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Categories :: Internet Business : Web Hosting Articles


Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Luis Perez 
 Article Title :: Why one-man-basement-operations will not do for your hosting service.
A proliferation of hosting setups run by kids out of their dorms or by hobbyists from their basements, as cash cow part-time operations, have had the effect giving the hosting industry a bad name mainly because of the poor service that has been on offer. Nightmare stories abound from web site owners who made the mistake of casually signing off their e-commerce operations to the mercies of poor hosting services. Still the proliferation of hosting services has had the good effect of dramatically bringing down prices. Still, the obvious disadvantage of low prices on the other hand has been that it has kept away many real professional companies from entering the industry. This has meant that  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Luis Perez 
 Article Title :: The two most important things you need to run a wildly successful web site
There are really only two major and really important things you need to do to run a wildly successful e-commerce web site. If you do not have these two, it really doesn’t matter what else you have or do, your web site is guaranteed to fail. On the other hand if you do have these two and nothing else, your chances of success are still very high. That’s how important these two very important qualities are. a)You will need a reliable and efficient web host. Many web site owners tend to ignore this fact and yet there is mounting evidence that many web site hosts who do not offer services that are of a good enough quality are stifling some really good web sites. No matter how good a job y  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Luis Perez 
 Article Title :: Why slow access to your site is killing your business
People on the net are usually in a terribly big hurry. There are usually a lot of things to see and virtually no time to check it out. So how much time will the typical web browser give to a site that’s taking a little too long to open? How much time do you give such sites yourself? Get the picture? Matters become even more critical when somebody is using a search engine, like the majority of visitors to your web site will be doing. Somebody has just typed in a few key words into a search engine. The long list of headlines and web sites that are generated mean nothing to them. All they want is relevant information as quickly as possible. What this means is that all that fortune spent on  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Luis Peres 
 Article Title :: How to succeed as a web host reseller
Web hosting services are in very high demand and therefore any re-seller who knows what they are doing can make a bundle quickly without too much trouble. However, just like in any other business, one needs to be cautious and to be very much aware of exactly what they are doing. The first and most important thing you need to do is find a reliable web hosting service. And that host also needs to have a good reseller program. There are not too many around that have this ideal combination but they are there, if you know where to look. A reliable web host will mean that the clients you sign up will not run into problems and in case they do, the host must be able to provide proper customer se  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Dale Ronewicz 
 Article Title :: Finding the Right Web Host
Choosing the right Web Hosting service for your website can be a little bit confusing. There's so many choices out there and many people aren't exactly sure what they should be looking for. Here's a few things you should take into consideration when looking for a Web Host: File Storage Space/ Disk Space How much disk space do you need? That depends on how many files (pages) you plan to upload to your hosting space. If it's a personal or ecommerce site (a site that sells products) with just a few pages and graphics, than 25 MB of disk space a month should be more than enough. If it's a multi-page site such as an online shopping mall, then 2000 MB would be safe. Storage space is specifi  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Kenneth L. Cluck III 
 Article Title :: Does my Business Need a Website?
Does my business need a website? That’s a question many people ask. Well, you see all the time businesses telling you go to some URL (web address) to find more information, to order products, or to purchase services. That's a question that business owners everywhere should ask themselves. The next question is “How do I do this?” Well, it may not be as hard or expensive as you may think. When someone learns about your business they look at contact information a lot more than you may think. You own a professional business and your customers expect you to be professional. Even if you don’t generate revenue from going online, it’s still a very good idea. Also, it’s very easy to d  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: David Leonhardt 
 Article Title :: Why web hosts and ISPs need web site monitoring
Why web hosts and ISPs need web site monitoring By David Leonhardt If you have spent much time earning a living on the Internet, few things will surprise you. However, I am always amazed with how many companies and individuals make astounding claims without backing them up. Web hosts and ISPs make such claims all the time: 99% uptime. Some web hosts post on their site live results of their uptime from a third-party web site monitoring company. However, those hosts are very few. Here are four reasons why every web host and ISP (Internet service provider) should post uptime and connectivity statistics from an independent, third-party web site monitoring firm, with an external monitoring n  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Ratliff J 
 Article Title :: Web Hosting
There are literally thousands of places to get Free web hosting. Maybe you already have one. Are you happy with it? Do you wish you could do away with the advertising you must put up with? There a number of reasons why you should not use free web hosting. If you only have a personal website for friends or family, than a free website is fine. However, if you are trying to sell a product or attract people to your website, it is a bad idea. Here is why. 1. Free Websites have no guarantee. They may be here today gone tomorrow. 2. Free websites usually put ads on their website, making your website look like an advertising medium for who knows what product. 3. Who is going to remember the lo  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: By Arun Tibrewal (www.i-wayhost.net) 
 Article Title :: Choosing a right hosting solution
You have done all the hard works for developing your website but when it comes selecting your host you may face trouble that it does not have all the features which is required by your site. It is important to do some research before choosing a right hosting solution. A website is an important identity of yours and it is the responsibilities of the host make it visible at World Wide Web. Selecting the right solution for your business will provide greater impact on your business. before hiring any service i suggest you to do a research on web, discuss with hosting providers, take suggestions from other users after all there are quality service providers also exists. Just spending a portion   (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Mary Hedden 
 Article Title :: 9 Steps to Successfully Switching to a New Web Hosting Company
9 Steps to Successfully Switching to a New Web Hosting Company Switching to a new web hosting company can be a difficult task, but we have provided you a list of things to do that can make your transition much smoother. 1. Before you sign up for your new web hosting services, make sure that your new plan offers all of the same features that your web site is currently using. Do you have enough disk space? Does your new plan offer enough bandwidth? Is it using the same operating system (Windows or Unix)? Also make sure that your new plan supports any programming languages that you are currently using. 2. Once you have researched the company and verified that the new web hosting company   (read full article)
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