She spends more time with the girls,” David explained to me. “She gives them special privileges and doesn’t  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: How Do I Handle This As A Peaceful Parent? No. IV
My 6-year old son Sean constantly interrupts. I know this is a common complaint because I hear other mothers of young children complaining of the same thing. My husband and I have explained and discussed with Sean the importance of listening and waiting, but he still seems to need all of my attention by interrupting. Any Peaceful Parenting® suggestions?Yes, it does feel like your son waits until he sees you on the telephone or deeply involved in a conversation as the time he most needs to tell you the most important thing of his life. As you point out you are not alone in this experience. Almost every parent I’ve ever talked to says the same thing. (Amazingly pet owners te  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: A Peaceful Parenting Success Story IV
Mary Beth, mother of two teenagers and one preteen knows the temptation and perils of engaging in too many unnecessary battles with her children.“When all of my children reached their adolescent years it seemed as though my life consisted of one complaint or demand after another. First with Kerry, my eldest, I found myself in battles or attempting to avoid battles. It has just intensified as each child has grown older. Sam, our youngest, is now a preteen, Kerry is still a teenager and Agatha, our middle is also a teenager. The potential for a life filled with continuous battles not only seemed possible, it was slowly becoming a reality.“I have read many child-rearing   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: Peaceful Parenting Primer
Example #1:At the end of a long, difficult day you are in the kitchen working hard to prepare and get dinner on the table. Not only are you feeling tired, you are fully aware that everyone needs food before one or more of your children experience a “melt down” from fatigue and low blood sugar. When you are close enough to asking all to sit down to eat you ask your 8-year old daughter to please set the table. No response. You ask again. Still no response. Finally you accuse her of laziness and selfishness, angrily telling her to come and set the table and she complies.Example #2:The weekend has finally arrived. As is your practice Saturday mornings are set a  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Nancy Buck 
 Article Title :: Peaceful Parenting Musings III
To have children is a double living, the earthly fountain of youth, a continual fresh delight, and also a source of weariness beyond description. -Josephine W. JohnsonSomewhere between wakefulness and sleep I became aware of my dry scratchy throat. My head felt as if it had shrunk, like my brain was too big for my skull. The tightness and the throbbing in my head was accompanied by a heavy feeling in my arms and legs. If my life depended on my moving anywhere fast, I knew I was doomed. Rising to the top of full consciousness now, I knew I was sick. Boy was I sick! The aching, throbbing and pain in my body was not just a bizarre dream. The flu   (read full article)
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