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Categories :: Health & Medical : Supplements Articles


Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Ryan Joseph 
 Article Title :: The Latest High Dose Fish Oil News
The evidence seems to be increasing at a faster pace regarding the purported benefits of high dose fish oil supplementation. There have have been many studies done previously, and many studies being conducted now, which appear to support the claims that large doses of fish oil may be very good for your overall health. The key is the long chain omega-3 fatty acids epa and dha, of course.While some other foods such as eggs and flaxseed oil have some omega-3's, it is widely agreed that the levels, as well as the availability to the body, of these fatty acids in fish and fish oil suggest this to be the superior source of the vital nutrients. Of course doctors have known for quite som  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Fred Duckworth 
 Article Title :: The Truth About Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a skin disease that occurs when cells in the outer layer of skin reproduce faster than normal and pile up on the skin's surface. This produces scaling, itchiness and irritation of the skin. Psoriasis is non-contagious.Currently in the United States almost 5 million people are affected by this disease. It occurs in all age groups and about equally in men and women.When psoriasis develops, thick patches of skin become red with silvery scales. Often the skin at the joints cracks making outbreak very painful. Psoriasis most often occurs on the knees, lower back, soles of the feet, scalp, elbows, face and palm.There have been huge strides in understanding w  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: R. Edward Jones 
 Article Title :: Vitamin D - What You DON'T Know
The benefits of Vitamin D are not much talked about in the press. That could be why most folks are unaware of the major benefits of Vitamin D. But please don't think that Vitamin D is not for you.Vitamin D is another one of those fat soluble vitamins. Fat soluble means that Vitamin D (along with Vitamin A and E) are stored by your body.Vitamin D is the only vitamin that your body can manufacture. Your body needs exposure to sunlight (without sunscreen) for this to occur.Your body can also get benefits of Vitamin D from food sources or from supplements. Food sources of Vitamin D include cod liver oil, fatty fish like sardines, tuna or salmon, milk that is Vitamin D for  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Joyce Dietzel 
 Article Title :: A Dose of Vitamins
The word, vitamin came from Vita in Latin which means life and the –amin suffix is short for amine, an organic compounds containing nitrogen as the key atom in the amine functional group. Most of the time, the term Vitamin is collectively referred to as organic molecule whose insufficiency in the diet can result in disease thus acquiring vitamins are reduced only at diet. From the span of several years, several vitamins along with its sources have been discovered.Retinol or what is commonly called vitamin A is a fat-soluble, antioxidant vitamin that can help improve or maintain good vision and bone growth. Vitamin A can be sourced from different foods. Cod liver   (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Brad Jones 
 Article Title :: Online Health Supplements
A Guide to Online health supplements Many of the dietary supplements are available on net or otherwise under the name of women health supplements, weight loss dietary supplements or alternative health supplements. Some of these dietary supplements can be taken as alternative health supplements for some ailments or diseases or along with conventional therapies.You have the option of buying online health supplements but remember that the only claims that a dietary supplement is allowed to make are structure/function claims. These are broad claims that the product can support the structure or function of the body such as heart health supplements for arteries. But the claims must be r  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Michael Russell 
 Article Title :: Creatine And Lifting Weights
Many studies have shown that if creatine supplements are taken, in conjunction with lifting weights, some very good gains can be made in strength and muscular size. It has also been shown to decrease recovery time during workoutsCreatine works the best for rapid or intense sports sessions. Weight lifting and sprinting are types of activity where creatine does its best. If you are a marathon runner, creatine may certainly not be for you.93% of all the creatine in your body is stored in the muscles. It plays an important role in the body's energy production by providing you with a boost of energy needed to perform a heavy lifting workout.The energy in the muscle nee  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: R. Edward Jones 
 Article Title :: Vitamin B6: Your Health Depends on It
Vitamin B6 benefits you in maybe more ways than any other vitamin. Vitamin B6 has been called the "mighty vite" because of all the functions it performs. It is estimated that Vitamin B6 is involved with more than 101 chemical reactions that occur in our bodies.Vitamin B6 helps us by aiding in the manufacturing of amino acids. Amino acids are what we need to build proteins. And as we all know, proteins are essential for the repair and growth of our tissue.Vitamin B6 benefits our brains as well. Vitamin B6 helps us to make what's called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that connect one nerve cell to the next and enable these two nerve cells to communicate wit  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: R. Edward Jones 
 Article Title :: Folic Acid: Help for Your Heart and Beyond
Knowing a few important facts about folic acid could help keep you from developing heart disease, depression and dementia and even keep your unborn baby from developing birth defects. Yes, there are many critical benefits of folic acid.First of all, before we go into the folic acid facts, let's find out what folic acid is. Folic acid is one of your B vitamins - Vitamin B9 to be exact. Folic Acid is a water soluble vitamin as opposed to a fat soluble vitamin. That means that folic acid is not stored by your body.Folic acid is oftentimes used interchangeably with the word folate (remember this when looking at some of the studies below). Folate is the form of this vitamin found  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Teow Aun Chew 
 Article Title :: White Sun (Health - Colloidal Minerals)
Minerals in the natural state cannot be easily absorbed. Colloidal minerals are minerals in the smallest possible size which is about one over one thousand seven hundred (1/1700th) of a red blood cell. The body transports, stores and utilizes minerals in colloidal form and there are two basic types; organic and inorganic. Organic is plant-derived and inorganic are for examples clay and salts.It has often been said that “you are what you eat.” In reality, it is you are what you absorb and assimilate. When concerning about minerals, we want to take them in a plant-derived colloidal state with good quality and not quantity. It will change our lives because scientists have discover  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Michael Russell 
 Article Title :: Calcium - The Essential Mineral
Calcium is absolutely essential to everyday health. Not only is it important in bone strength, but it plays an important role in blood pressure control, nerve function, and blood clotting. The problem is however, most of us do not get enough of it. An average adult women needs twelve to fifteen hundred milligrams of calcium a day. The average man only needs twelve hundred.The best sources of calcium are and always have been dairy products - everything from milk and yogurt to cheese. Smaller amounts of calcium can be found in foods like broccoli, oranges, and salmon. There is a such thing as too much calcium though. If you take in too much calcium in a day it can interfere wi  (read full article)
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