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Undeclinable Ambuscade :: Lyrics


Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: About Me
This is your one and only chance to really get to know me well And automatically take me more seriously I know I tried to deny what they’re saying about me And I guess that it’s all true, though I never wanted it to To work against me this way, they openly condemn me It’s just the way that things go, so I hereby declare Listen to me carefully, there’s something you should know about me I don’t care about other people I doesn’t necessarily mean that I am an asshole Though to describe my personality, we’re getting awfully close I cover up the truth, the words that I seek are used to find  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Beautiful Nation
Congratulations, you’ve made it to our border Is there something you would like to order? A life without oppression and fear Beautiful nation holds out a prospect of liberation The exemplary situation, there’s no place for supplication (Beautiful backward harmony, sad hidden melody) You’ve got thirty days to convince us all That you’re really suffering in life, stand against the wall But if there is a chance of survival You have to pack your bags and go wooo We know it’s not fair but don’t really care Not even aware of the situation out there Life before becoming a refugee  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Bed To The Bar
Mom and dad have won the match They’ve put the door on the catch Where should I go? Is there a place where I don’t have to leave? I’ve been waiting till now Half my life I have been running away from the pressure at home Relocating my bed to the bar Eyes that set my world on fire Knowing exactly what I desire Make my day I’d do anything to hear you say you don’t have to leave I’ve been waiting for you Half my life I have been running away from the pressure at home Relocating my bed to the bar Come with me, I have a room where we can go to And st  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Cheap Success
We light a candle at your funeral but hell we’re not sad This major opportunity is the best we’ve ever had We’ll never come this close again, our own cheap abuse This sacrifice you’ve made for us makes up for what we lose We exploit the death of a good friend Let evil make some money for our band Can someone please kill my best friend? Do you still have your virginity? We’re waiting for bad news to come to us and make us rich Completed with an overdose, a perfect way to go Our sales go up ‘cause you are more worth more dead that you’re alive We exploit the death of a good friend  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Cyber Century
You’re still online way past bedtime, it’s a bad sign Two mice, square eyes until sunrise, online all night long The webmasters rule in this age of digital crime Your roots won’t determine if you will succeed Cyber century’s electronic rules In a big fight with your website, can’t get it right See the bright side, your friends they might think you’re alright We can’t stop all these chances when they’re ready to come When we are ready to change I have troubles to keep up, when does it come to a stop? The webmasters rule in this age of digital crime Cyber century’s ele  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Extinct Family
Say lovely lady, can you help a gentleman safely cross the street? Escort him home at night, treat him to dinner by romantic candlelight Emancipation reigns supreme She wears the trousers, skirts are rarely seen Emancipation reigns supreme It’s just a matter of time for men to become extinct finally “Say, what’s for dinner honey?” No, he will never say those words again Be quiet when she gets home In this feminine system you’d better leave her alone Emancipation reigns supreme She wears the trousers, skirts are rarely seen Emancipation reigns supreme It’s just a matt  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Is She Really Going Out With Him
Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street From my window I’m staring while my coffee grows cold Look over there, where? There, there’s a lady that I used to know She’s married now or engaged or something so I’m told Is she really going out with him? Is she really gonna take him home tonight? Is she really going out with him? ’Cause if my eyes don’t deceive me There’s something going wrong around here Tonight’s the night when I go to all the parties down my street I wash my hair and I kid myself I look real smooth Look over there, where? There, there come Jean  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Lapd
I'm posing on the sidewalk. Here's where I'm working at night. They're also working at night. They know I've known it all along. They want me of the street. They're getting out of the car. They try to corner me in. LAPD, why are they always after me. There's blue on every corner. How am I supposed to make a living? They never leave me alone. They are as cold as stone. They really don't give a damn about the person I am. I run as fast as I can. All these accusations, what are you trying to say. I've been working my ass of all goddamn summer. If I had the choice to live a p  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Lipsdick Fantasies
She’s most likely to be the most beautiful woman in high school Anyone can see that she is ready to point out the victim Could it be me chosen to be an example? My biology teacher, she likes a lot of practical science Christina and Britney, you girls turn me on Jennifer, Claudia and Cindy, put your wet shirts on You all are invited to my party, we’ll party all night long May I sniff at your panties while we execute my wildest dreams? I fantasize when I’m with you About the other side of the sweet loving you Spanking my butt with the sole of your shoe You leave traces of lipstick on my dick  (full lyric)
Artist :: Undeclinable Ambuscade
 Lyric :: Lonely And Burning
Confused I awake on a sinking ship There’s no easy way, I’m learning it the hard way Like some ridiculous child on an empty cruise Only horizon ready to be swallowed Loneliness eats me away Digested to the bone I feel empty inside The odds are against me, it’s not ok, it’s not alright Confused I awake in a burning house It’s no accident, they’ve put me here on purpose The smoke is ready to put, put his hands on my throat No need for help, I’m already burning Loneliness eats me away Digested to the bone I feel empty inside The odds are against me, it’s not ok, it  (full lyric)
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