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Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: EMT 
 Article Title :: E-Learning Management Training Asia
E-Learning Management Training Asia by: EMT Asian businesses are always looking for effective ways to train their managers. Their needs range from time management, sales management, distance management and trying to achieve that balance between being a leader and a manager. What they have found is that distance learning or E-Learning can meet all of their needs, efficiently and at a cost that is significantly reduced from almost any other method of training. This tend started in Singapore and Hong Kong but has now spread throughout mainland China and the rest of Asia. Some estimates have placed the number of Asian workers that need to be trained or retrained to meet existing and futur  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Paula McCoach 
 Article Title :: School Bullying Stopped: Don't Be Fooled by the S
School Bullying Stopped: Don't Be Fooled by the Smoke Screen! by: Paula McCoach School bullies are manipulators. They are masters at confusing students as well as adults. But with these masters of manipulation, we must always look at the big picture! Hardcore bullies will often try to confuse the issue when being confronted with their bullying behavior. They will blame their victim for the incident that happened between them. They will bring up small transgressions that the victim may have made and try to make them seem huge. For example, maybe the victim told them to “Shut Up” and the hardcore bully will make this seem like a huge insult the him or her when in  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Michael Pollick 
 Article Title :: How Do I Write a Research Paper?
How Do I Write a Research Paper? by: Michael Pollick Writing a research paper can be difficult and time-consuming, but here are some guides and tips on how to help manage your time efficiently. Can there be anything more dreaded and feared in the college English curriculum as the first research paper? Almost everyone who has ever attended a college or university can attest to the fact that the research paper or term paper requires a considerable time commitment from the student, and instructors can attest to the difficult of grading such efforts. Once the first research paper has finally become a part of history, however, the process does become a little more streamline for most st  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Michele Webb 
 Article Title :: Comparing Costs: eLearning vs Traditional
Comparing Costs: eLearning vs Traditional by: Michele Webb It is important for managers and organizations to consider a number of different factors when determing the best training delivery approach for their staff or organization. Factors include: efficiency, timeliness, consistency and appropriateness of the delivery method. The key factor for most organizations, however, is program cost. Program cost may be comprised of a number of related sub-factors, too, which may include: development costs, instructor time, materials, travel, and opportunity costs for the students and participants. All these factors can have a wide variance, even in similar programs, due to the delivery me  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Jay Moncliff 
 Article Title :: Attaining an Online College Degree
Attaining an Online College Degree by: Jay Moncliff There are a lot of people out there who just don't have the time to go to a college campus for an education. This can be for many reasons, such as work, finding a babysitter, costs of college courses, or even coordinating it to fit into your busy schedule. There is a solution for this. You can obtain an online college degree. An online college degree is just as valid as a degree you receive at a regular college campus. In fact a lot of people prefer it. This is because you can get an online college degree from the comfort of your own home. You don't have to go anywhere to get the online college degree and you can register for the cou  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Doug Wille 
 Article Title :: Software for Organizing and Automating Students
Software for Organizing and Automating Students by: Doug Wille The student writing at the university level is typically a four-phase cycle, A professor issues a set of instructions for a writing assignment, A student constructs a document, The professor reviews and comments upon the document and The professor returns the document to the student. This writing workflow is computerized, That is, most university students write their many required reports on word processors. Then they convert the reports to paper so that a professor can read them and provide feedback in the form of scribbled marginal and interlinear comments. StudyEdge is the first suite of fully-integrated programs for au  (read full article)
Category :: Reference Education AllOther Articles Author :: Dakota Caudilla 
 Article Title :: Your Guide To Museums, Galleries, Theaters
Your Guide To Museums, Galleries, Theaters by: Dakota Caudilla Visiting museums, galleries and theaters can give one a new perspective and outlook in life. Looking at artistic pictures, paintings, artifacts, sculptures can give life a brand new dimension that you’ve never seen before. It’s not possible to visit a place without delving a little bit into the historical value of the place and the best place to find evidence of its history is the museum. There are many top world-class museums everywhere in the world. For example, there’s the world-class Cleveland Museum of Art whereby there’s continuous upgrading to accommodate the stream of visitors to the museum. And of course,  (read full article)
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