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Categories :: Computers : Software Articles


Category :: Software Articles Author :: Robert Kennedy 
 Article Title :: Design a Web Album Using Adobe Photoshop- Part 2
So let's begin crunching down these 300 images using Adobe Photoshop from start to finish. When I say 'crunching', to some 300 images may seem like allot, but it's not. I have done jobs for clients that have 100,000 plus images. When you have that many images to produce there are other programs I use that are designed for this. We’ll cover that another day.To this point we have ensured that our images are web ready, cropping, retouching, watermarking, etc. So let's get at it. I will assume that we are all using Adobe Photoshop version 6 or greater.First we will go to the 'file' menu and select 'Automate" shown here http://weprintcolors.com/screens/screen_dw_create_photo_  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Julian Pereira 
 Article Title :: Spyware - The Internet Devil Of Our Times!
Spyware and Adware infest over 90 percent of computers in use today. Internet linked computers has made it easy for spybots, adware, and trojans to infiltrate and compromise online privacy. Installed toolbars can also contribute to browser hijacking and spyware related problems.Spyware, malware, scumware, and trojans gather information about people and online activities. It is important to deny these “Internet Pests” the opportunity to infiltrate computers, so that computer privacy is intact. Everybody is entitled to enjoy online privacy and security.There are serious consequences pertaining to unidentified spyware, which include identity theft, computer corruption, slo  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Julian Pereira 
 Article Title :: Inherent Dangers Of File Sharing Via The Internet.
Cyberspace has opened up a new frontier with exciting possibilities of “File Sharing.” We can explore any interest imaginable and research any topic of choice. We truly are global in reach with high speed internet usage at our disposal and a keyboard at our fingertips. We can share music, movies, games and even personal photographs.However, with this global reach and easy to explore medium, comes the many dangers of the internet. Many of these dangers lurk behind the scenes and without our knowledge or consent, we are observed by Spyware.Spyware infiltrate computer systems along with file sharing downloads. Personal information about us circulates the globe via the Wor  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Julian Pereira 
 Article Title :: What is Spyware? Are You Being Watched?
Find out why Spyware Removal from computers is important and how adware infestations affect your computer, your privacy and your family.Internet users worldwide spend several hours to several days each week browsing or searching the net. This activity has encouraged advertisers and promotional companies to take advantage of computer users to find out the individual needs, surfing habits and identify personality traits.These advertisers have devised clever and subtle ways to infiltrate innocent web surfers to meet their advertising objectives. They accomplish this by the use of internet worms that work their way to computer systems and make the systems prone to giving away th  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Robert Farey 
 Article Title :: Dig Out That Worm
Internet worms. Is your PC infected?If your computer has become infected with a worm, don’t panic, it is not the end of the world.There area number of things that you can do.Microsoft has a security web page. www.microsoft.com/security/default.mspxIt offers up to the minute information on the latest security threats and worms. It also provides you with all of the tools to dig out the worms and fix any damage that they may have caused.I expect that most of you are saying that you already have protection. May I ask a question?“Is it up-to-date?”We all know that virus protection is essential. The trouble is that a lot of us have   (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Robert Farey 
 Article Title :: Unwanted Files
A LOT OF UNWANTED FILES.When you uninstall an item of software, there are generally a number of redundant files left behind to clutter up your hard drive. Over the course of a year or two they can be using valuable hard drive space that would be better reserved for more important things.These files are backups that are generated when software is installed, the reason is not important. All that we need to know is that when the software is un-installed they are no longer required.To remove them and free up drive space is a simple procedure.If you are using Windows 98 - ME - or 2000.Click on Start>Search>For files or folders. Enter your search criteria in t  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Boris Makushkin 
 Article Title :: Navision Attain C/ODBC Crystal Report – Customization Example
Microsoft Business Solutions Navision is main ERP application for European, Brazilian markets plus it serves vertical segments of the USA market, such as light manufacturing, POS, CRM. As our experience indicates – Navision implementation requires more customization and tuning in comparison to another mid-market ERP solution from MBS: Microsoft Great Plains. Our goal is to popularize Microsoft Business Solutions products and enlighten IT people to do customize Navision in-house.Today, the main topic of this article is working with native C/SIDE Navision Attain database via C/ODBC interface, in particular – Linked Server creation in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 environment and th  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Boris Makushkin 
 Article Title :: Navision Attain Database access via C/ODBC in ASP.NET Application
Navision Software was purchased by Microsoft and now it is supported by Microsoft Business Solutions together with Microsoft Great Plains, Axapta, Solomon, Microsoft Retail Management System and Microsoft CRM. Navision has extremely strong position on mid-size European and US markets, plus it has excellent manufacturing solution. Our goal is to help IT departments to support and tune Navision with in-house expertise and skills. The topic of this article is Navision database access from ASP.NET application via C/ODBC interface. Our goal will be ASPX page accessing Navision Customers.Let’s begin1. In our case we will use Navision Attain 3.6 with Navision Database Server,   (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Boris Makushkin 
 Article Title :: Oracle Development: JDeveloper 10G – Java, J2EE, EJB, MVC, XML - Overview For Programmer
In 2004 Oracle, Inc. made its new step toward J2EE application development simplification, releasing new RAD Oracle JDeveloper 10G. First of all JDeveloper 10G is targeted to rapid web application building, utilizing all the achievements of J2EE World: web service, EJB, MVC frameworks, XML, etc. Oracle JDeveloper 10G allows you to conduct all full development cycle for complex system – from UML diagram-based concept to debugging, profiling and deployment.Let’s look at the product main features а:1. Cross-platform (works under main Unix/Linux platforms and in Microsoft Windows environment) friendly development environment with high level of integration and third p  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft Great Plains Multicurrency – Overview For Implementation Consultant
When you first think about multicurrency – you probably have in mind the revaluation question. Currency triangulation – which was the need when European currencies were fixed to Euro is not an issue any more.1. Sales and Purchasing multicurrency – when you are selecting accounting package with multicurrency, you need first understand if it has multicurrency on the Sales and Purchasing modules level, not just in GL. The problem behind is like this. When you have sales in foreign currency – you will probably get the payment later on when currency may potentially lose some value against your functional currency (like US Dollar or Euro – however in our days Dollar is very  (read full article)
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