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Ultimate Sacrifice :: Lyrics


Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: Fencewalker
Streets tonight, marvel at the sight Local bars, flashy cars Modern twenty-first century man All alone, grab my car phone Wait for the beep, and I'm glued to my seat I must say I'm not impressed Doesn't do much for me It's all a lie Doesn't do much for me God, how I try Doesn't do much for me My life is mine Doesn't do much for me Look what I've found, our world's goin' down Modern war, what's in store Come on, I'm not like that Corner offers, and I'd rather not bother Media agrees, sex is free It's not my way of life Culture shock, stop the clock Upper aids, razor blades  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: Friday Night
Fencewalker, will you ever fall off Lukewarmer, will you ever become cold or hot We're not playin' some game Is that so hard to see 'Cause what we're talking about Is eternity Come back, come back to me Come back, come back to me Splinterseeker, what about the log in your eye Compromiser, don't you know it's not enough to just get by Game player, will you ever win Self-pleaser, will you ever get tired of your sin Can't you hear My Voice calling Softly beckoning Come back, Come back to me Come back, Come back to me  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: I Am Loved
Monday morning gettin' ready to go All dressed up for that fashion show Tuesday's bell gettin' ready to ring Time for work the same old thing Friday Night Friday Night on the town Friday Night Nothing can keep us down Friday Night Gettin' wild all around Friday Night Wednesday's past Thursday's here Weekend's coming and it's oh so near Friday's slow tension gettin' high Taking a test just tryin' to get by Saturday morning couldn't get out of bed Legs couldn't move from pounding in my head Waited all week for that night on the town How can one night leave me feelin' so down...  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: Raining
Sitting here on center stage Looking all around Oh Lord, just you and me There's no one for a crowd I wonder why I'm sitting here Is it for me or you God I pray that you will be In everything I do I am loved by the Lord of love His mercy falls down from Heaven above His peace soars through me like a dove I am loved. I take my place on the stage Looking for what's ahead Thank you for the chance you've given me There's nothing more to be said Things are falling into place I keep my eyes on you Some here who've strayed from the path Oh, I don't know who Singing for your people  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: Roller Coaster
There's rain outside I've nowhere to hide But still I hide from You The pain is so deep But I cannot keep My fears hidden from You Ohh, it's rainin' in my heart Ohh, it's rainin' in my heart My flesh is weak I cannot speak But I fight to find a way I feel alone Yet still I know That You will always stay There's rain outside You're by my side I've nothing left to fear I thought You'd gone But all along You were waiting here Ohh, it's Another Stormy Night  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: The American Way
Rick was just an average guy Half - hearted faith Wanted to cross the finish line He didn't care which place Leading a double-life Pretending here and there He knew what he was doing But he really didn't care! Roller coaster Christian We don't see you when you cry Tryin' to make decisions What does it mean when you die Roller coaster Christian Give up your alibi Kris was in the choir On church right on time Just copyin' her friends She didn't know the crime She went through all the motions But when all was said and done She really didn't care That God had sent His Son  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: What Happened
Find a friend, lose control Fall in love and lose your soul Settle down, buy a ring Wait awhile, have a fling Work it out, raise a kid Then look back at what you did Never alone, so it's okay Just livin' life the American Way Life and liberty The pursuit of happiness A freedom country, yet The chains still bind our wrists Whatever happened to the thankfulness? Run the race, don't get behind Win the game and lose your mind Nine to five, you finally arrived But mixed up lived with survived Own a house, drive two cars Quit cigarettes and smoke cigars Never alone, yeah it's okay  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ultimate Sacrifice
 Lyric :: Doesnt Do Much for Me
Intro (from Peggy Sue Got Married) I've got the hair, I've got the teeth I've got the eyes Well Peggy, take a look outside the window I've got the car I'm the lead singer I'm the man Verse 1 She, she come to me and set me free That makes me feel good ah yeah She, she's New York grown 'n I'm all alone She makes me feel good ah yeah Never going down a suckerpath baby Never going down a suckerpath baby Never going down a suckerpath baby Never going down a suckerpath Verse 2 She, she makes me real and sex appeal That makes me feel good ah yeah She, she fills my soul, It makes me whol  (full lyric)

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