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Categories :: Health & Medical : Supplements Articles


Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Paul Newland 
 Article Title :: Supplements to Help With PMS Address Nutritional Deficiencies And PMS Symptoms
It’s a treatment sought after by just as many men as women! Conventional medicine has never really provided much help, other than pain relief so natural treatments and herbs may provide a better alternative.Supplements to help with PMS include essential fatty acids, and supplements formulated specifically for women's needs containing a mix of vitamins, minerals and herbs such as black cohosh, soy, green tea and natural antioxidants.Conventional medicine has never really provided a great deal of help in this area and historically used hysterectomy as a ‘treatment’ for more severe cases! More recently with the advent of the ‘pill’, many girls are put on the pill to a  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Paul Newland 
 Article Title :: Need a Helping Hand? Women's Health Supplements Can Help
You are what you eat...It’s something we’ve heard all our lives, and it’s true. Our health is the end result of the food we eat, the nutrients we take in and how our bodies absorb them.In order to stay healthy you need to implement some basic dietary rules:• Maximise your nutrient intake from fresh food (particularly green leafy vegetables, meat, fish and eggs)• Minimise your loss of nutrients (through too much caffeine and carbonated, fizzy or soft drinks for example)• Reduce or eliminate the things that are definitely bad for us – fried food and margarine, sugar and refined flour, burned animal fat, cigarettes.• Perform a moderat  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Calvin Leonard 
 Article Title :: What are Free Radicals and How Can They Affect Me ?
Your body is made up of trillions and trillions of individual cells.In every cell is a furnace called the mitochondria. The mitochondria burns fuel from your food and oxygen but often a rogue molecule is created called a free radical, which is essentially just a molecule with an unpaired electron . This charges the molecule and if its not neutralized quickly by an antioxidant, it can cause severe damage to the cells and tissues of your body. A basic analogy of what is happening would be to take a fireplace burning wood.The fireplace represents the mitochondria,the wood represents the fuel or food. Now as a fire place is cranking out heat,sparks are produced and they jump out onto the carp  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Mindi Haehl 
 Article Title :: Flax Seed Oil - A Rich Source of Omeg-3
Are all flax seed oils the same?Not all flax seed oils are the same. One of the biggest differences is whether the oil is organic or not. There are groups and associations that assure the consumer that the products they are purchasing are 100% certified organic. Two certifying associations are; Quality Assurance International and the Organic Crop Improvement Association. They certify that growing, fertilizing and harvesting practices of organic flax seed are done to the organic standards. Trying to confirm that a product is organic after the fact in a laboratory or be some other means is impossible. For this reason documentation inspection of every step in the process is cru  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Mindi Haehl 
 Article Title :: Golden Flax Seed - Is It Better Than Brown Flax Seed?
Golden Flax SeedGolden flax seed has definitely taken over as the most prominent consumer flax seed. So widely consumed by humans it has put brown flax seed in a position to be thought of as only animal feed. Brown flax seed however is every bit as nutritious and safe for human consumption as golden flax seed. Both contain the same proteins, lignans, fatty acids and the same amount of fiber. What golden flax seed has that brown does not is a very desirable nutty taste. The golden flax seed can enhance the flavor of a salad, yogurt or just about any other food that could use some topping.Golden flax seed oil brings the same delicious nutty flavor and is a great healthy  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Bill Herren 
 Article Title :: Pyruvate for Weight Loss?
Pyruvate is a naturally occurring substance created in your body during the digestion of sugars and starches. Pyruvate as a supplement is derived from pyruvic acid and usually stabilized with calcium. Pyruvate is available in some foods such as cheese, dark beer, wine, and red apples but probably nowhere near the amount that studies have shown beneficial for weight loss.Pyruvate has some research behind it that anyone wanting to lose weight may find very interesting. Some of the purported benefits of Pyruvate are weight loss, more energy, less fatigue, improved exercise performance, antioxidant activity, and lowered blood pressure.The studies are very impressive with Pyruvat  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: R. Edward Jones 
 Article Title :: Vitamin C - What You DON'T Know
The real facts about benefits of Vitamin C may surprise you. First of all what is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Unlike the oil soluble vitamins such as A and E, Vitamin C cannot be stored by your body. Since Vitamin C is not stored by your body, we need to get it from our diet or from supplements. But Can't Our Bodies Just Make Vitamin C? Great question! Most animals have the ability to make their own Vitamin C. And make it they do... lots of it. It is estimated that if we had the ability to make our own Vitamin C we would make between 3000 an 10,000 mg every day... and 3 to 4 times that amount if we were being stressed by infection.  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Mindi Haehl 
 Article Title :: Flax Seed Benefits - Which Form of Seeds Give the Most?
Does it matter where the flax seed is grown?The location where flax seed is grown makes a very big difference as to the quality of the seed. Oil rich seeds such as the flax seed require growth in a cold climate. The further north it is grown the better. With the cold climate the flax seed can retain the necessary oil content to provide the consumer with the highest amount per seed. That is good for those who would like to get the most out of the seeds and not have to eat pounds of it daily. Other factors in the seeds quality are moisture conditions and Times of planting and harvesting. The great thing about the flax seed is how long it will last if it is just kept in a cool   (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Mary Rushing 
 Article Title :: Generate Stem Cells Naturally
You can generate trillions of stem cells within one month when you take glyconutrients every day, if every new-born cell is coated with them. {1} {6}The cost? Between $60 - $200 a month depending on your body's health/toxic over-load, & history of nutrient deficiencies. On the other hand stem-cell transplants can cost $150,000 each, & some people receiving stem cell transplants end up with fungal/virus infections from a hospital stay.The generating of stem cells from taking glyconutrients is automatically recognized as self, pure & simple.What Are Stem Cells?Stem cells aren't "finished" or part of a tissue or organ, but have the ability to generate into   (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Gabe Mirkin, M.D. 
 Article Title :: Calcium Supplements Deplete Vitamin D
Many people take calcium supplements to help prevent osteoporosis. They may be increasing their risk for certain cancers and infections. Taking extra calcium uses up vitamin D and lack of that vitamin impairs immunity, which can cause cancer and infections.To prevent a deficiency, you need at least 400 IU of vitamin D per day, whether you take calcium supplements or not. You can get this by exposing a few inches of skin to sun light each day. Rich sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, eggs, liver and butter. Vitamin D-supplemented milk is a poor source of that vitamin because the calcium in milk uses up more than the vitamin D that is added.All people need 1000 mg of calc  (read full article)
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