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Categories :: Family : Parenting Articles


Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Jeff Herring 
 Article Title :: Parenting: 3 Types of Back to School Phobias
Every year at back to school time, I see lots of kids that come down with what I call Back to School Phobias. Here are 3 types of Back to School Phobias and what to do about them.1. The But Summer was Just So Much Fun PhobiaSome kids have a hard time adjusting to back to school because they have had such a great summer.If I child has been on lots of trips, or even just one great trip, it's difficult to get used to homework, having to sit in ta seat, etc.What to doTime and consistency is a critical factor here. While it is important to be attentive to the upset, you need to hold them accountable and keep them going each day until they get u  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Jeff Herring 
 Article Title :: Parenting Your Teenager: Watch Out for Change Back Behavior
Here's the scene:Mom and Dad have decided to lay down the law and actually enforce some of the family rules.They share this with the kids who moan and groan and protest.Mom and Dad are shocked and bewildered that the kids are not eager to cooperate with the changes.Something that will never happenI know it sounds crazy, but we act like we believe it is a reasonable thing to expect. We lay down the law, and we are stunned when our kids do not say, "Oh thank you Mom and Dad, I've been just waiting and hoping and praying that you would get stricter."Not gonna happen.And if it does, get in touch with me right away because something is wa  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Bill Betzen - 
 Article Title :: Adoption Agency Selection Checklist
It was March of 1996 that the first draft of this checklist was placed online. It has been used by thousands since then and, with the feedback received since 1996, it has been shortened and simplified. There are now 5 questions most easily answered by using the yellow pages, or other agency advertisements such as web pages, and then 11 questions that will probably require a phone call to the agency. There is no difference if you are placing a child you are expecting or if you are wanting to adopt a child into your family. Either way you must select the agency very carefully for the sake of your child. You must also be concerned as to how the adopting parents of your child, or th  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Jeannie Crabtree 
 Article Title :: Is Your Child Involved In Inhalant Sniffing?
I want to talk about something serious today, some parents are not even aware of. Inhalant sniffing to get high or feel good is done by a number of children.Do you know that one in three children, according to some studies, experiment with inhalants? They may start as early as eight or so.Inhalant users may come from any background. Rich or poor, any color, An A average student or a student failing in their grades. Many have some things in common - they are abused at home, or unhappy in their lives, or they are susceptible to peer pressure.The sad thing is that inhalants could KILL your child the first time the product is sniffed from heart failure or suffoca  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Darlene Zagata 
 Article Title :: Acceptance is the Key
It takes a very special person to be a stepparent but you may have to step back and ask yourself if you have what it takes. No relationship is perfect nor are there perfect parents or children but a relationship that consists of his, mine and ours may prove most challenging. My children were raised in this type of family setting and while my husband and I worked together to be fair, we were not always infallible in our judgements. To say the least, we had our share of disagreements.Although you may dearly love your significant other and his or her offspring there may be times when you feel your child is being slighted even though this may or may not be the case. Any problems that u  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Darlene Zagata 
 Article Title :: Potholes on the Parent Path
It is a sad situation when children are brought into the world by people who aren't ready to be parents. I've seen many young girls end up pregnant only to drop their child into the laps of their parents or other relatives and then go on their merry way, carefree as if they are still children, which in many cases they are. These child-parents are often not ready nor willing to take on the responsibility of caring for the life they so thoughtlessly created. They want to go out with their friends and boyfriends so they just take for granted that their parents will babysit while they go party. And of course, you don't have to pay grandparents to babysit. Grandparents love to watch the little  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Kristi Hagen 
 Article Title :: The Ten Step Back-to-School Plan for Homeschoolers
1. Reclaim your house!Round up everyone who is old enough and give them each a large laundry basket, a box, or even a good-sized trash bag. It’s time to free yourself and your house!! Send everyone to their room and tell them that they can't come out until their bag is full of unwanted items. If your children are too young or too attached to every little thing, have dad take them to the park for a couple of hours while you do the dirty work.You can start in the office/craft room and don't be afraid to grab another bag if you need one, but be sure to select your unwanted items carefully; remember that some things may be good resources for this school year. I personally go f  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Angie Lewis 
 Article Title :: Forget About Labels ~ Let The Sunshine In! Home Education
I admire Parents today who have chosen not to entertain a child’s senses by the traditional educational books of society, and un-school their children. It takes an incredible person to be able to unleash the traditions of society and culture and allow the positive freedom of the creative mind to go to work for itself.For those of you who do not know what un-schooling is, it is my belief it is allowing the child complete freedom to choose what they will study and when they will study it. It is used in the regard that "when the child is ready," they will do it and study it. In other words, "do not push the child."Un-schooling needs to be challenged, tested and applied for it  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Destry Maycock 
 Article Title :: Change Your Child's Behavior Using Positive Reinforcement
Think about your interactions with your children today. How many things did you notice that they did wrong? What did you do or say to them because of their wrong doings? Have they engaged in the same kind of behavior before? What did you do the times before? Is it working? How many things did you notice your children did right today? If you did take the time to notice, what did you do or say to them? Did you praise or reward them in some way? If so, then read no further and keep up the good work. If you could use a little work on doing this, then read on.Let’s face it. We parents often neglect to notice the positive things our children do. Rather, we tend to focus on our children  (read full article)
Category :: Parenting Articles Author :: Jean Tracy 
 Article Title :: Character Building with the Kind Discipline Stick
I remember one dad who made his 11-year old son dig his own grave in their backyard. No one remembers what wrong the son had done. Everyone remembers his dad's discipline. One mother beat and cursed her daughter shouting, "I wish you were never born."Do you ever wonder if your discipline crosses the line? To find out, let's imagine a Discipline Stick. It's shaped like a ruler. It's effective and it doesn't spank hands.One side of the Discipline Stick measures Kindness. It numbers from one to ten. The numbers from 1-3 represents Not kind. The grave-digging dad and the cursing mom disciplined in the Not Kind zone.The opposite end of the Discipline Stick at 8, 9, and 10   (read full article)
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