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Uncle Kracker F/ Kid Rock :: Lyrics


Artist :: Uncle Kracker F/ Kid Rock
 Lyric :: Intro (Double Wide)
Kracker - I guess this is where I get off Kid Rock - Yep, remember everything I told you Kracker - Yep Kid Rock - Got Your Song Book? Kracker - Yep Kid Rock - Got them beats I gave you? Kracker - Yep Kid Rock - Money? Kracker - Yep Kid Rock - Cell Phone? Kracker - Uh huh Kid Rock - What's wrong Kracker - What if I don't make it Kid Rock - That's impossible Kracker - But what if Kid Rock - Fuck what and tell if to suck my dick Kracker - Alright Kid Rock - I taught you to well for that Kid Rock - Besides the money's already made and the foundation has already be  (full lyric)
Artist :: Uncle Kracker F/ Kid Rock
 Lyric :: What You Looking At?
Seven fourty seven come eleven or bust. Somebody take me home I wanna live in lust But trust is low, and stakes are high. that's all I ever did in Denver was die that's all I ever did in New York was die that's all I ever did in L.A. was die So put em up put em up to the sky and wave bye bye to Mrs. American Pie (bye bye) cause you been telling lies you took it all and abused it whatever happened to the feel good music? some where some how some way some body pulled the plug and left me sitting in a dirty little pub I gotta tell ya baby, lifes been good to me and I know that makes you m  (full lyric)

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