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Categories :: Computers : Software Articles


Category :: Software Articles Author :: News Canada 
 Article Title :: From Mower To Thrower
From Mower To Thrower by: News Canada (NC)—The days are getting shorter. The nights cooler. And finally, your grass has stopped growing. Looks like it's time to store your lawn tractor or mower for the winter. And get that trusty snow thrower ready for use. The key thing to know about outdoor power equipment is that their number one enemy is dirt. And their number two enemy is condensation. So start off by cleaning that lawn tractor or mower. Remove any surface grunge with a hose, then get underneath and scrape out any matted grass or cuttings with a paint scraper and screwdriver. Then clean the exterior with soapy water or a quality cleaner like Castrol Super clean. Now you are rea  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: News Canada 
 Article Title :: Synthetics Best For Winter Stress
Synthetics Best For Winter Stress by: News Canada (NC)—You're sound asleep. Absolutely dead to the world. Suddenly, a huge person bursts in, drags you out of bed, throws you out the window into a snow bank and screams at you to start doing push-ups. Right now, faster, faster, faster! So how do you feel. A bit stressed, maybe. Well, that's how your car engine feels every time you turn the key. Because starting your engine from cold is just like the story above. Really stressful. And the colder it is outside, the more stressful the start-up and warm-up period are. This is one reason why synthetic motor oils are so popular in cold climates. Because synthetic oils are much more "pumpab  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: News Canada 
 Article Title :: Getting An Edge On Wet Roads
Getting An Edge On Wet Roads by: News Canada (NC)—There's probably no worse feeling. You're driving on a wet stretch of road and all of a sudden it feels as though your vehicle has a mind of its own. Of course, your vehicle isn't possessed; it has "caught a wave." You're hydroplaning – your tires are no longer in direct contact with the road as they are riding on top of the water that has pooled on the road. Hydroplaning can occur when a combination of speed, tire wear, tire inflation or the depth of water on the pavement causes the tires to lose traction. Essentially, a layer of water creates a barrier between the road and your tires. This barrier can cause you to lose traction a  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: News Canada 
 Article Title :: Did You Mount Your Cold Weather Tires Yet?
Did You Mount Your Cold Weather Tires Yet? by: News Canada (NC)—Every year there is this dilemma: should you mount winter tires or should you stay with your all season tires? We always question is it going to snow a lot or is it just going to be cold and will our all- season tires be good enough. Well here is some news for you, winter tires are not only designed to work better in snow, slush and ice but also when it simply gets cold. Bruce Bridgman, National Marketing Manager Toyo Tire Canada Inc. says that among other things the tire's tread rubber needs to remain flexible to do the job it was designed to do. "Good winter tires are designed to handle every aspect of winter driving.  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: News Canada 
 Article Title :: Prepare Young Drivers For Safe Winter Travel
Prepare Young Drivers For Safe Winter Travel by: News Canada (NC)—Many young drivers will venture onto the roads this winter season, some for the first time. In fact, there are almost 3 million drivers in Canada between the ages of 16 and 24.2 That's why it's important for parents to prepare teenagers and young drivers for the difficult winter months, by making sure their vehicles are properly maintained and they've been given helpful instructions and well-stocked emergency kits. First and foremost, have their vehicles checked thoroughly. Belts, hoses, water pumps, batteries and spark plugs need to be properly maintained. Winter tends to magnify any problems a vehicle might have. On  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: News Canada 
 Article Title :: See And Be Seen
See And Be Seen by: News Canada Tips for parents on how to keep kids safe on the street (NC)—Hopping on the bus, walking home with friends, or even riding a bike to school for the first time – there are so many milestones that children experience throughout their first few years of school, and many of these experiences involve learning how to use neighbourhood streets. This fall, Alliance Tire Professionals and the Canada Safety Council are encouraging kids to "see and be seen" through an innovative program running in conjunction with National School Safety WeekTM in October. K.O.P. – Kids On Patrol – promotes the importance of road safety to young children through resources   (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Robert Riley 
 Article Title :: Cheating Your Engine’s Planned Obsolence That Was
Cheating Your Engine’s Planned Obsolence That Was Created By Its Manufacturer by: Robert Riley I’m sure by now you’ve heard the term “Extended Drain Interval” for your vehicle’s oil change. If you’ve ever been to a place like Jiffy Lube or other quick lube shop, you’ve probably seen some big sign outside telling you to come back every 3,000 miles for an oil change – quite the opposite of the “extended drain interval”. Jiffy Lube promotes the short, 3,000 mile oil drain interval. Did you know that according to Marc Graham, the president of Jiffy Lube, if they could convince you to change your oil at 2,900 miles instead of 3,000, Jiffy Lube could earn an extra $2  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: ARA Content 
 Article Title :: Think Your Car is Safe from Thieves? Think Again
Think Your Car is Safe from Thieves? Think Again by: ARA Content (ARA) - Every time you park your car, you're taking a risk. Just ask David J. of Stanford, Conn., whose 1998 high-performance Acura Integra Type R was stolen right under his nose just one month after he installed a top-of-the-line security system for $1,500. Mother's Day is a long-held tradition of revering the woman who gives the gift of life. "Mothering Sunday" is another early Mother's Day tradition that has shaped the way we celebrate our mothers today. This English holiday dates back to the 1600s, and involved young servants who pampered their mothers with fine delicacies. While we continue to celebrate the mot  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Dan Baldyga 
 Article Title :: Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim Guide
Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim Guide by: Dan Baldyga This is a FREE Insurance Claim Guide created especially for the readers of ARTICLECITY.COM as a 2004 "Gift", Your “Motor Vehicle” can be a truck, car, motorcycle - - you name it! If it’s powered by a motor and has one, two, three, four (or even more) wheels this “Guide” is for you. The information below is a bare-bones “Guide” for those who have had such a motor vehicle accident. It details the basics of how one should with their property damage and/or personal injury claim. AFTER IMPACT CHECKLIST We heartily suggest you make a copy of this "Impact Checklist" to be kept handy within the confines of your mot  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Ed Newman 
 Article Title :: Ten Myths About Synthetic Lubrication
Ten Myths About Synthetic Lubrication by: Ed Newman It's a fact of life that behavior is influenced by what people believe, whether true or not. Numerous cases from history bear this out. For example, sailors were once fearful of sailing outside the sight of land lest they would fall off the edge of the world. In the early 19th century, the train was considered dangerous because it was believed that if you moved faster than 25 miles per hour, you’d be traveling too fast to breathe. At a later date, the New York Times warned that electric light would cause blindness. Microwave ovens, automobiles and airplanes have had equally vociferous opponents. Looking back, it's easy to lau  (read full article)
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