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Categories :: Computers : Software Articles


Category :: Software Articles Author :: Ken Savage 
 Article Title :: Did You Ever Want to Completely Erase Everything on Your Computer?
Did you ever want to erase everything on your computer? This is a program I found that does that for you quickly and easily.Active@ KillDisk is a hard drive eraser and is powerful and compact DOS software that allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. It’s a hard drive and partition eraser utility.If you use FDISK, FORMAT utilities, or DELETE standard operating system command for data removal, there is always a chance to recover deleted data (using undelete file or some data recovery software) and use against the owner’s will. We highly recommend you to run this FREE uti  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Susan Zheng 
 Article Title :: Online PowerPoint Presentation – Convert PowerPoint to Flash
Although we don’t know whether Microsoft ever envisioned such a big market about PowerPoint on its first release. Today this software is impacting profoundly on education and corporation’s activities in the way that nobody could ignore. With a wealth of visual and audio effects people rely on it to express their ideas, plans more intuitively with more effective communication outcomes.One of most wildly PowerPoint application exists in education. With the booming of Internet, traditional education approaches have been eclipsing by various new emerging ways. And in spite of heavy promotion of supposedly new television educational approaches in recent years, from my point of view,  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Ramesh Kumar Thiagarajan 
 Article Title :: My Experience - Making a Vision into Reality
Disclaimer: All the thoughts expressed are my views only! Your perception might differ...1. How different is product development?2. What are the fundamentals of building a product?3. How do I know that I'm at the wrong end of building the product?4. Will you start building two products, if given a second chance?5. All of a sudden I go blank, what should I do?6. But my project is running on a delayed schedule, what do I do?7. Pitfalls in putting out milestones?8. Testing? what?9. Do I make the team work 7 days a week?10. why this faq?1. How different is product development?For starters, they are completely  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft CRM for Corporate Business – Working Offline
If your company has regional and worldwide operations, you might already realized that it is very hard to get decent internet connection in your remote locations. In this small article we will try to give you highlights on how to implement Microsoft Business Solutions CRM for worldwide operations with restricted internet connection.• Outlook Client. This was very bright idea from Microsoft side to have outlook client as a presentation for Microsoft CRM data. Outlook has such nice features as synchronization and then working offline. If you have outlook client for CRM – you can download your customers, leads, contacts, and event properly programmed custom features, then work  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft CRM USA Nationwide Remote Support
Remember old good days when your company probably had Great Plains Dynamics? If you are in San Francisco Bay Area – you had local Great Plains Software partner consulting company, who served you basically coming onsite and charging you four hours minimum, even if the problem deserved 5-min fix? This was at the end of 20th century and remote support technologies were not very advanced – Citrix was making good progress and taking market over from Symantec PCAnywhere. Today, when Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix are remote support standards and IT department uses them to host application server for nation-wide and world-wide users, you should probably be thinking of getting remote  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Jon Davis 
 Article Title :: What You Must Know About Spyware Right Now
Spyware is like the new technological nuclear weapon on the internet. Spyware can not only damage the health of your computer but it can also steal your personal identity other personal information. Spyware is software that is hidden inside legitimate downloads that you come across on the internet. An example would be the growing number of file sharing programs and free mobile ring tone advertisements that you come across on the internet. If you have teenagers in your household, it's imperative that they know the dangers of using these programs as what takes 2 minutes to download and listen to, can take a good few hours to remove the damage left behind after being infected with spyware.  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Gary Gresham 
 Article Title :: Four Easy Ways To Prevent Spyware
How would you like to prevent spyware and adware from getting into your computer? You need to stop adware and spyware before it gets into your files. That way you're protecting your private information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other documents that you don't want to share with anyone.Spyware and adware removers are important because they clean your computer of malicious files. But the best thing you can do is prevent spyware from ever being installed in the first place. Here are four ways to help prevent spyware and adware from getting into your computer.Keep Your Windows Software UpdatedOne of the best ways to prevent spyware and adware from gett  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Shahul Ameen 
 Article Title :: How to Make Attractive and Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint has dramatically changed the way in which academic and business presentations are made. This article outlines few tips on making more effective and attractive PowerPoint presentations.THE TEXT Keep the wording clear and simple. Use active, visual language. Cut unnecessary words – a good rule of thumb is to cut paragraphs down to sentences, sentences into phrases, and phrases into key words. Limit the number of words and lines per slide. Try the Rule of Five - five words per line, five lines per slide. If too much text appears on one slide, use the AutoFit feature to split it between two slides. Click within the placeholder to d  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft Great Plains: Dexterity vs. eConnect – FAQ
Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, former Great Plains Software Dynamics/eEnterprise was originally written in IDE and programming language – Great Plains Dexterity. Currently Microsoft is on the way of transforming its ERP applications: Great Plains, Navision, Solomon, Axapta and MS CRM to be better integrated and fit into the future of its .Net platform. As a result we see new development tools: eConnect, Extender, etc. These tools should probably succeed Dexterity in the long run. From time to time we see complications on this way – for example on recent MBS worldwide conference – Dexterity Source code partner program, closed several years ago for new partner, was ten  (read full article)
Category :: Software Articles Author :: Lu Lu 
 Article Title :: PowerPoint to DVD Creator
Microsoft PowerPoint has dramatically changed the way in which academic and business presentations are made. Suppose you need to create PowerPoint DVDs, aside from being very popular, the most common reasons that users want to burn PowerPoint slides to DVD are usability, portability, and storage. Since DVD is fast becoming the preferred video format for all kinds of consumer applications, as well as computer peripherals, saving ppts to DVD makes good sense for storing and sharing them with others. PC-created DVDs can be shown on other PCs that support DVD or on consumer DVD players (and, of course, create some for your own archiving and enjoyment.)Here I recommend presenters to use  (read full article)
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