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Categories :: Communications : VOIP Articles


Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Todd Cardin 
 Article Title :: Defining VoIP
When I opened Todd Cardin Answering Service twenty years ago there were not a lot of options in phone service. Today there are so many options and choices in telephony that it is mind boggling. It is confusing living with so many choices. Even those of us in the telecommunications industry find it impossible to keep up with everything. This is especially true for voice over IP.Many people hear the term Voice over IP or broadband telephone service and still are not sure what that means. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Using VoIP, voice information is converted into digital packets and sent over the Internet, and then converted back into analog signals before reaching  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Lucas Velloso 
 Article Title :: What You MUST Know About VOIP
VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) represents the next generation of Phone services. The VoIP technology uses a high speed internet connection (such as DSL or cable) rather than a traditional phone line, for the transmission of voice signals. The use of this technology costs significantly less than the use of traditional phone lines. Think of it as having to send a document to someone by fax versus sending the same document by e-mail. Which option is cheaper? The cost of faxing a document depends on where you’re faxing it to and how many pages you’re faxing (and therefore how long you’ll use the phone line). E-mailing the document costs the same thing regardless of where you’re e  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: James Swainston 
 Article Title :: VOIP - The Phone Service for Your Internet
What is it?VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means your voice will get sent across the Internet instead of through the traditional telephone circuit network.The biggest question you may have is why should I consider VOIP service over traditional phone service?This is the question I first had when considering VOIP as well. I found the advantages of VOIP far outweigh that of the traditional phone system. Among these advantages are significant cost savings, unlimited talking over both local and long distance, the ability to select any area code you want, and the huge amount of features available.Cost SavingsThe low-cost was my main reason f  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Paul W Wilson 
 Article Title :: Reasons Why Your Business Will Benefit From VOIP
VoIP services have several advantages for businesses. As phone calls are transmitted over the internet as data, the service dramatically lowers telecommunication costs. Whether you are in a car or at a business meeting thousands of miles away you can still make as well as receive calls without incurring great expenses. And, you will never miss a call or communication from a client. Where you go your business connections will go with you.With advances in technology, it is no longer essential for you or your caller to be seated at a computer terminal. VoIP calls can be made using standard phones or IP phones. You can reap the benefits by using the extensive internet network in your o  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Tom Pisarski 
 Article Title :: VOIP Against the Traditional Phone Services
VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - allows you to make telephone calls using a computer network in very simple way . It converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that’s why you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. You can change the way you think about long-distance phone calls. People generally like to use the new technology because its costs are less than traditional phone Below are listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using VOIP .VOIP offers you: Lower costs per call, especially for long-distance calls VOIP can reduce international call tolls by as much as 40%. You can talk with many people at the same time witho  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Bob Hett 
 Article Title :: VoIP Phone Reviews
VoIP is the fastest growing internet communication service. With features and services not normally found in traditional landlines, it is fast becoming the number one choice of people.At first, people have been skeptical to use VoIP but soon found out the effectiveness and convenience of VoIP.VoIP phones are now changing people’s perspective on the use of telephone. If you want a phone, it can be a good choice.VoIP offers standard features that regular landline phones often charges extra. For instance, free or low cost long distance calls are often not available in regular landlines. This is because VoIP uses the internet to make a call. Since the internet offers fr  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Bill Casey 
 Article Title :: Support Your Remote Workers and Telecommuters with a VOIP Hosted PBX
For several decades executives have recognized the significant cost and productivity advantages associated with remote workers. In the 80s and 90s, the expense of providing full support and integration of telecommuters into the corporate environment offset much of the projected cost advantages.Today, with the high penetration of broadband in the home coupled with advances in internet-based telecommunications systems such as Hosted PBX solutions, migrating employees from office workers to remote workers is not only cost-effective, it has also become a high priority with a large percentage of companies. Getting employees out of the office workspace and into their home office workspac  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Dana Abrames 
 Article Title :: The FCC Unanimously Approves Mandatory 911 for VoIP Service
The Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved a 10-page measure that will require Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers to provide a reliable 911 system to their customers. The measure will also require that state and local governments to levy taxes on VoIP service providers in exchange for providing access to 911 dispatchers. Internet phone providers have 120 days to improve the current 911 situations.The new FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin stated, "The requirement to provide access to 911 is about public safety. Because the commission previously found that the VoIP services at issue were interstate, the commission assumed the responsibility to ensure that basic pu  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Dana Abrames 
 Article Title :: Hotels Now Using VoIP
The days of expensive hotel phone bills are over, with the rise of more and more hotels offering broadband Internet service to their customer, Internet telephone use is on the rise. With a broadband connection provided by the hotel, users can now use Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP to stay connected with their family, friends and office. This is especially good news to oversea travelers as the rate to call back to the United States is extremely high in most international hotels. While most hotels do have a charge to access the Internet, the charge is usually much lower than the cost of making just one 10 minute call to the US.The Residence Inn in New Haven Connecticut has beco  (read full article)
Category :: VOIP Articles Author :: Paul W Wilson 
 Article Title :: VOIP Facilitates Small Businesses
Imagine, VOIP has been declared by greats like Forbes.com to be “the four letter word for growth.” It is widely acknowledged that technology can spur growth and businesses, even small ones that integrate new technologies, have a strategic and competitive edge over others.VOIP offers great benefits. It involves the setting up of just one network that will encompass so many functions at extremely affordable costs. Studies show that the phone bill can be culled to half or even lower.Although cost savings is reason 1 for installing VoIP there are by other great advantages. In the case of small businesses, you can choose any area code irrespective of where you operate from.   (read full article)
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