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Categories :: Internet Business : Web Hosting Articles


Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Brian Shoemaker 
 Article Title :: Paid vs. Free Web Hosting
It really depends on what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish. There are advantages and disadvantages for both paid and free web hosting. Free Web Hosting Advantages: - The most obvious benefit is that it's free. - You can use your free web space to practice programming. Not many, but some free web hosting plans support a programming language such as PHP, ASP, CGI/Perl, Coldfusion or JSP. - A free web hosting plan is great for creating a small personal website. Disadvantages: - A bunch of free web hosts place their banner and text ads on your website. - With a large number of free hosts, your website is placed in a sub-domain   (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Andy Lewis 
 Article Title :: Shared web hosting - the best small business hosting solution
It is very important to for any one entering into the web business to choose the right web-partners. If you get the right solutions at the right time from your web partners, even a small-web business start-up of yours can fast grow up to become one of the most successful internet businesses offering you high ROI. The right web partners help you to get good footing on the net from the very start of your small-business, be it in the terms of building your brand image and presence, search engine optimization or providing a small-business website hosting solution.The success of your small-business web site depends a lot on how you choose partners at each step of its development, right form des  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Brian Shoemaker 
 Article Title :: How to Change Web Hosts
So, you have decided to switch web hosts. It is recommended you start the process at least a few days before the time runs out on the account with your present host. This will keep your website from experiencing any downtime between the move. The first thing to do, after you have searched and found a new web host, is create a backup of your website. Make a new folder somewhere on your computer. Using your favorite FTP program, such as WS_FTP or Cute FTP (these and other FTP programs can be obtained at download.com), download all the files and folders on your website to the new folder you just made on your computer while maintaining the same folder and file structure (this   (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Kim Valentine 
 Article Title :: Steps to Avoiding the Wrong Web Hosts
There are quite simple & easy ways to choose the wrong web host. How do you avoid this pitfall? If you are new to e-commerce, you probably just started to take the internet seriously. Where do you begin? How to find the right web host. Finding the right host is not easy. There may seem a lot ( and there are!), but make sure to compare them on even footing. There is nothing worse than half way through your web site design, you realize that you need more space on the server or that the bandwidth will not accommodate the high volume of visitors you might get. To avoid this, you need to think ahead. What will your website be like in 6 months? Can the package you are choosing, handle the pote  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Kim Valentine 
 Article Title :: Web Hosting For Free!
Free Hosting, no charge! Sounds good to a new webmaster without much start up capital. If it says free and then attempts to charge you then guess what? It wasn't free. Free Hosting can be very good, and saves your pocket money. Most free hosts also offer other hosting package but has a basic or starter package that it advertises as free. These packages do not usually carry many features as the paying ones and are most suited to personal sites. Some free services offer a complete ecommerce site where all you need to do is to stock it with your own goods. The trick is as you market your site they benefit as your are benefiting their domain by driving traffic and pushing up their rank as the  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Robin Casey 
 Article Title :: Web Hosting Trends for 2006
iSeaNetworks is on a mission to help businesses host their websites. Seattle Company makes every effort in providing outstanding support and affordable services. *Online traffic and sales will reach record numbers in 2006 and continue to grow through 2008. There is definitely room for additional websites and products on the internet in 2006. If you are thinking about creating a website you have just made the right click. *US eCommerce will hit $230 billion in online retail sales by 2008. That is up from $96 billion in 2003. By 2008 online retail sales will account for 10% or more of the total US retail sales in 2008. There will be a total of 64 million US consumers that will shop online by  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: James Clark 
 Article Title :: Without Multiple Domain Hosting, Your Web Host Is Making You A Fool!
If your web host only allows you to host 1 domain name with 1 hosting account, please read on to learn why you have been taken advantage by your web host! Also, if you own multiple websites and you are hosting each of them with a different hosting account, you are paying too much! You can actually host all your websites into one single hosting account and save a lot of money. This type of hosting account is called "multiple domain hosting" account, which just get popular recently. The web hosting industries are now switching to the next important trend. Many web hosts have started to offer multiple domain hosting account. What that means is that you can host multiple websites under 1 host  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: B. Fleener 
 Article Title :: Fleener Web Hosting
World's most reliable web hosting   (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: H. Balsagnia 
 Article Title :: Paradigm Web Hosting Launches New Site - Powerful Web Hosting for $6.95 a Month??
Paradigm Web Hosting, a relatively new company in the web hosting world, has recently launched its new site, www.paradigmwebhosting.c om . After teaming up with BlueHost, a powerful force in modern hosting solutions, Paradigm decided to change their website, amongst other things. Formerly known only as TheSiteBuilders.com, the company offered everything from website design, to search engine optimization services, to custom graphic design. Then more and broader services began being offered, so an expansion was inevitable. With the new web hosting service came a new name, a new website, and a new idea: A web hosting package which offers more disk space, more bandwidth, more plug-ins and incl  (read full article)
Category :: Web Hosting Articles Author :: Randy L. 
 Article Title :: How To Be Sure A Web Host Has A Good Foundation
So you found a web host that you think will give you the service and quality you want, at a price you think is almost too good to be true? If this is the case, be very cautious as there are so many "web hosts" out there that are not what they appear to be. So how can you tell, other than a fancy website and a possibly a few testimonials on their site, how do you know anything at all about this web hosting provider? First, make sure they are a primary web host. In other words, make sure they are not just a reseller which is nothing more than a middle man between you and a web hosting provider. Go to www.domainwhitepages.com, type in their domain name and make sure they trace back to a reputa  (read full article)
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