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Categories :: Communications : VOIP Articles


Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Chris Fox 
 Article Title :: What Is VoIP And How Does VoIP Work?
VoIP will allow users to user their broadband connection to make phone calls over the Internet. The widespread use of VoIP has caused a revolution in the phone industry.With the VoIP service giving users the chance to make phone calls over the internet it is easy to see why this has rocked the telecom industry.VoIP at present is becoming the most cost effective way to make long distance telephone calls. Before VoIP telephone service providers had a strong hold on lucrative and 99% of the time over priced long distance services.Due to the introduction of Voip the long distance calling market has began to open to up to competition. The main reason for this  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Howard Conklin 
 Article Title :: Five Tips for Selecting a VoIP Provider
Choosing a VoIP provider can be a daunting task. There are several VoIP service providers from which to choose, making the decision a sometimes head-spinning adventure.To find a provider that's right for you, think about the following:1. Price -- What do you want to pay each month for your VoIP service? Most monthly fees range from $8 to $30. The lower the monthly fee, the less likely you are to get extra features. Sometimes, less expensive plans don't allow users to call outside the service provider's network.2. Features -- Is Caller ID important to you? Do you want voicemail? These features and others are not universally offered on all VoIP service plans, so make s  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Darrel Farris 
 Article Title :: Smart Choices in VoIP For New Users
The buzz surrounding Voice over IP technology has been growing for quite some time, but only recently has the notion of ditching standard telephone service grown so compelling that companies like Skype can claim over 215 million downloads of its product. In this article, we'll explore the current offerings and help you make wise choices while embarking on the VoIP path.Let's start with vocabulary. The most important and oft-repeated acronym you must learn and understand in regards to Voice over IP is SIP. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, a well-established, open-standard protocol that is the glue to the VoIP world. It allows a vast array of services, so  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Kevin Erickson 
 Article Title :: VoIP - What Is It and Why Do I Need It?
In the dynamically changing world of technology, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is one of the latest and potentially greatest wonders ever created by the human mind. Watch a techie show, read a techie magazine or talk to any cyber dude and most will acknowledge that VoIP is one of the coolest advancements they've ever been blessed to experience.On the other hand, for the vast majority who are not techie-nerds and who are looking for a non-techie to English translation of what VoIP has done to induce such high praises, then sit back, relax and read a bit more. In a nutshell, VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the internet, using your computer, to pretty much anywhere on t  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Juzaily Ramli 
 Article Title :: Discover Why You Should Switch To VoIP
We have heard of VoIP. We know what it is. But why should we switch from our Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to VoIP? Why should we join the many major corporations clamouring to transform their business needs to VoIP? Why should we jump on the bandwagon of the many households who are confidently switching to VoIP?The answers all come down to the many benefits that VoIP offers. The advantages of VoIP have been proven time and time again. The most appealing of all the benefits is that it is cost efficient. VoIP transfers voice into digital data over the Internet. As the data is smaller compared to a standard electric unit, users save on valuable bandwidth. Ever wondered how  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Ramzes Berezecki 
 Article Title :: How You Can Benefit From VoIP
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is quickly taking the internet over by storm.The most obvious benefit of VoIP is the big savings it provides compared to what people pay for their phone service from their telephone company.Let us have a closer look. Say you pay $30 a month for your basic telephone line, that will be $360 a year. That does not include any extras like Caller ID, Call Forwarding or Voice Mail. Those alone can easily bring the annual basic phone bill to over $500 plus taxes.All that without considering any long distance costs. And you know how much that can add up to.Now, many VoIP providers give you a year of full featured internet  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Benjamin Hargis 
 Article Title :: What is VOIP Also Known As Voice Over Internet Protocol
I hear allot about VOIP what is it?VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Basically it means making phones calls over your local area network (LAN) or even across the Internet.VOIP is normally cheaper than your PSTN that’s public switched telephone network i.e. your local carrier.VOIP is a good choice for businesses as well to save money on long distance calls if they have many satellite offices. VOIP service providers usually have lower fees because they are not a government regulated currently as the phone systems which at one time were a monopoly. VOIP can even be free if you connect directly to another VOIP client.VOIP routers can send your incomin  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Claudia Walters 
 Article Title :: Overview on VoIP Services
Recently, Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) pops up as one of the hottest technologies in the world. VoIP is a method for taking analog voice signal, turning it into digital signal, and transmitting it over the Internet connections. This in turn enables users to make Internet phone calls without going thru the phone company service.As the technology is now getting more reliable and offers much lower rates, it has gained huge popularity for long distance voice transfers over traditional analog long distance services. Some even see VoIP as the revolutionary technology that will replace the conventional phone systems entirely.How VoIP works?VoIP phone calls is done in t  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Michael Lemm 
 Article Title :: Why Is VoIP Good For Small Business?
The most immediate benefit of VoIP for most businesses is savings on long distance charges. Companies equipped for VoIP can place long-distance calls over the Internet rather than the PSTN and avoid paying long distance charges. Since most companies already pay for broadband Internet connections, the only additional requirement is the equipment that connects telephones to the IP network.The so called "VoIP revolution" in telecommunications can benefit many consumers. The group who stands to gain the most....if they're smart...are small businesses.In addition to the cost savings, bringing voice and data together on one network opens the door to new services. Advanced confere  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Anthony Jones 
 Article Title :: Why My Business Chose VOIP
My world got smaller, my business grew five times over, and I got talkingI'm a web designer and I work wacky hours, push buttons on a computer, talk to a lot of people, send out email, drink coffee, like the Discovery Channel and enjoy running my own business. My business consists of working with people, helping businesses out, generating ideas, communicating with others, creating reports, talking to people. Sometime I talk about business, sometimes about the internet and sometimes I talk about nothing. If you catch me in an espresso moment, you'll probably want to stop talking to me after a while.My business has clients that are everywhere in the world. My   (read full article)
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