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Categories :: Reference & Education : Reference Education AllOther Articles


Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Joseph Martin 
 Article Title :: When the Teacher Becomes the Student
When the Teacher Becomes the Student by: Joseph Martin A relationship expert once said that during an argument, there’s usually three sides to every story: his side, her side, and of course, the truth. This is something we must definitely keep in mind as teachers. As educators (especially professors), we have been accused of having the biggest egos on this side of Mount Rushmore. One of the quickest ways to burn out in education is to refuse to embrace change. Whether we want to admit it or not, life moves and changes constantly. Students are constantly exposed to material we once never dreamed existed. Ironically, although students are exposed to more, they typically know less and  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: John Tipton 
 Article Title :: Do You Know These Reasons Why Distance Learning Is
Do You Know These Reasons Why Distance Learning Is Fun ?" by: John Tipton Distance learning and elearning are usually linked with furthering an education. The technology of distance learning, along with the opportunities provided by elearning and online courses, are making it easier for thousands of people to learn something new. Busy adults can advance their careers by finishing a degree or gaining some special skills, and young students can earn college credit well before they graduate high school, often through distance learning or elearning opportunities. But do you realize that distance learning and elearning can be just for fun? Maybe it's always been a dream - to learn to pa  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: John Tipton 
 Article Title :: How Distance Learning Offers Flexible Opportunitie
How Distance Learning Offers Flexible Opportunities by: John Tipton The opportunities for continuing education are incredibly diverse, thanks to the technology of distance learning and elearning. Because of the sheer number of people who are looking to improve themselves, it was inevitable that a large number of colleges, universities and businesses set out to fill that need. The result is that people are learning new skills, honing talents and reaching goals, all while going on with their lives. For many people, furthering education and attending classes are limited because they are already involved in their adult lives. Jobs, family obligations and other responsibilities limit the   (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Lee Frankel 
 Article Title :: Academic Studies Abroad Expands Study Abroad Optio
Academic Studies Abroad Expands Study Abroad Options in Barcelona by: Lee Frankel Academic Studies Abroad, a leader in affordable study abroad programs, has signed an agreement with Griffith College Dublin to offer American students the opportunity to take classes directly with Irish students. “Up until now, there were very few opportunities for American students to take courses with Irish students in Dublin,” said Programs Manager Chelsea Kaloupek, “Only the very best students could get into the two main public universities in Dublin and everyone else was left taking courses with other American students at programs set up by American universities. “ Griffith College Dublin  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Estito Eravol 
 Article Title :: Student Loan: Do Not Postpone Your Education
Student Loan: Do Not Postpone Your Education by: Estito Eravol Student Loan: Do Not Postpone Your Education It is not easy to become a professional in America. Unless you are independently wealthy or qualify for a scholarship, financing your higher education may seem almost impossible. That is the impression most people get when they find out how expensive tuition and boarding fees are. Still there exist a variety of low interest student loans that are offered for those interested in qualifying for them. They represent a practical way for students at college to postpone payment until they are graduated by borrowing money at a low interest rate. The first thing you have to do when y  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Kelly Gillis 
 Article Title :: Financing A College Education
Financing A College Education by: Kelly Gillis So your teenager has decided to go to college. You've hoped for this day. You sweated through 12 years of school with your child, and have been an active participant in his/her education. You've been saving for this day for years, but with all the other "incidentals" of daily life, car expenses, medical bills, that new roof, the money you had hoped you'd have is not there. What you have is not quite enough for that four year private college he/she is interested in attending, and you don't want a home equity loan. What to do? Today there are many federal and private loans available to help parents and students pay for college expenses. The  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Mark Freeman 
 Article Title :: Successful College Study Habits
Successful College Study Habits by: Mark Freeman College can be tough for anyone. With the Internet, cable television, gaming opportunities everywhere, cell phones – wow, it’s difficult to put life on hold and hit the books. But you need to. You have to, if you want decent grades. Yes, grades. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some help and improve your grades? Maybe you could you use some tips of on how to study better - for yourself, a friend or loved one? Well check these out and see how you score. RECORD – First of all, grade a notebook or start a section in one just for monitoring your progress. List the courses you need help with and specific areas in which you need to focus o  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Freda J. Glatt, MS 
 Article Title :: Calendar Teaching Tips
Calendar Teaching Tips by: Freda J. Glatt, MS Stop! Don't throw away those old calendars! There is so much you can do with a calendar to reinforce academic skills. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Writing - Use the pictures as story starters by having children write an original story, poem, or song centered around them. 2. Art - Cut out the pictures and use them to make your own greeting cards. Write original sayings to go inside. 3. Classification - Have a selection of different kinds of pictures available so your children can sort them according to general similarities...all pets, all cars, all buildings, etc. Older children can sort them into more specific categories such as sports  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Ian McAllister 
 Article Title :: Home Study: What Life-enhancing Skill do You Learn
Home Study: What Life-enhancing Skill do You Learn? by: Ian McAllister Home Study: What Life-enhancing Skill do You Learn? You're already doing unofficial home study when you research a project online. Study in class has its place, but... Up to date I've done many courses in classrooms but only two were very useful. I've learned most of the useful stuff from books or the Internet. What will help you most in life? The most valuable thing you learn at school is to write an essay. Essays help you organise your thoughts. An essay helps you convince people. Your feedback in a home study course will mostly be essays. This will encourage you to write a good essay. Many years ago I read  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Mark Freeman 
 Article Title :: Online Associate Degrees
Online Associate Degrees by: Mark Freeman If you have not completed any college or university education after high school and are thinking about getting an online degree, one of your best options may to be to consider an online associate degree. These programs are readily available, come in a wide variety of choices, and generally take about half as long to complete as an online bachelors degree. Best of all they are usually half of the cost. If you are considering moving in this way towards an online degree then look for accredited programs. Accredited programs can be transferred for credit at any college or university and that’s important because you may want to go back and get yo  (read full article)
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