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Categories :: Computers : Software Articles


Category :: Software Articles Author :: ARA Content 
 Article Title :: Drivers of SUVs Saving Big Money with Diesel Engin
Drivers of SUVs Saving Big Money with Diesel Engines by: ARA Content (ARA) - Half of all American vacationers on the road this year are driving gas guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, according to a new survey on driving habits from research firm MarketFacts. These bigger vehicles burn high amounts of fuel, which not only puts a dent in drivers' wallets, but also increases the country's dependence on foreign oil. Ironically, the MarketFacts study shows that fuel economy is an important issue for SUV and pickup drivers. According to automotive experts, standard gasoline engines can't efficiently handle the weight of the larger -- and very popular -- SUVs and pickup trucks. There is an alt  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Jenny McLane 
 Article Title :: DaimlerChrysler Unveils New Fuel Cell Vehicle in G
DaimlerChrysler Unveils New Fuel Cell Vehicle in Geneva by: Jenny McLane The next generation of fuel cell technology was unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show by DaimlerChrysler, the pioneer of fuel cell drive. Sports tourers are now the new members of the family of fuel cell vehicles with the Mercedes Benz B-Class sporting the enw F-Cell. This F-Cell's unique sandwich concept developed by Mercedes Benz is perfect for this type of drive unit. The fuel cell's emission free operation is congruous with sporty, dynamic driving. the technical data proves this fact: the high-torque electric motor will develop more than 100 kW -- 35 kW more power than its predecessor generation. And because  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Jenny McLane 
 Article Title :: Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record
Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record by: Jenny McLane Volkswagen's Touareg has accomplished new heights in the realm of off-road capability. It has set a new world altitude record for a motor vehicle of 6,080 metres. Accomplished by a standard-engined Touareg 3.2 litre V8, this record has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records™ Book. This feat was achieved on January 29 in the slopes of the world's highest volcano. The expedition team battled against icy winds and lack of oxygen to achieve this record. The altimeter and GPS system displayed the result of 6,080 metres. Currently, this is the highest point on the earth's surface that a vehicle can reach  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Melih Oztalaay 
 Article Title :: Parents of Teen Drivers
Parents of Teen Drivers by: Melih Oztalaay So, what does a parent think while sitting in the passenger seat and their teen is driving with a permit license? A “bump” in the parking lot with another car? Traffic tickets for moving violations? Insurance rates sky-rocketing? If you visit search engines you can find several resources to assist you on this subject. Try searching on the phrase “parents with teen drivers”. Alternatively we have tried to make this easy for you if you visit our news page on this very topic. A few resources on the web for parents are: Parent-Teen Contract You might also consider using a driving safety contract between you and your teen. This is an ag  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Melih Oztalay 
 Article Title :: Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL)
Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) by: Melih Oztalay Drivers 16 years of age are at high risk for traffic accidents due to their immaturity and limited driving experience. A series of five research papers published in a September 2002 supplement of Injury Prevention addresses this risk among young drivers. The papers make a compelling case for graduated driver licensing (GDL), the system of laws and practices that gradually introduce young drivers into the driving population. Graduated Driver License programs can be found in 31 states around the country. The GDL program permit young drivers to safely gain driving experience before obtaining full driving privileges and are generally targ  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Tim Knox 
 Article Title :: Don't Be Afraid To Give Problem Customers The Boot
Don't Be Afraid To Give Problem Customers The Boot by: Tim Knox Q: In a recent column you made the point that the customer is always right, which I agree with. However, in the same column you also said that it is sometimes necessary give problem customers the boot. If the customer is always right, at what point do you think they become so problematic that you should stop doing business with them? -- Gary M. A: That column brought a number of emails similar to yours, Gary, requesting that I clarify the line between "the customer is always right" and "sometimes you have to give a customer the boot." Here's the bottom line: if you, as a business owner or service provider, are willin  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Paul Hood 
 Article Title :: How to Save Money on Motorcycle Repair
How to Save Money on Motorcycle Repair by: Paul Hood Getting the most out of your bike’s repair job is good. But it would be better if you yourself are able to make the repair instead of having others service it. Doing your motorcycle’s maintenance is important for you to realize its fullest potentials. Bike enthusiasts may not be familiar with the structure of their vehicles and could be missing out on the possibilities of maximizing the use of their motorcycles. Knowing your “horse” is very important if you want to understand it and give it the attention it needs. The beauty of motorcycles is that is has a relatively open design meaning it is easy to be familiar with the in  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: James Chartwell 
 Article Title :: Go, Go, Go, With the TomTom Go Car Navigation Syst
Go, Go, Go, With the TomTom Go Car Navigation System by: James Chartwell The TomTom Go is a rather small package which contains everything you need for automobile navigation. It's designed as a ready-to-go product with software, maps, and car mount that works straight out of the box (well, almost). Let's take a look at what it can do. It does require a little set up. Connect the unit to your PC, load one of the CDs, and choose the region you intend to travel. Now we come to the first handy thing about the TomTom Go. Other brands limit the region choices to only one configuration. For example, your choice may be Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. That's fine if you plan on staying within th  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Jenny McLane 
 Article Title :: Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record
Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record by: Jenny McLane BlueTooth technology is now available for almost all 2005 BMW models providing a new standard of convenience for in-car hands-free calling. This is BMW's second major in-car communication/entertainment initiative for the 2005 model year. Likewise, Sirius satellite radio as a factory-installed option can also be availed according to the carmaker. With a compatible Bluetooth cell phone, drivers can place calls, answer calls and select numbers from the phonebook by simply using the multi-function steering wheel or dashboard controls. It provides wireless connection between select compatible cell phones and the vehicle for  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Jenny McLane 
 Article Title :: Dodge eyes Police Car Market with its HEMI®-powere
Dodge eyes Police Car Market with its HEMI®-powered 2006 Dodge Charger by: Jenny McLane Dodge is set to conquer the police car market later this year with its all-new 2006 Dodge Charger police vehicle. A four-door sedan with all the power, handling and functionality required to effectively patrol streets, the 2006 Dodge Charger is perfect for the job. "With rear-wheel drive and available HEMI® power at the pavement, the Dodge Charger provides optimum police car pursuit performance," said Darryl Jackson, Vice President - Dodge Marketing, Chrysler Group. "Dodge has a strong police heritage and is proud to offer vehicles armed with modern muscle and cutting-edge technology". The Dodge C  (read full article)
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