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Utopia :: Lyrics


Artist :: Utopia
Could be! Who knows? There's something due any day; I will know right away Soon as it shows. It may come cannonballin' down through the sky, Gleam in its eye, Bright as a rose! Who knows? It's only just out of reach, Down the block, on a beach, Under a tree. I got a feeling there's a miracle due, Gonna come true, Coming to me! Could it be? Yes it could. Something's coming, something good, If I can wait! Something's coming, I don't know what it is But it is Gonna be great! With a click, with a shock, Phone'll jingle, door'll knock, Open the latch! Something's coming, don't know when, but it's soon - Catch the moon, One-handed catch! Around the corner, Or wh  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Cry Baby
Cry to me, those were your very words You said cry to me, cry to me There you stood, laughing at my tears You said, silly boy, forget your childhood fears But you don't realize how strange it makes me feel Now we're exchanging parts Stop, you're breaking my heart Who's the crybaby now Cry to me, cry to me, you're the crybaby now Cry to me, cry Who's the crybaby, who's breaking my heart Lie to me, you know that I know you too well So don't you lie to me, lie to me I watch you from afar, crying up your sleeve When they turn away, so they'll still believe you don't need no one But I'm the only one that sees how you're torn apart Stop you're breaking my heart Who's the crybab  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
I don't know the reason why I seem to need a release I can't stand to beg for favors like a child on his knees But I won't go on a minute 'til I get me some peace On the road to Armageddon I done things I'd be ashamed to see in black and white There are times I miss distinctions over wrong and right But I'm gonna get an answer when I get there tonight On the road to Armageddon It's the wrong world I must be on the wrong planet I been checkin' it out And I know what it's all about Mr. and Mrs. Universe In their cabin in the sky She's a little bit of heaven He's one hell of a guy And like all suburban couples they may have a spat But that is that It's back to normal   (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Love Is The Answer
Name your price A ticket to paradise I can't stay here any more And I've looked high and low I've been from shore to shore to shore If there's a short cut I'd have found it But there's no easy way around it Light of the world, shine on me Love is the answer Shine on us all, set us free Love is the answer Who knows why Someday we all must die We're all homeless boys and girls And we are never heard It's such a lonely world People turn their heads and walk on by Tell me, is it worth just another try? Tell me, are we alive, or just a dying planet? What are the chances? Ask the man in your heart for the answers And when you feel afraid, love one another When you'v  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Do Ya
Well, in this life I seen everything I can see Well I, I've seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand, I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun, And I've seen sweet dreams that came from the heavenly skies above. I've seen old ladies crying at their own grave sides, And I've seen pigs all sitting, looking at picture slides But I never seen nothin' like you. Do ya, do ya want my love Do ya, do ya want my face Do ya, do ya want my mind Well I, heard the choir singin' out of tune, As they sang Auld Lang Syne by the light of the moon. I heard the preacher bangin' on the drums, But I never heard nothing like you. In the country, where the sky touches down On the  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Everybody Else Is Wrong
At the edge of the world The sun pouring down We must be heading home I completely agree I’ve just been waiting for the right words to come along Everybody else is wrong Doesn’t everyone concur, oh no Thank you for the vote of confidence I feel so much surer now that Everybody else is wrong In the prime of one’s life One must be aware It’s such a weary job But I’ve made up my mind I’ve just been waiting for the right choice to come along Please don’t turn out the light My pen is on fire The masterpiece revealed Put your wallets in hand If you’ve been waiting for the answer to come along  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: I’m Looking At You But I’m Talking To Myself
I’m looking at you but I’m talking to myself Looking straight at you but I’m talking to myself Talking to myself ’cause I still can remember Words that didn’t sound so well planned What is wrong with me? You don’t have to pretend to understand Every moment, I am thinking to myself It seems so different, I am thinking to myself Thinking to myself And I don’t want to face it Why is everything so past tense? What is wrong with me? This just don’t seem to make any sense And I’m looking at you but I’m talking to myself Looking straight at you but I’m talking to myself It wasn’t over, I was hoping to myself We’ve got forever, I was hoping to myse  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Rape of The Young
Hey mister exxon Won’t you have pity Won’t you have pity on the guiltless ones Hey mister chrysler Won’t you think about it Won’t you think about it? judgment day has begun What will become of tomorrow’s children Who gives a damn for tomorrow’s children Pay no mind, you just keep on takin’ Keep on takin’ ’til there’s nothing at all Sit on your hands and don’t say nothin’ Cover your eyes, you won’t see nothin’ Cry for the innocent sent to war (don’t tell a soul) Shed a tear for the one’s waiting at the door (they’ll never know) It’s the last generation of a world gone blind (you better watch your tongue) It’s the violation of the unbor  (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Crazy Lady Blue
Lost through a hole in the garden wall On the wrong side of the looking glass Call, should you need a companion home You know you only need to ask Crazy lady blue I sympathize with what you're going through Crazy lady blue I'm crazy just to have you be my love Hide in the puzzle you call your world Baby, i know all about the game Cry when the walls of the maze crash down I'll come and take away your pain Crazy lady blue Someday your head may get the best of you Crazy lady blue I'm crazy just to have you be my love   (full lyric)
Artist :: Utopia
 Lyric :: Abandon City
Did you see the color of the water coming out of the tap? Did you hear the chatter of the hammer When you're trying to nap? There's nothing on the counter at the a&p store The bank don't even bother now to open the door It ain't pretty, pity Abandon city Everybody over the side The hour is late, they're closing the gate, no time to decide Abandon city Yeah, you better run for your lives There's nothing to spare The cupboard is bare The bees have all left the hive Someone's doing a non-stop performance Of "the rape of the lock" No one's got the nerve to take a tiptoe after seven o'clock And everybody's looking for a piece of the rock And i just want to get my cad  (full lyric)
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