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Categories :: Health & Medical : Supplements Articles


Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Peter Gouwland 
 Article Title :: Buying Natural Dietary Supplements On The Web? - Let The Buyer Beware
Have you got a cupboard full of vitamin bottles unopened or half full because you thought you were buying the right product? Did you read the label? Did you buy it on the internet but didn’t have the resources to do your own research first? Do you know what the definition of a dietary supplement is anyway? Feeling frustrated?Here are some good tips.According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) "today's dietary supplements are not only vitamins and minerals. They also include other less-familiar substances such as herbals, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes and animal extracts."1. What should you look for when buying a  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Phil Beckett 
 Article Title :: The Whey Protein Facts You Need To Know - What Is The Best Whey Protein?
Some whey protein facts you need to be aware of include the fact that you should use the best whey protein to take care of your body before and after your exercise program. Most people don't seem to realize that protein is just as important to take before a workout as it is after.One of the best ways of ensuring you'll reach your health and fitness goals is to eat enough protein. Whey protein is the easiest and most effective way of doing this. This is one of the many important whey protein facts you'll learn here.It's not just foods high in protein that will help, more importantly its whey protein that that will finally help you achieve your goals. You can't get fit without  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Valerian D. 
 Article Title :: The American Heart Association Recommend Against the Use of Isoflavone Supplements
In 1999, the US Food and Drug Administration approved labeling of soy protein as effective against coronary heart disease. The conclusion to recommend the health benefits of soy was based on information that at least 25 g/day of soy protein had been demonstrated to reduce LDL and total cholesterol. The suggestion was that the intake of 6.25 of soy protein per serving 4 times daily would achieve this condition. The same FDA statement reminded that soy isoflavones were not founded to be critical for the cholesterol-lowering benefits of soy protein.Since this FDA report, there has been a significant amount of research targeting the health effects of both soy isoflavones and protein.   (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Jeff Conrad 
 Article Title :: A New Way in Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?
Serenoa repens known as saw palmetto has become enormous popular in the United States and it is the fifth top-selling herbal medicine on the market, according to a survey by Whole Foods magazine.In Europe, medical doctors for years have prescribed Saw Palmetto and other phytomedicines to treat mild to moderate cases of BPH. Today in Germany alone, the sale of BPH products total 90 percent of sales which are using Saw Palmetto as their number one source. So many people ask if there is another alternative way.Let's look what G.Popa et al. have found in their clinical research in April 2005.Results of a Placebo-controlled Double-blind StudyThis re-evaluation of   (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Jimmy Sturo 
 Article Title :: ALA Research
In type-II diabetes, insulin resistance, rather than a lack of insulin, is the cause of elevated blood glucose levels. A small number of clinical studies have reported the benefits of high doses of racemic Lipoic Acids in improving insulin sensitivity. Animal studies have suggested higher benefit levels from R-isomer of Lipoic Acid as compared to its S-isomer. However, clinical studies are required to prove this benefit. Evidence of Lipoic Acid-induced reduction of oxidative stress in diabetic patients’ needs to be established with further studies.The beneficial effects of ALA treatment on symptoms of diabetic neuropathy have been observed in at least 15 clinical trials. Many sho  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: M Johnson 
 Article Title :: What Can Natural Health Supplements Do for You?
Natural health supplements have been around since man began experimenting with the world around him. These herbal, or natural health supplements come from Mother Earth. Naturally found in plants, roots, and minerals. A popular Native American belief is that for every ailment Nature has a cure! Indians were among the first to put alternative medicine to the test a few hundred years ago and still today those same medicines are still here.Since the beginning of time everything was made for a purpose. Every plant, or organism was created to help make the world a balanced place to live. This being relies on another, and that organism relies on a certain plant to exist  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Beverly Terhune 
 Article Title :: 5 Herbs You Need Highly Concentrated
Herbs that Do Better as PillsOil of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)The principal active ingredient in eucalyptus oil is "eucalyptol" which has strong germicidal and disinfectant properties. Applying oil of Eucalyptus to cuts and scrapes will kill germs and speed up the healing process. It also functions as a diuretic, lowers blood sugar and helps to relieve coughs and fevers. Often used in vaporizers and the main ingredient in chest rubs, Eucalyptus oil breaks up congestion and helps relieve major upper respiratory symptoms. Eucalyptus oil is an effective analgesic and is often used in preparations designed to relieve muscle, nerve and joint pains. P  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: James Zeller 
 Article Title :: Colloidal Silver Immune Support - Snake Oil or Supplement
Colloidal silver has exploded on the web as a supplement, heralded as a cure all, and cursed by some officials that seem to be motivated by the large pharmaceuticals.Colloidal silver was used as a natural antibiotic prior to the discovery of penicillin. The new antibacterial agent was the drug of favor worldwide. Colloidal silver was shoved to the back of medical consciousness and found little use after 1929. But wait, the medical world did not stop using silver. The overwhelming healing qualities of silver are continued even now in the world’s burn centers and millions of babies have had a silver concentrate flushed into their eyes immed  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Shawn Paeltzer 
 Article Title :: The Health Benefits of Xango Explained
Mangosteen, or Garcina mangostana, is a tropical fruit of the size of an apple. It has a thick rind and hard seeds and is grown in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The fruit is rich in vitamins such as B1 and B2 and contains minerals like potassium and iron. However, the standout feature of this fruit is the presence of a high concentration of antioxidants and xanthones.Mangosteen has been used for centuries in the traditional Chinese and ayurvedic medicine systems prevalent in South-east Asia as a remedy for skin and gum diseases, parasites, wounds, burns, as an anti-depressant, cure for fatigue and fevers, etc.The health benefits of this fruit are  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Dan Ho 
 Article Title :: The Many Uses of CoenzymeQ10
The benefits of coenzyme Q10 have mostly been ascribed to aiding heart health in recent years. In this regard, it is known as a nutrient that may help patients who suffer from congestive heart failure.It has also been touted by many natural health experts who point out that statin prescription drugs -- which are used to lower cholesterol -- also deplete the body of essential coenzyme Q10. Therefore, supplementing with coenzyme Q10 is particuarly important for statin users.In Japan, Coenzyme Q10 is a hugely popular supplement and a significant percentage of the adult population uses it as a general anti-aging supplement.But beyond these now well known facts, the latest  (read full article)
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