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Categories :: Health & Medical : Supplements Articles


Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Linda Polansky - 
 Article Title :: Working Together For Better Health: Understanding The Interrelationship Between Vitamins And Nutriti
For years, many people have popped a multi-vitamin and thought that they had their nutritional lives “under control.” They believed that by pulling a bottle of multi-vitamins off a store shelf, and by being fairly regular in taking the product, they were satisfying appropriately the vitamin and nutritional needs and requirements of their bodies. In point of fact, merely taking any old multi-vitamin or similar type of combination nutritional supplement may not be in your best interest. Rather, it is important for a person who is serious about his or her health to understand precisely how different types of vitamins, minerals and related nutritional supplement products can int  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Linda Polansky - 
 Article Title :: Incorporating Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements Into A Healthy Weight Loss Program
Many people incorrectly assume that using vitamins and nutritional supplements is an easy deal -- that you can use these products without giving their use much thought. In point of fact, when it comes to incorporating vitamins and nutritional supplements into your overall weight loss program, you have to give their use serious thought. You must make proper decisions as to how these products will fit into your overall health weight loss regimen and into your ultimate health weight maintenance program down the road. The first step in developing a health weight loss program that incorporates vitamins and other nutritional supplements is a meeting with your doctor. Although many peo  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Peter Salazar 
 Article Title :: Borage Seed Oil As An Anti-Inflammatory
Borage OilBorage oil is also known as borage seed oil or starflower oil. It is extracted from borage plant seeds. It is found in North America, Africa and Europe and is a good source of polyunsaturated long-chain fatty acid.Polyunsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fats. Borage oil is also a good source of important fatty acids known as omega 3 and omega 6 fats, which the human body cannot manufacture. This fat is also very high in calories and people trying to lose weight should not use it too much.Borage Oil IngredientsBorage oil consists of GLA or gamma linolenic acid, which is a fatty acid. The human body converts   (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Peter Salazar 
 Article Title :: Cardio E-Z One Of The Leading Products For Cardiovascular System Function
Cardio E-Z Cardio E–Z is an oral chelation product developed for the cardiovascular system function. In 1997 Dr. Donsbach developed Cardio E-Z after comprehensive testing at Santa Monica Hospital on hundreds of patients. It contains EDTA, CoQ-10, and a combination of nutrients that make it, according to Dr. Donsbach, the best product for cardiovascular system function. Some of the important nutrients and their benefits to the human body present in Cardio E–Z are discussed below.Vitamin CCardio E–Z contains 400 mg of Vitamin C per serving. Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble substance that is responsible fo  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Peter Salazar 
 Article Title :: CoQ10 One Of The Leading Enzymes Your Body Needs For Energy
CoQ10CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is present in almost every human cell. It is required by each cell to produce energy. It acts as part of enzymes and is required for good health of cells, tissue, and organs. The reason is that enzymes act as catalysts in numerous functions and reactions taking place in human cells, without which the body cannot develop.CoQ10 is a coenzyme and it helps enzyme activities. It also has antioxidant effects, which are used for free radical destruction in human body. Since it is used by cells to produce energy, this coenzyme is of particular interest for body builders and athletes.What Is Coenzyme Q10?An en  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Peter Salazar 
 Article Title :: Female Basic Multiple, All The Basic Vitamins A Womens Needs In One
Female Basic Multiple was designed as a general nutritional maintenance product for women of all ages. Many important ingredients include a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other constituents. It also includes ovarian substances. Important ingredients in the product and their functions are discussed below.Vitamin AFemale Basic Multiple contains 4,167 IU of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is used by the body to maintain vital bodily functions like bone growth, cell division, etc. Female Basic Multiple uses this compound for multidimensional uses. It is used to regulate the immune system, which helps prevent infections. It keeps surface li  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Tim Gorman 
 Article Title :: What To Look For In A Men's Multivitamin
A lot of men are starting to try to make sure that they get all of the vitamins and minerals that they need by taking supplements in order to improve their overall health and fitness. Although they are not a substitute for a good diet and exercise, multivitamins can help some men to maintain the right level for particular nutrients that they may be lacking or are deficient in.Unfortunately, there are so many different types of supplements that are aimed at men these days that it is hard to know what to look for in a men's multivitamin. Many of the multivitamins and mineral supplements currently sold on the market are formulated to be of benefit to those individuals that have spec  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Michael Russell 
 Article Title :: Calcium and Your Growing Child
Calcium is a necessary building block for strong and healthy bones. Yet the majority of children fail to get the recommended amount of milligrams of calcium per day. It is not surprising since many kids prefer soda over milk. But parents must insist that at every age, from infancy to adolescence, calcium is something kids simply can't afford to skip.Many people know that calcium is important but do not know what calcium does for our bodies. During childhood, our body uses calcium to build strong bones. This process is fairly complete by the time we are teenagers. Calcium also plays an important role in muscle contraction, transmitting messages through the nerves and the relea  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Ian Mason 
 Article Title :: How Hot Is Phentermine? Is This Diet Pill Bad For Your Body?
Teenagers of today boys and girls alike want a good look. “Good looks” here means a great shape of the body. The great shape of the body is attributed to a good work out and a healthy diet. With the evolving life styles one finds little time for work out. So the girls and boys of today are on the look for an easy way out. Who has grasped this market more than pharmaceutical companies? Youngsters of today have tried everything in the book and things out of the book too for the thin and hip look. These include skipping breakfast, smoking, vomiting and taking diet pills.The mentors of these youngsters are film personalities and sports persons. What they don’t realize is t  (read full article)
Category :: Supplements Articles Author :: Ba Kiwanuka 
 Article Title :: Vitamins -- Why You Should Seriously Consider Supplementing
What Are Vitamins?Vitamins are organic compounds that are required by the body in very small amounts for normal growth and maintenance of good health to occur. Vitamins play vital roles in the metabolic processes of the body and a deficiency state for a particular vitamin will manifest with characteristic symptoms. Vitamins are broadly categorized into two types: Water Soluble Vitamins and Fat Soluble Vitamins.Water Soluble VitaminsThe water soluble vitamins include Vitamin C and the Vitamin B Complex group. They are so-called water soluble vitamins because they are easily and quickly lost in the urine and are not stored in the body.  (read full article)
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