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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: CD Mohatta 
 Article Title :: Are You Ready To Be A Father?
Getting married and having children is the way of life fort all of us. The question is - are we ready to get married and after that are we ready to become father? Why this question? Let us discuss. Most of us are not always ready to get married. We are waiting for the right partner. We have career and money issues. We have emotional issues. We don’t want to get married in hurry and then break up. We therefore weigh all the options and wait for the opportune time. Only after we are satisfied, we get married. Am I correct? Becoming a father is equally difficult. Before becoming a father, you have to make sure that your wife is ready to become a mother. That both of   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Trey Collier 
 Article Title :: Protect Children from Drowning - Part 2: Choosing the Right Pool Alarm for Your Backyard Pool
Pool alarms are only one of the many layers of protection that should be implemented in and around the backyard swimming pool to decrease the chances of childhood drowning accidents. There are so many varieties of pool alarms on the market, though, that it may be difficult to know which one to choose. By considering the following information regarding pool alarms, you should be more prepared to make the best choice for the safety of the children in your life.An Evaluation of Swimming Pool AlarmsAn evaluation of swimming pool alarms conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 2000 tested three different types of pool alarms: surfa  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Liz Ryan 
 Article Title :: Mom Let Me Off the Hook
I come from one of those large (eight kids) 50’s and 60’s Irish Catholic families. My mom worked before she got married and went back to work full-time when I was in fourth grade. She is smart - she had been in the first graduating class of women from the Georgetown U. School of Foreign Service back in the early 50’s, and was President of the local chapter of Mensa when I was a kid. So she rose quickly once she got back into the work force. But when we were little, mom was always at home. There was no such thing as preschool, that I know of - my first organized experience with other children was in kindergarten (and I was terrified to go!).Fast forward 25 years - I’m living  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Adwina D. Jackson 
 Article Title :: 6 Secrets to Make Your Teen-Parent Relationship Work
As your child approaches teen age –around 12-13 years old- you’ll experience some changes in him. He will probably be out of the house more often and wants to keep his privacy from you. Other times, he may not be listening to you nor doing what you ask him.Many parents in the world find the same troubles when dealing with their teens. Hope you don’t get them. But if you do, don’t worry! Keep on reading to get solutions.Just like when you were a teenager, you wanted to spend times with your peers rather than with your parents or family, right? Your teen feels the same way, too. Making his own decision is another important thing for him besides privacy.  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Lori Anton 
 Article Title :: Practical Tips for First-time Grandparents
Becoming a first-time grandparent is exciting. An event many people look forward to with great anticipation in later life. The first snapshot that reaches your anxious hands, the first time holding your grandchild’s tiny, sweet-smelling body in your arms. The first time hearing the long awaited words “grandma,” or “grandpa” from cherub lips all will make your heart melt with pride, joy, and love.Whether you live a great distance away, a few towns over, or just around the block, you can have a very positive impact on your grandchild’s life, become an important role model, and be of great help to your daughter or son – new in their role as a parent.First Thing  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Phillip Anthony 
 Article Title :: Fit To Be a Father
The fairytale marriage comes to an abrupt end. The glass of the framed wedding picture has been broken. The living room furniture, once considered a place for family meetings and fellowship, has been divided; it will be termed “community property” in legalese and will be fought over in a family court between two parties. The husband and wife will spend hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars arguing over “he said,” “she said,” “he did this,” “she said” – matters that will provide nothing more than an official public record for future reference by the two parties. When the immature behavior of the adults ceases, a judge will bring to the forefront the matter of chil  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Shelly Walker 
 Article Title :: Teaching Manners -- The Hows and Whys of Teaching Your Child Manners
Sometimes I look at my son’s peers and wonder what on earth their parents can be thinking. These children are often downright rude. They demand things instead of asking, they yell and scream instead of talking, they walk around the house while they eat their dinner, they never think to pick up a thing after themselves, and I very rarely hear even a simple “please” or “thank you.”No, they are not all like that, and they’re not like that all the time, but I find myself consistently wondering where manners went and why parents don’t seem to care anymore.One of our most basic jobs as parents is to teach our children how to get along in the world without us. It  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: David Skuy 
 Article Title :: Boys Don't Read - It's True
I grew up reading sports stories and playing hockey. So what better subject matter for my first foray into the children's lit genre? "Good luck selling it," a publisher told me when I showed him the manuscript. "Boys don't read."Boys don't read? That was the first I'd heard of it, and I have a five-year old son. I began to research the subject - and sure enough, I found out he was absolutely right. Once boys hit eight or nine years old, they stop reading.Entire forests have been sacrificed in a bewildering array of reports on the subject. Educators tell us that boys are dropping out of arts courses as soon as they can. In testing of primary school children, girls consistentl  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Shelly Walker 
 Article Title :: Five Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Daycare for Your Child
Choosing the best daycare for your child can be one of the toughest decisions you’ll face. If you work full time, your child will spend more of her waking hours at the daycare than at home. This means that finding the perfect daycare is critical to her well-being. Here are the five things that you must be aware of when touring daycare facilities and making that difficult decision.1. The Physical Space: All daycares in the United States are regulated and must pass certain criteria in order to even open their doors. However, you should be hyper-aware of the physical space your child will be spending his time in. Is it clean? Does is have a wide variety of age-appropriate toys  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Chris Barnett 
 Article Title :: MySpace, Is Your Teen's MySpace Set To Private?
When you find your teenagers MySpace and it happens to be set to “private”, you need to ask yourself, what doesn’t my child want me to read?MySpace has this option for younger teens, if you log on and tell them that you are 14(they never verify age)then they are automatically set to private. When your child has his/her account set to private, it will not allow you to read anything in this account, basically you as a parent have been blocked unless you have been accepted by your child as a "friend". If your child has a head’s up that you are concerned or that you are looking on his MySpace, then they more than likely will set it to private. This makes it a bit more difficu  (read full article)
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