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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Scott Irwin 
 Article Title :: No Kidding - Preparation the Key to Preventing Abducted, Missing Children
Did you know that, according to figures from the RCMP, approximately 186 children are reported missing each day in Canada? That's one almost every 7.75 minutes; recent US statistics are much more alarming, somewhere in the United States approximately every 40 seconds a child is reported missing. In fact, by the time you have finished reading this article, the odds are that another child has been reported missing or abducted.The thought that a child could be taken or go missing is a very real fear that all of us, as parents, share. Naturally, we want to keep our children safe, but we can't watch over them 24 hours a day. I am frequently asked by parents for advice on what they can d  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Lori Radun 
 Article Title :: Sibling Rivalry - Lose the Fighting, Not the Love
Are you tired of listening to your children bicker? Do you long for them to get along and love each other? Sibling rivalry can be exasperating, often interfering with our ability to enjoy our children. It may be helpful to know though that sibling rivalry has been going on forever. Some degree of fighting is perfectly normal. It exists in every family that has two or more children, so take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Some siblings get along fairly well, while others fight constantly.Having awareness about what causes sibling rivalry can help you begin to understand this dynamic. When you can get to the root of an issue, it is easier to brainstorm solutions. Just l  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Ellen Mossman-Glazer 
 Article Title :: Homework: Six Strategies to Prevent Your Child from Getting Into Overwhelm
Once overwhelm sets in and your child is melting down under a confusing to-do pile, it is can be a frantic challenge to dig her out and settle her down. Here are six pro-active strategies; so start now to see them really work!1. Plan ahead. Shift gears before homework burn out sets in. We adults need quick pick-me-ups through the day; coffee breaks, power naps, a few deep stretches to keep alert. So do our kids. Work with your kids to help them discover their personal strategies to refresh and refocus.2.Take many mini breaks. Plan for them so your student can look forward to a periodic relaxer. This is a good strategy to help kids with ADHD or Asperger Syndrom  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: George Gallegos 
 Article Title :: ADHD and Conditions that Mimic ADHD
It is usually fairly easy for classroom teachers to distinguish the students who are on-task from those who are not. Those on-task students tend to be those who are using their time productively towards completing assigned work. These students tend to listen closely to teacher instructions so they may be able to accurately complete the assignment. Generally, on-task students work quietly and purposely during the allotted independent seat work time. However, there are usually a small number of students in the same classroom who tend to be off-task a majority of the time. These students may be quietly avoiding work completion, or they may be actively pursuing other interests in a manne  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: John T Jones, Ph.D. 
 Article Title :: Lessons for Life: How to be a Grandparent
Lessons for Life: How to be a GrandparentToday we took two of our thirteen Idaho grandkids to Twin Falls for a special day.We went to Walgreens® to pick up some medications I needed and told them to grab something if they liked it. They are a bit bashful about doing anything like that. When I was checking out, they showed up while I was waiting for the store manager to find the $100.00 cash I asked for when using my debit card. They had found rings with their names on them plus a box of candy bars of some kind.After Walgreens® we went to lunch at the Golden Coral®. We spent ninety minutes there stuffing ourselves having a good time laughing together.I  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Ritu Valecha-Sood 
 Article Title :: How to Keep the Children Busy
Put down the remote control, and get busy - now there's TV-free activity for every day of the year with Crafty Kidz.1. Indoor Activities Save everyday household junk. This often makes the best play toys for young children. By recycling you are teaching them the importance of saving the environment. Collect cylindrical tubs and loo rolls for an easy to make desk tidy.2.Arts and craft It doesn’t cost much to buy paint and paper. Keep some in hand for wet days – or take art into the garden when it’s sunny.3.Food Fun Get kids involved in cooking. Prepare mashed potatoes and a range of veggies, let   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: John T Jones, Ph.D. 
 Article Title :: Help Your Child Belong
When a child is born naturally, it is placed on its mother’s breast and becomes part of her. This is the first step in bonding to the child’s family. If the child must then be left at a day care center while the mother works, bonding takes place in the day care center. The child bonds with the teachers and the other children. They become like a second family.When the child enters school, associations with friends and teachers create further bonds and a sense of belonging. But all children do not bond easily. A boy might join the Boy Scouts and find that nobody really likes him and that the boys don’t really want to associate with him. A girl might experience the same thing in  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: E Strauch 
 Article Title :: Autism That Blank Stare
The numbers continue to climb. 1-166 children develop Autism each year. Why? They said it was the mercury in the vaccines. Then they could not rule out the possibility of genetically distribution. It is a guessing game. Unlike most other disorders and diseases that cause a person to become handicapped, the autistic brain is still a mystery.Autism has varying degrees of disability. They call it a spectrum disorder, because those afflicted can be very high functioning and amazingly technical. They are so focused on one subject. This is a category that many professors fall into. They have that one specialty that they know absolutely everything about, but can they remember your birthda  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Terje Ellingsen 
 Article Title :: Parenting Tip - How to Use Your Children to Get Things Done
If you have children over the age of eight or nine years old, here is a parenting tip on how you can get things done quicker and easier with the help of your kids. It will cut your chores in half and give your children the opportunity to learn how to participate in the “daily shuffle” of things.Help with LaundryLaundry is a never-ending chore for Moms and Dads, so make it easier on everyone (especially yourself) by setting some rules on laundry. If it needs to be washed, the person that wears the item brings it to the laundry, or it is not washed. If you need something for the next day of school, don't wait until 8:00 at night to ask someone to wash it, or you will be sh  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Charles Hill 
 Article Title :: Does Parenting Young Children Have To Be So Difficult?
In a word, No. Well, not as hard as some would have you to believe. Yes, raising children requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication. However, when you learn to be yourself and not fear mistakes, you will have a much easier time. Many of the books on the subject make you feel as if there are a bunch of learned approaches to parenting. That is why there are so many authors and so many views. I am sure that you have noticed that there is an entire industry devoted to educating new parents on the various techniques. Specialists and researchers have made a lot of money pushing one technique or another. Free enterprise is a great thing, really. It can be overwhelming. I have seen many a parent  (read full article)
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