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Categories :: Health & Medical : Quit Smoking Articles


Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Walter Pfarr 
 Article Title :: Quitting Smoking is Not Enough!
The unfortunate passing of news anchor Peter Jennings is a painful reminder that quitting smoking is not enough to ensure future good health.Cancer grows slowly in its initial stages but increases its development over time, often with very few early warning signals.Once cancer has started, it does not care that its host has stopped smoking. This cancer lives off glucose which is abundant in the American diet in the forms of sugar, alcohol and carbohydrates.It's a clever disease; it creates protection shields around the cancer cells that prevent the body's natural protection molecules, T-Cells and B-Cells from gaining access to the cancer.Common health screenin  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Edward Lewis 
 Article Title :: Stop Smoking
WHY Think of those who care and love you very much. Tobacco and tobacco smoke are cancer's best friends. Close friends with respiratory problems and heart diseases (e.g. atherosclerosis). Smoking increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), also called chronic obstructive lung disease. There is growing evidence that smoking can lead to AMD (age-related macular degeneration), a degenerative condition occurring at the back of the eye (macula) resulting in blindness. There is an increased risk of developing cataracts. Smokers may develop complications in diverticular disease. Smoking c  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Angie Lewis 
 Article Title :: How To "Really" Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is the hardest commitment you will ever make in your entire life. I know this because I’ve quit a lot of bad habits, including addiction to alcohol, and quitting smoking was by far the most difficult.Did I say commitment? You may be thinking, “Whoa now, quitting smoking sounds too hard if I have to make a commitment”.I quit smoking four times before I “really” quit smoking. This is what usually happens with smokers. They want to quit but they really don’t want to quit. So when they quit they start smoking again. They never set it in their mind to “really” quit.So what are the differences between the person who does quit for good and t  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Sara C 
 Article Title :: Varenicline: A Cure for Smoking -Or a Smokescreen?
One of the holy grails of the pharmaceutical industry is to design a drug that would cure or, otherwise significantly reduce nicotine cravings i.e. cure smoking. There are 48 million smokers in the U.S. and 45 million of them would, surely, give anything to quit. So, to conquer that market would mean immeasurable wealth to the victor. With this in mind, there is a potential blockbuster drug currently making its way through the regulatory hurdles that shows promise: Varenicline.There are as many treatments for smoking as there are brands of cigarettes. These include patches, gums, lozenges, hypnosis, acupuncture and even an anti-depressant, Zyban. Zyban wa  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Barbara C. Phillips 
 Article Title :: Smoking? It's Time to Quit!
Someone you know, perhaps even you, need to quit smoking. You understand the dangers and realize there is not one cell in your body that is unaffected by cigarettes and/or snuff. You even understand that no one in your immediate vicinity is safe from the fumes of your cigarettes or the fumes you exhale.Yet…you find it difficult to quit. You are not alone. Statistics from 2004 indicated that 70% of smokers want to quit, and most people have to try more than once before they are finally able to quit.Getting through the nicotine withdrawal is almost the easy part. At least it was for me so many years ago. What I remember to this day was the voices I started hearing…the one  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Terje Ellingsen 
 Article Title :: No More Quit Smoking Tips for Her
You have probably heard this more times than you can count and you have probably received loads of quit smoking tips but facts are facts! There is no other way to say it – smoking is not only bad for your health, it is deadly! If you smoke you should stop. It's easier now than ever with stop smoking support available on every corner, be it offline or online.It’s been proven, that quitting smoking, your blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen levels will return to normal, carbon monoxide will be eliminated from your body, your lungs will clear out mucus and other smoking debris, nicotine traces will leave your body, your ability to taste and smell will be greatly improved, your  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Natan Young 
 Article Title :: Don't Quit Smoking If You Want An Early Death - Want to Live Longer, Find Support.
There was a time when smoking a cigarette was kind of the “chic” and fashionable thing to do in many social environments. During many years (and still today) there was kind of a social conditioning for smoking. It was like wearing a nice suit or a fashionable hat. Something everyone should “use” if they ever wanted to be included in the “winners” side at the end of the game. Regretfully, the game is over already for many smokers that had to suffer the most common consequence of smoking, i.e., an early death.The most active ingredient in a cigarette and the one that is involved in causing the heavy addictive characteristics of tobacco is the naturally occurring liquid al  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Abadi Purwadaksina 
 Article Title :: The 10 Stages of Quitting
1. Think about cutting down/quittingTalk to others about smoking. Observe how nonsmokers react to smokers. Observe negative aspects of smoking. Smoke in front of a mirror to see exactly what goes on when you smoke.2. Seek more information about quitting.Ask ex-smokers how they did it. Tell a friend you're exploring healthier alternatives to smoking. When you feel an urge to smoke, wait a minute before lighting up; experience the urge fully and think of other ways to respond to it. Reward yourself for becoming more aware of your smoking patterns.3. Modify your smoking risk (switch brands, cut down, etc.).Start a smoking journal and record when you smoke m  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Djehuty Ma'at-Ra 
 Article Title :: Understanding Smoking
SmokingMy research on cigarettes began in 1998. I called Brown and Williamson and personally requested a list of ingredients. You know, it behooves me that people (smokers) could smoke a product that does not even list the ingredients on the package, but when you understand how many ingredients go into cigarettes, then it makes sense and becomes understandable why the ingredients are not on the box. There are over 700 ingredients in one single cigarette, including a new strain of genetically engineered tobacco with a nicotine level ten times higher in potency than normal nicotine; caffeine, sugar, salt, rum, alcohol, codeine, menthanol (rocket fuel), and uric acid (yes, they even u  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Raul Van Nisteroy 
 Article Title :: " I'm Just Too Weak to Quit Smoking! "
“I can't believe it, I'm just too weak to quit smoking.” This statement came to me on the fourth day of a clinic by a participant who could not stop smoking for even one day. When I asked him where he kept getting the cigarettes from, he replied, "They are mine, I never threw them out." When I asked him why he never got rid of them he said that it was because he knew the only way for him to handle not smoking would be by keeping cigarettes around in case he needed one.This man was not capable of succeeding in his attempt to quit smoking. Not because the addiction to nicotine was too powerful. It was his fear of throwing out his cigarettes which rendered his attempt a failure. H  (read full article)
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