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Categories :: Health & Medical : Quit Smoking Articles


Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Richard Romando 
 Article Title :: How To Quit Smoking
Every year, thousands of people around the world fall prey to a small but deadly evil. Cigarettes ensnare people with their strong flavor and stimulating effects, but few realize that these joys are short-lived. Cigarettes are made of tobacco, which contains nicotine. Nicotine is an organic compound, which tends to physically and mentally stimulate humans when taken in small dosages. However, an overdose of this substance may lead to several complications.Nicotine addiction is hard to fight. Once a person is hooked onto cigarettes, he will find it hard to let go. We all know that the harmful effects of smoking are many. From simple respiratory disorders to more complex and lethal c  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Richard Romando 
 Article Title :: Ways To Quit Smoking
For several million smokers around the world, cigarettes are considered almost as important as oxygen for their survival. They have fallen prey to a deadly addiction. Nicotine is an active ingredient in tobacco and is present in cigarettes in large quantities. In small doses, nicotine acts as a stimulant. However, an overdose of nicotine is lethal.A large proportion of cigarette smokers suffer from a variety of disorders. From respiratory diseases and skin ailments to heart problems and cancer, the complications are many. To save the body from damage, one must quit smoking at an early stage. Although they say it is never too late, letting go of the habit at a later stage is more di  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Michael Hadfield 
 Article Title :: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking - use a Hypnosis CD
Stopping smoking is easy. Loads of people have done it. I've helped loads of people to do it. But the interesting thing is, that not one of them has arrived at my office thinking it's going to be easy.The biggest barrier to stopping smoking is fear.The fear has several components: Fear of failing.Fear of the 'pain' i.e. withdrawal.Fear of removal of the only pleasure in life.Fear of the removal of a crutch i.e. I smoke when I'm worried.Fear of over-eatingFear of succeeding temporarily and then 'relapsing'. None of these fears has any substance when you look at it closely, but as a m  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Dada Vedaprajinananda 
 Article Title :: Six Tips for Quitting Smoking
If you are currently a smoker, quitting the habit could be one of the most important things you will ever do in the next part of your life. In fact, if you quit now, you will most likely be adding seven years to your life.While many people try to quit and fail, it is not an impossible task. Thousands of people, just like you, have decided to quit and have succeeded. You too can be among the successful former-smokers. Here are six tips that will help you to quit smoking once and for all:1. Make a vow that you are going to quit smoking from today onwardsSuccess in all spheres of life begins with firm determination. If you are wishy-washy you can never do anyt  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Richard Romando 
 Article Title :: Quit Smoking Tips
Nicotine addiction is a health hazard that affects millions of people around the world each year. Smoking cigarettes might have several purposes, but the end result usually terminates in breathing disorders, heart ailments, cancer, and in acute cases, even death. While some realize the harm of smoking early on, others carry on with the addiction till a stage of no return; when smoking related ailments are beyond cure.Several people try to quit smoking, but most fail. The reason for this is not hard to find. Nicotine addiction affects a person dramatically. Those who try to quit smoking experience withdrawal symptoms and hence tend to revert back to the life-threatening activity. To  (read full article)
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