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Categories :: Computers : Software Articles


Category :: Software Articles Author :: Jennifer A. Thieme 
 Article Title :: QuickBooks Training: Reconcile the Credit Card Statement
Many QuickBooks users are unaware that QuickBooks allows you to reconcile many types of accounts, including credit card accounts. It's important to reconcile the credit card account each month, as soon as you receive the statement. Here's why:Finding Errors. Credit card companies don't often make errors, but if they do, you only have a certain amount of time to alert the company if there are any. Verifying Entries. Reconciling the credit card statement is one way to ensure your entries are being recorded properly in QuickBooks. Takes Less Time. The longer you wait, the more transactions you will have to examine, making the reconcilia  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Barney Garcia - 
 Article Title :: Software Programming And Computer Chess
The beginning of generation codes used to program computers, was called machine language or machine code, it is the only language a computer really understands. It is a sequence of 0s and 1s that the computer's controllers electrically interpret as instructions. The second generation of codes was called assembly language. assembly language turns the foreign language of 0s and 1s into human words like 'add'. Assembly language is always translated back into machine code by computer programs called assemblers. The third generation of code, was called high level language or HLL, which has human sounding words as well as words put into sentences. In order for the computer to understa  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Francesca Black 
 Article Title :: Security Systems Software and Basics
Copyright 2006 Francesca Black Anti-Virus Software: Install virus protection software. That means three things: having it on your computer in the first place, checking daily for new virus signature updates, and then actually scanning all the files on your computer periodically. Update your anti-virus software daily or weekly and schedule a regular scan. Make sure all family members know what to do if the home computer becomes infected. Locate Anti-Virus Software - http://www.monitoring-software.net/ Install Firewall Software: Firewalls act as a gatekeepers between your computer or network and the Internet. They are essential fo  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Ugur Akinci 
 Article Title :: Microsoft is Accused of Monitoring Computers with "Spyware"
Microsoft, the software giant that a lot of people love to hate, is now accused with placing “spyware” on machines using Windows XP operating system in order to make sure that there are no pirated copies out there.Microsoft is doing this through the “Windows Genuine Advantage” (WGA) package that the users download as a part of the critical security updates that MS issues regularly. The users are asked to give their consent to a rather complicated “contract” that most users (of course) do not read in full or even when they do, they do not understand all the fine print legalese involved.The critics claim that the WGA software, no matter what it is called by MS, is   (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Chris Le Roy 
 Article Title :: Rules For Naming Cells in Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is one of the most important applications that you can ever learn in your working career, the reason I say that is that over 90% of businesses use Microsoft Excel on a day-to-day basis so not knowing Microsoft Excel can really put you on the outer. One of the greatest challenges we have in working with Microsoft Excel is the cell addresses. The use of the column naming standard from A to Z then AA to IV is really ingenious but it really does cause a lot of problems for people using large spreadsheet. Just imagine trying to remember what every single cell does in a spreadsheet that has over 20,000 cells. Well if you think that’s hard, just try im  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Chris Le Roy 
 Article Title :: Mastering the IF Function in Microsoft Excel
The IF function in Microsoft Excel seems to really cause many people a lot of heartache and grief, but all in all it is actually really not that difficult of a tool to use. The essential role of the IF function is to test whether a condition is either True or False and if the condition is True it will return one value and if it is False it will return an alternate value.Let us look at an example -Let us say you have two values. In one cell you have a value of 65 and in the other cell you have a value of 23. What the IF function allows us to do is to do a test and lets say we want to see if the value of 65 is greater than 23. When the numbers are plugge  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Chris Le Roy 
 Article Title :: Why and How to Use Protection in Microsoft Excel?
One of the unsung hero's in the Microsoft Office suite of applications is in fact Microsoft Excel. It is one of the most widely used applications in business but yet it hardly gets a mention due to its lack of sex appeal compared to other Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Project. If you are in business you cannot survive without Microsoft Excel as it allows you to model your business and identify when things go wrong. It also allows you to build templates for your team and then have those team members enter data into the templates to be correlated at a later time.For example, if you are working in a large corporation and you ar  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Chris Le Roy 
 Article Title :: Absolute References Vs Relative References in Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is built on a regime of Columns and Rows with the intersection of these two elements giving us our cells. The cells in Microsoft Excel are always named Columns and then Rows, so a typical cell address would look something like - AB256. This particular cell is found on column AB and in row 256. The reference I wrote there is very important as it tells me something significant, that is, it tells me the cell address is a relative cell address. So what does this mean? Well there are two types of references used in Microsoft Excel which is an Absolute Reference and a Relative Reference. On a day-to-day basis, the relative and absolute reference doesn't really affect th  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Chris Le Roy 
 Article Title :: How To Build A Mortgage Calculator For Free in Microsoft Excel!
One of the really cool parts aspects of Microsoft Excel is the functions Microsoft has created for you to use. This means that rather than have to develop a function from scratch you can use pre-built ones to do a plethora of tasks like Building your own Mortgage Calculator. The Mortgage Calculator or PMT function is just one of many Financial Functions available.Okay, so how to build a mortgage calculator…The first thing we have to do is to start by setting up a few basic headings. So lets begin by starting a new workbook and clicking in the first cell A1. Enter into cell address A1 the heading - Monthly Loan Repayments. Next off, enter into cell a  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Chris Le Roy 
 Article Title :: How AutoCorrect Works in Microsoft Excel!
Whether you realise it or not, AutoCorrect in Microsoft Excel is exactly the same as in Microsoft Word, with just a few exceptions. So, if you are not aware what AutoCorrect is, let me explain… AutoCorrect is a tool that as you type will correct the most common mistakes that we make. For example, if you type in accidentally 'cna', the AutoCorrect function will convert the incorrectly spelt word into can. Why not try it out for yourself. Type in 'cna' and see what happens. The AutoCorrect Function though is so much more than just an automatic word corrector or in essence the automated word spellchecker. It is a tool to help you be more efficient in the workplace  (read full article)
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