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Categories :: Leisure & Recreation : Vacation Articles


Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Gail Nettles 
 Article Title :: Wekiwa Springs: Orlando's Secret State Park
What piece of natural Florida is within shouting distance of Disneyworld, yet worlds away from the ordinary? Where you can travel back in time to the Florida that once was?Welcome to Wekiwa Springs State Park, near Orlando, Florida.Springs of DelightWekiwa Springs State Park is well-known by the Orlando residents, but it's a secret to most visitors. Hidden away in Apopka, the Springs are a wilderness wonderland.The most obvious thing about the park is its main spring and swimming area. The water is crystal clear and makes for some great snorkeling! But it's a bit on the chilly side, at a cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit year around.Back in TimeIf yo  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Ashley J 
 Article Title :: Best Deal for Orlando Vacation Rental Homes:Orlando Rental Home Vacation Package
Orlando’s most familiar landmark is undoubtedly the turreted Cinderella Castle that stands in the centre of the original Disney Florida theme park, the Magic Kingdom at Lake Buena Vista. A beach condo, a beach home or a cozy vacation rental home from alwaysonvacation.com lets you to experience thrilling roller coaster rides, enjoy the signature Disney parade; dine with the Disney characters and of course shop in the World of Disney, the largest Disney character shop.Rent out a beach vacation home in Orlando and expect the unexpected in its many theme parks as you come face-to-face with wild animals, dinosaurs, loveable characters, spectacular shows and attractions at Anima  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Joe Collinsworth 
 Article Title :: Go 5-Star at Discount Rates...Tips & Tricks for Finding a Discount Hotel Rate!
How would you like to stay in a 4 or 5-star Florida hotel and receive a discount hotel rate? Of course you would.When picking a hotel for your vacation, there is always something to remember...You get what you pay for! There is a huge difference between a luxury hotel and a cheap motel. Although you may not plan to be in your room often, you still want to take finding a hotel very seriously.This article is set up to provide you with tips on finding a discount hotel rate in luxury -type spots. You will learn that with a little extra effort, you can have a fine hotel for a fraction of the cost!! Let's not waste time dilly-dallying around and get to the meat of finding   (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Kornelia Wallon 
 Article Title :: Sardinia - Gastronomical, Nature, Festivals
GastronomicalAmong the best known Sardinian paste are malloreddus. They are made from semolina and warm lightly salted water, which in the best Sardinian gastronomy tradition are flavoured with saffron. They look like an empty shell and are characterised by small rises obtained by rolling small pieces of pasta in the bottom of a basket. There is also fregula which are small hand made balls of pasta which are toasted in an oven. They are very good in soup or seasoned with fresh sausage and tomato. Pillus is a semi-fresh pasta similar to "tagliolini" which is cooked in beef or sheep stock served on a bed of fresh sheep's cheese. Panadas are salted cakes which, depending on the are  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Kumar Ravi 
 Article Title :: Of Shipwrecks And Hooped Skirts
Ships have been linked to Australian history through an umbilical cord. And so have been shipwrecks. Sail by the coasts of Australia, and you are sure to find one or two submerged hulks peeping out of the ocean surface. Sail by the North East coast, and chances are you will join the host of submerged hulks in the Great Barrier Reef, a magical stretch of ocean that has brought down many. There are many enchanting and romantic tales of such bravado, ill-fate, or sheer pig-headedness around such wrecks. This is one such.Early in 20th century, 1911 to be precise, Magnetic Island was a rising centre of commerce. Doctor McCabe had a lavish paradise, aptly named Arcadia, where his rich fe  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Max Bellamy 
 Article Title :: Snorkeling Vacations
Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean are popular locations for snorkeling vacations, along with Australia and Bali.Bali is known for its temples and volcanoes. Rich in culture and mythology, a world of sensory delights is opened to travelers of all ages. The island boasts of mountain streams and beaches lined with palm trees where Technicolor fish, including the kingfisher are in abundance. There are also tropical retreats famous for their spas, cuisine and pools. The Ayung River in Bali is located amidst a rain forest and surrounded by teak trees.The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the most accessible reefs offering snorkeling opportunities with many guided tours avai  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Williams, Maria 
 Article Title :: Vacation in Blackpool
Introduction Blackpool is a seaside town in England, on the coast of the Irish Sea. It is traditionally part of Lancashire but on April 1, 1998 was made into an independent unitary authority. It is believed to get its name from a long gone drainage channel which ran over a peat bog. The water which ran into the sea at Blackpool was black from the peat and formed a "black pool" in the relatively clean waters of the Irish Sea. History During Roman times, the Fylde, was an area of oak forests and impassable bogs. The Romans built a road through Preston to a settlement outside Kirkham fort and this continued westwards, probably towards a   (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Noel Warnham 
 Article Title :: Discount Barbados Vacation
The words Barbados and discount would not normally appear in the same sentence, however, if you are not incredibly wealthy or just don’t fancy spending several thousand per person on your next vacation, Barbados may still be within reach, and at a discount.Your first consideration will be when to go… high season should obviously be avoided. If you are serious about saving money you will also want to try and pin down a deal on your flight to Barbados. Your saving here will probably be more significant the further you are traveling (sounds obvious). Someone flying from Europe may have more to gain than someone flying from Florida.Going off-season will discount your vacatio  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Iain Williams 
 Article Title :: Booking Your Family Holidays Online
With the Internet being more accessible than ever before, people are online for longer and at a later hour, it's even starting to replace the television for evening entertainment in some housholds.Holiday companies are adapting to this demand by offering their holidays online, "no great shakes there then" I hear you say. But holidays cost a lot, who is going to spend over a thousand pounds online not knowing if the holiday is actually available.With the holiday companies that say "book online" but you find out it's just an enquiry form, i feel this is at the least mis-leading and a nuisance. Customer confidence is what is needed, companies have to offer their product in a cl  (read full article)
Category :: Vacation Articles Author :: Shawn Kosloff 
 Article Title :: Hilton Head, SC: Vacation Paradise
When most people think of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina their thoughts naturally turn to its white sand beaches and lush green golf courses. With over twelve miles of beaches and 30 championship golf courses, it’s the Low Country’s own version of “surf and turf”. But there’s a lot more to do in this vacation paradise than sunning yourself on the beach and playing a round or two of golf.Hilton Head also features some of the finest shopping in South Carolina. With its upscale shops and boutiques, both Shelter Cove Harbour and Harbour Town are favorites among locals and tourists. And why not? After a round of shopping you can enjoy lunch, dinner, or your favorite libati  (read full article)
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