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Categories :: Health & Medical : Quit Smoking Articles


Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Suzanne Zacharia 
 Article Title :: Stop Smoking Advice If You Have Back Pain
One day a client walked into my clinic and had a hypnotherapy treatment for smoking. It was a challenge, because it transpired that this client was in constant agony with back and shoulder pain; the cigarettes were used as a drug to help with this pain. Then I learned a new fun and simple technique for effective pain relief and the rest is history.EFT is a new and exciting method that you can be taught to use effectively for your back, neck, shoulder, arm, leg, or any pain that you are experiencing anywhere in your body. Your EFT practitioner can find the best way for you to apply a simple formula whenever needed. All it takes is a few minutes a day and the pain is reduced or e  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Robert Mellor 
 Article Title :: Ways to Quit Smoking - Part 1
Help to quit smoking can be best obtained by helping your ownself by firm determination to quit smoking and help from family and friends. Also practicitng some simple techniques and taking certain medications can help quit smoking.The first thing to do is to tell your mind that you are detemined to quit smoking. Make a firm decision in your mind. Even if you have failed in past, try again. Talk a lot to your ownself. Think about the benefits about quitting smoking and the evils of smoking. Say this to your mind "One cigarette takes away 4 precious minutes of my life."Their are several medications available for quitting smoking habit. The US Food and Drug Administration has   (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Robert Mellor 
 Article Title :: Ways to Quit Smoking - Part 3
In this part were going to take a look at how you can quit smoking using nicotine gum.Nicotine gumNicotine gum is identical to a chewing gum. Like a chewing gum, it should not be swallowed down the throat. It has to be used as prescribed by the physician or as written on the label. Overdosage should be avoided. The gum should be chewed slowly until a slight taste of Nicotine is felt in mouth. Once you taste Nictoine or a slight tingling taste, stop chewing. You might be tempted to chew more and feel the taste more. But you should keep the gum on the side of the mouth, between the cheek and either of the upper or lower jaw. Once the tingling taste fades away, again start chew  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Judy Phillips 
 Article Title :: New Years Resolution - I Want to Quit Smoking, Naturally!
I can’t tell you how many people contact me right after the New Year and want to quit smoking. Most of them tell me they are not sure how or why they ever got started, but they want to stop. They tell me that they don’t like the smell or that smoking makes their teeth and fingers yellow, but most of all what it is doing to their health. It is no secret that it deteriorates the heart and lungs, increases the aging process and amplifies your chances of getting cancer.Many make numerous unsuccessful attempts at quitting and are ready to gain knowledge of how to end their habit and regain strong lungs naturally and permanently. These are some of the questions and answers that may h  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Scott Bianchi 
 Article Title :: Spending Lots of Money to Kill Yourself
My wife and I were exiting a restaurant this past weekend. As we opened the doors we entered into a cloud of 2nd hand cigarette smoke. First of all, it reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves, which is; why do companies have their smoking areas right by the door where people enter? As a non-smoker do I really want to walk through a cloud of smoke to get into the non-smoking building? Anyway, I also tried to understand what causes people to smoke in the first place.I grew up in a smoking household. My parents, and then my brother, were heavy smokers. I think both my parents went through about 2 packs a day, EACH. I understand why my parents may have started. The health i  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Robert Mellor 
 Article Title :: Non-Nicotine Based Tools to Quit Smoking
If one is using nicotine replacements like Nicotine Gums or Inhalers, then it may not be enough. You may require other medications to get rid of the habit. These medications, along with the nicotine replacements, will enhance your chances of quitting smoking successfully.ZybanZyban (Bupropion) is a popular medication used my smokers. The reduction in Nicotine intake or its partial withdrawal from body often causes one depression. In this depressed mind, he/she is likely to again go for a cigarette. Zyban helps one fight this depression. It is an antidepressant drug that helps brain fight those nicotine-craving chemicals in the body. Some studies show that Zyban used along w  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Robert Emler 
 Article Title :: Quit Smoking The Hard Way
Two years ago a friend of mine had to have major surgery. She had blockage in both of her legs. The doctor said it was from her smoking. She smoked for 50 years.Because she smoked for so many years her stay in the hospital was not a pleasant one. Not because she couldn’t smoke but because her recovery was hampered from being a smoker for so many years.She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for fifty years that’s a lot of cigarettes. When she came out of surgery she had to be on oxygen for a longer period of time. She was a smoker for a long time. That caused her lungs to be weak so she couldn’t breathe on her own.I have known this person for a long time. Sh  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Robert Doerfler 
 Article Title :: A Plan to Stop Smoking
He starts by rolling the bottom of my pant legs up and the top of my stocking down while I am lying on a treatment bed. He then dabs a cotton swab dipped in alcohol on the inside of both legs just above the ankles. He repeats this process but just to the inside of the shinbone about 8 inches higher. Then he inserts these thin, hollow needles about 5 inches long, into the flesh while twirling the needle. He skips the torso and moves to the hand.First, he rolls my sleeves up above the elbow, and then he applies the alcohol and lastly the twirling of the needle. This he does where the crease ends separating the thumbs from the index finger and just below the elbow on the outer part of  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Ann-Marie Latoski 
 Article Title :: Stick Your New Year's Resolution to Quit Smoking!
Yes, there are two ways to take that sentence. Take whatever meaning is most relevant to you!If you really want to quit smoking this year, the key to making the change stick is being ready to quit. Make a conscious decision. Take into account your thinking and your true desires. Prepare and then take action.If you simply said you’d quit at midnight on Dec. 31, without any planning or preparation - Stick that resolution in the garbage!First off, quitting at midnight is a bad idea. My husband and I decided to quit on New Year’s Eve. It was a disaster! We didn’t plan or prepare at all. He started quitting at 10:00pm and began to hassle me about quitting shortly aft  (read full article)
Category :: Quit Smoking Articles Author :: Andrew Pye 
 Article Title :: How to Conquer The Smoking Habit
Most smokers sincerely want to quit. They know cigarettes threaten their health, set a bad example for their children, annoy their acquaintances and cost an inordinate amount of money.Nobody can force a smoker to quit. It's something each person has to decide for himself, and will require a personal commitment by the smoker. What kind of smoker are you? What do you get out of smoking? What does it do for you? It is important to identify what you use smoking for and what kind of satisfaction you feel that you are getting from smoking.Many smokers use the cigarette as a kind of crutch in moments of stress or discomfort, and on occasion it may work; the cigarette is somet  (read full article)
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