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U 10 Sils :: Lyrics


Artist :: U 10 Sils
 Lyric :: This Be The End
What is wrong with you lately, I don’t give a shit, an’ frankly. All I want is for you to, shut your fuck in’, mouth. I know I haven’t been acting, normal My best-friend’s in some fuckin, trouble And you’re brea,kin’, my world apart. [CHORUS] too messed up gotta leave going to fast just gotta breathe life’s not fair, gotta bleed too messed up gotta leave Something’s wrong with me tonight, And if I try, I cant unwind, For this shit has gone, on, too long. It doesn’t matter what you say I’m fucked off, an’ this the day, I get even with you, and, the rest of them. [CHORUS] too messed up gotta leave going to fast just gott  (full lyric)

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