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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Dore Frances 
 Article Title :: Ten Warning Signs That Your Teen Is Having Trouble In High School
Here are some of the signs to look for:Your teen works extra hard on homework, but still gets D's and F's. A temporary dip in grades can be normal and due to some fleeting problem, but a habitual disconnect between earnest work habits and good grades are a warning sign that your teen might have an undetected learning disability. You find that your teen is constantly distracted while doing their homework. Sometimes homework problems are just a matter of needing a snack or a little break. Occasionally, a change in venue helps-some kids concentrate better. Some like to be tucked away in their rooms and far away from any possible distraction; others   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Steve Farmer 
 Article Title :: 10 Steps to a Happy Family
1. Focus on outcomes not problemsEach member of the family needs to understand and communicate what their desired outcome is in any situation. In this way every part of your family team can move toward that objective rather than focus on the reasons why it can not happen.2. Focus on feedback not failureWhen sharing negative information always deliver it in a constructive way. Share how things could be better not how they went wrong.3. Focus on Possibilities – Possibilities are endlessKeep your family looking to the future and not to the past. The future is yet to happen so you have the chance to change it. The past can only be remembered and learne  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Mary Gardner 
 Article Title :: If Your Kids Are Watching Commercials They May Be Learning Bad Manners!
I recently saw a national commercial with a family passing the (very well known) butter to each other at the dinner table. I was shocked to see the ad feature a family who each wanted to spread the butter on their bread and they asked to have someone else pass the butter by saying just that: “Pass the butter”. It happened more than once during the commercial and it sounded just as grotesque to me the second time as it did the first!What I want to know is which advertiser is responsible for putting something so coarse and so rude on the air! Didn’t your mother teach you always to say please? At least when you pass the “Grey Poupon” you’re saying it with style!Mann  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Daphne Nancholas 
 Article Title :: Sleep Problems - Helpful Tips for Your Baby and You
Sleep needsDid you know that newborn babies need 21 hours sleep a day and children from six months to two years of age need at least 12 hours sleep? Sleep deprivation can cause problems for everyone in the family: fractious babies during the day, exhausted mothers and an anxious, stressful atmosphere.Sleep deprivationSleep starvation is a huge problem for today’s parents. A survey of 2,000 new parents and 2,000 people aged 55 to 65 was carried out by Mother and Baby and Yours magazines. It found today's parents try all kinds of things to get their babies to sleep through the night, including taking the infant into their own bed. In contrast, parents in the 1960s a  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: David Skuy 
 Article Title :: Top Ten Boy Books - How To Get Our Boys Reading Again
Boys don't read - hundreds of reports and newspaper articles have made that clear.The mantra of the literary community is to just get boys to read anything, even the back of a cereal box.This message ignores the fact that literacy is not the real problem. Boys can read - they just choose not to. The dumbing-down of literature will not solve the problem of boys not reading. We need to inculcate a love or reading. Let's not lower the bar and endorse mediocrity. Let's raise it. Are you happy when your kid is reading a comic book? Or would you prefer he bury his nose in Tom Sawyer?Below is a list of great books every boy should read before they're twelve, books that will   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Sid Berger 
 Article Title :: The ADHD Child Can Play - Toys for Children with ADHD
Childhood should be playful. Play is said to be the work of children. But, sometimes, the ability to play becomes strained when children have conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD).Part of living with a child with ADHD is to understand the special needs of these children in order to maintain a happy and healthy balance. This includes the necessity of selecting the right playthings so playtime activities do not become more stressful by conflicting with what these children can comfortably manage and enjoy. One way we've heard ADHD described is that it's a performance disorder and not a deficiency of knowledge or skill. It is   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Joseph Then 
 Article Title :: Parenting Tips – Communication Plays a Major Part in Parenting
There is a large amount of organizations out there that are willing to give out parenting tips. Yet some of the people that give out the tips have no children of their own. Some wonder if they have no children of their own just how can they actually help others with any problem that they might have in their house.Did you know if you ask that question to one of the many companies no one can seem to answer you with a satisfactory answer.One main tip that you could received, that would help out any parent is that don’t let your children run your life you are the parent and you need to set the boundaries and keep everyone in sync with each other.About the only way tha  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Karin Suesser 
 Article Title :: Are You Yelling At Your Child Too Much? Nine Ways to Getting Better Behavior from Your Children
“How many times have I told you not to come into the house with muddy shoes? Look what you did to the carpet now, it’s all dirty! Why can’t you listen when I tell you something?”Does this sound familiar? Maybe you have said similar things to your children in frustration. You are not alone! Most parents and caregivers, even though they love their children more than anything, will become frustrated at some point when children don’t do what they are asked to do, throw tantrums, whine, fight with siblings, or argue with parents about chores and bedtime.Raising children is a complicated job, and there are often no clear-cut answers to the dilemmas parents face on  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Parenting and Politics
The Cycle of Violence is a very touchy subject for most people. There are those who sit in positions where they know the depth of the problem and they might even know what could be done in some cases. But can they actually do something about it?Here are some of the problems.1. Parents think it is their right to have children and raise them as their father and other earlier family members raised them. They do not want to admit they are control freaks or abusers of one form or another. They may even think their religious indoctrination is correct despite the fact that it does nothing to teach the joy and soulful potential of sex alongside the civil and moral responsibilities t  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Paul Arinaga 
 Article Title :: Parenting Tip: 10 Ways to Make Up Great Child Stories for Your Kids
It's fun to read child stories to your kids, but it's even MORE fun to make up your own. You don't need to be a creative genius to do so. All it takes is a little imagination and patience (with yourself). Follow these 10 suggestions, and you'll find that making up entertaining child stories is as easy as talking with a good friend.1. A Picture's Worth a Thousand WordsSelect a picture or series of pictures from a magazine, book, newspaper or wherever. Then describe what's happening in the picture or pictures.2. Truth is Stranger than FictionDraw in events from your everyday life and then embellish them. For example, instead of "Jason played in the basketball gam  (read full article)
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