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Categories :: Communications : VOIP Articles


Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Seymour Brown 
 Article Title :: Voice Over Internet Protocol - A Few Things You Need To Know First
Unless you have had your head in the sand lately you will have heard of VOIP. Everyone seems to be talking about VOIP, but you can be forgiven for probably not knowing much about it. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and if you believe the media hype this new phone service is about to revolutionise the telecommunications market. As with a lot of new technological developments there are a few causes for concerns that you probably will not hear the marketing campaigns talk about.What is it?Just to give you a bit of background lets take a look at how VOIP works for those of you that are unsure. You will need to have a broadband Internet connection and to then open an  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Alen Wilson 
 Article Title :: Benefits of Adding VOIP
VOIP technology is on the rise and major corporations are transferring their business needs over to VOIP and houseolds worldwide are also switching to VOIP. VOIP is produced by transferring voice into digital data over the Internet. You can use VOIP only if you have high-speed broadband connection at home. You then need to purchase an equipment called VOIP phone adapter to use VOIP. The phone adapter will allow you to use all your telephones with VOIP technology. Also you may have to purchase a router. Most of the VOIP providers will supply you with the hardware that is required. You can even purchase phones designed for VOIP.With VOIP becoming the wave of the   (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Justin Brown 
 Article Title :: VoIP: A New Era?
Well let’s begin with what VoIP is. In short, it allows you to make phone calls over the internet using your broadband connection, but has many benefits:- You can make phone calls from virtually anywhere in the world to anywhere else using your computer.- Depending on the speed of your connection, you are able to make several calls at the same time.- If you move home, you are able to keep your same number, even if you move from one side of the world to the other. As you do not have an actual land line, but a converter that has a number assigned, as long as keep the converter with you, you can plug it into any broadband connection and immediately utilize your usual  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Cameron George Elliott 
 Article Title :: An In-Depth, Qualitative Analysis and Comparison of Five Telephony Systems Models
An in-depth, qualitative analysis and comparison of five telephony systems models.After exhaustive research on the five main telephony systems models, the following illustrates main points of each model and delves deep into each model's positive and negative attributes. The five telephony systems are explored in order of least advanced to most. Plain Old Telephone System: POTS is the original telephony system, a throwback to days when you would share a malt with your best gal and dance to Sinatra on your victrola. POTS work thusly: telephone wires link a carrier to a business, allowing telephony services to take place. All phones i  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Jane Perkis 
 Article Title :: 10 Reasons Why VoIP is Great for Business
I've used VoIP technology for the past few years for my home line, and recently made the switch to using VoIP for my business, as well. For those who may not know, the acronym VoIP stands for "voice-over-ip", and, essentially, means that our phone calls can now travel over data lines, much the same way our email does.If you follow telecommunications at all, you may remember the early days of this kind internet telephony: users needed a computer, an internet connection, and a headset with microphone in order to make and receive calls. The amount of equipment required was rather cumbersome, and one could only make calls while sitting at the computer. Now, though, the communi  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Hadi Shavarini 
 Article Title :: Reduce Operating Costs, Gain efficiency, and Compete Effectively with VoIP
Imagine phones (that look like regular phones as we-know-it-today) connecting to the Internet via an Ethernet jack (similar to a PC) instead of the phone plug on the wall. These are called IP-based phones. These phones do not use analog phone lines - instead they get connected to the Internet. One would pick up the receiver and make a phone call just as it is done today and VoIP converts the human voice into IP packets (data similar to email data) and pushes it out through the Internet to the phone switch where it is terminated. In a nut shell, VoIP digitalizes voice into data packets, sending them and reconverting them back into voice at destination.What are the benefits of  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Thomas Schueneman 
 Article Title :: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using VoIP
VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is fast becoming the darling of the telcoms. Everyone is jumping on the internet phone (or ip phone) bandwagon and the promise of cheap phone service for all.However, like all emerging technologies, the hype sometimes outruns the reality, and while VoIP is certainly a promising new technology that will undoubtedly change the way we think of the telephone, there are still a few bugs in the system. It isn’t right or even available for everyone yet, but for many VoIP provides an attractive alternative to traditional phone service.Let’s run down a brief overview of the principal advantages and disadvantages of VoIP.Advantages   (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Daymon Hoag 
 Article Title :: Cheapest Solution in VoIP Broadband Phone Service
VoIP is an abbreviation for voice over Internet protocol. It is easy to confuse VoIP with broadband phone service. Though broadband phone service uses the voice over Internet protocol to send and receive phone calls, it is not actually VoIP. As of now, VoIP basically comes in three forms, PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, and Broadband telephone service.You may have used the most common PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone VoIP services without even realizing it. Have you ever used Yahoo Messenger to call someones computer? If you have, you've used Yahoo's free PC-to-PC VoIP service. Additionally, Yahoo Messenger allows you to call someones home telephone from your computer for a small  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Alen Wilson 
 Article Title :: Select the Best VOIP Provider
Consider the following points before selecting the best VOIP provider:Comparison of call charges of various VOIP providers:The most important benefit of VOIP usage is cost savings, which motivates you to use VOIP. So, you should analyse the VOIP call rate list to ensure maximum cost advantage. Some VOIP companies offer plans with minute-rate charges while some offer plans for unlimited usage.Another factor that you need to consider is the amount of time for which you may use the service in a month. If you do a lot of calling, you need a package from a provider with cheaper rates for heavy usage but if you are a light user, then the provider who offers a   (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Alen Wilson 
 Article Title :: VoIP Telephony: Is That Right For Home Use
VOIP has created so much hype that by now, everyone is aware about the fact that VOIP is a computer phone that allows you to make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the world. Over the next couple of years phone over Internet will be the norm for most homes and businesses. A VOIP provider can save you upto 75% on your telephone/long distance expenses.Even now, not everyone is sure how to go about this technology for home use and does it have any benefit for your family. So lets clear our doubts regarding this technology.First of all, you must have a high-speed Internet connection, which can be, satellite, or DSL Internet. The high-speed connection is required fo  (read full article)
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