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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Jim Muckle 
 Article Title :: The Stay At Home Dad
A Gentleman’s Guide To Childcare Ages 1-5Creating RoutinesFirst off, and perhaps most important, for the stay at home dad is to establish a routine. This routine can come in many sizes and shapes, will always be evolving, and should be tailored to fit you and your child’s needs.The importance of a routine is that it provides a framework for you and your child. You can change this framework as the needs of you and your child change, but I have noticed that my children are the most content when they know what’s going on. If they get bored I can deviate from the routine, or abandon it completely for a time, but if they start to go crazy I can return to it.  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Robyn Auclair 
 Article Title :: When Mom or Dad Have to be Away
When mom or dad have to be away from the home for a period of time i.e. a hospital stay or a work trip out of town this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in a child and may not always show up in an obvious fashion. As parents, we may assume that our child is fine with the situation if there are no unusual behaviours such as an increase in temper tantrums or bad dreams. We need to be aware of the little things that may be an indicator of stress such as small mood changes, change in eating or sleeping pattern, increased whininess’ or show of little to no interest in the absent parent. Of course these observations will be different depending on the age of the child.For the pu  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Bruce Dinger 
 Article Title :: How Parents Can Affect Their Children's Weight
Recent studies have shown that there is an increasing trend in the number of overweight and obese children. In fact, there are estimates that say up to 15% of the children in UK fit this description. It is a sad fact, to say the least. Some experts go so far as to say that because of the children's bad eating habits and lack of exercise, more and more parents will end up burying their own children. So, what can the parents do about this? Here are eight thoughts to ponder and hopefully take action on. Obesity and excess weight gain are usually a direct result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. The key here is to provide your child with a balanced hea  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Keith Allen 
 Article Title :: Problems Facing Today's Teens
Teen problems are growing. If you think that being a teen today is the same as it was when you were in their shoes, you are probably mistaken. Now, listen to yourself say how strict and how hard life was when you where young. But, you need to realize that teens today face huge, life threatening decisions just about ever day. What they face has a lot to do with where they grow up. Yet do not be fooled into thinking that your child is safe. In the normal course of your teen's day, he or she may face any of these things; one or more of them. Drugs. Think that drugs are simple like they used to be? They are not. Kids today are not just smoking the easy stu  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: CD Mohatta 
 Article Title :: Mother's Day - Mother and Wife
Mother's day is approaching soon -a day to celebrate the motherhood. It is a day to thank mothers for all that they sacrifice for their children. A mother practically gives away her hobbies, her interests and many times her job to raise her children. Nature makes a mother like that. She will protect her children against all the dangers and give them all the comfort that she can. How do women balance their role between being a mother and a wife? Can any man do that? It looks very difficult, rather impossible. Men will talk a lot, but when comes to do this fine balancing, not many will succeed at all.How many men realize the work done by their wives? Rather they start feeling jealous  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Robert Crutchfield 
 Article Title :: Violent Video Games:Not Just A Threat To Our Kids !
There have many studies over recent years that violent video games have an adverse effect on our children. Now comes a new study which indicates the effects may not end as adulthood begins. The new study was conducted by Dr. Sonya Brady, now at the University of California, San Francisco, and Dr. Karen Mathews of the University of Pittsburgh.Study participants were 100 male undergraduates, ranging in age from 18-21. The study found they were more likely to believe that it was ok to use marijuana, or drink heavily. They were also found to be more aggressive immediately following playing the game, and more likely to feel accused of cheating etc.Playing violent games boosted th  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Shelly Walker 
 Article Title :: Remembering the Fun of Your Family - Working Parent Strategies
For the first four years of my son’s life, I was not only a working mom, but a working single mom. Let’s just say it had its ups and downs. I sure did learn a lot about myself and those four years taught me more than any other time in my life. Here are some of the things I learned:• Organize, organize, organize: Being organized saves so much time and energy. There are lots of quick, easy ways to get and stay organized. First of all, if you are not a natural list-maker, learn how to be one. Making lists saves so much time in the long run – no more running back to the grocery store for bread! Also, start keeping a basket for toys in every major room of your home. We   (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Willie Jones 
 Article Title :: Kids Need To Play Outside, How Do You Do That Safely?
If you are a baby boomer then you‘ll remember the good old days when you played outside all day and complained vehemently when you were told to go inside for the night.If you take a look outside these days the streets are fairly empty with few people even walking on the sidewalk or playing in the grass. We’ve become somewhat paranoid and the game has changed.It seems like the children have lost their freedom to play safely outside by themselves and with their friends. Instead we now have very controlled environments of driving your child to a friend’s house or taking them to various extra curricular activities. While this is still valid I find it a shame that we are  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Kerri Stalton - 
 Article Title :: How Baby Monitors Work
One of the favorite things for parents to do is watching their beautiful baby as he or she is peacefully sleeping. Parents do this partly to make sure they are seeing the gentle rise and fall of their chest that indicates everything is okay. It’s natural for parents to worry about their babies. After putting a baby in his or her bed for a nap or for the evening, parents often come back to check, double-check, and then check on the baby again to make sure everything is okay and for their peace of mind. But, with the many high quality baby monitors available, parents now can have a set of ears in their baby’s room the entire time their baby is asleep which brings extra peace of mind and co  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Kerri Stalton - 
 Article Title :: Your Reference Guide To Caring For A Baby
Bringing a new baby home is a time for great joy and celebration. There are so many exciting experiences waiting for the happy family. But, it doesn’t take long for mom and dad to discover that caring for a newborn baby, while joyful, can be demanding and exhausting. They also discover that their baby definitely has a mind of his or her own and will make his or her presence felt in a hundred and one ways - not all of them amusing. As most parents will tell you, it’s all a matter of practice and patience. Feeding your baby: The first you will need to make is whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. Research shows that, in most cases, breast milk is the best food for yo  (read full article)
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