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Ure Midge :: Lyrics


Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Answers To Nothing
High upon a hillside, a preacher tells a story to a crowd He tells the same old story, a thousand times he's read that story loud He wants to give the answers but his words are only Answers to nothing Lying in my bedroom, a man comes on my TV with a grin He tells me to believe him, he said that I should put my faith in him He says he has the answers, but his words are only Answers to nothing Oh, oh, oh, believed for the last time Oh, oh, oh, deceived for the last time Hear the chosen leaders say we can't stay sitting on the fence Believe the stuff they feed us, they're buying guns and bombs f  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Breathe
With every waking breath I breathe I see what life has dealt to me With every sadness I deny I feel a chance inside me die Give me a taste of something new To touch to hold to pull me through Send me a guiding light that shines Across this darkened life of mine Breathe some soul in me Breathe your gift of love to me Breathe life to lay 'fore me Breathe to make me breathe For every man who built a home A paper promise for his own He fights against an open flow Of lies and failures, we all know To those who have and who have not How can you live  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Cold Cold Heart
When I was just a boy The voice of an angel came to me It said your future is there inside your cold cold heart But I was just a boy And a boy sees what he wants to see And I saw nothing to share inside this cold cold heart Somebody should have told me That when you're born to this world Your life starts slipping away Come stand beside me Come gather round me Come stand beside me, Come gather round me An' heat this cold cold heart With love inside me With arms around me With love inside me, with arms around me We'll heat this cold cold heart Oh, when I became  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Dear God
Dear God, is there somebody out there? Is there someone to hear my prayer? I'm a simple man with simple words to say Is there some point in asking? Asking for more only got us where we are today Lost and alone and afraid Give me, love for the lonely Give me, food for the hungry Give me, peace in a restless world Give me, hope for the children Give me, a worldwide religion Give me, peace in a restless world Dear God, can you hear me crying? A whole world crying Looking for something to say We had it all and we threw it all away Is there somebody watching Someb  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Hands Around My Heart
Blow, you wild winds above Breathe out your breath of love Try to save this simple man from falling. Send, your wild winds to me To save and set me free Try to hear the tired words I'm calling I need delight, to feed my soul tonight Come cradle this man torn apart I'm waiting for your hands around my heart Blow, blow down from where you stand Across this loveless land Send a ray of hope to light my fire Over desert over sea Let the wind blow through to me Through to me to lift my spirits higher I need delight to save my soul tonight Come crad  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Hell To Heaven
If I could understand why one land Throws aside what others need to survive Then maybe I could justify what I am seeing I can't quite accept that we who have so much watch others die Who designed this world we live in? Hand giving a hand Giving the world a helping hand It's falling around us now If I could understand why one man Lifts his hand to strike another down Then maybe I'd believe the reasons that I'm given I'd like to think it's just a few Who make the rest of us comply Who designed this world we live in? Help turn round this hell to heaven Hand gi  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Homeland
Sometimes I find the ghost from behind me won't go You think by this time You'd be gone from my mind But it isn't so Sometimes I hear your voice ringing clear on the radio Hearing you tell words that I knew so well Not so long ago And though it's changed for us all I know you will always be near And though you watch from afar I know where you are You walk the homeland I remember that night Of that year when the tears wouldn't clear my eyes I'd seen it before Like a dream I'd ignore It was no surprise I tried to pretend that the madness would end and you'd rea  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: I See Hope In The Morning Light
Another long night, caresses round me Shows no pity knows no shame To share its lifetime of endless moments Till I can touch the light again Everything changes, everything round us Everything matters after all Let something move me and I will follow Not walking blind but walking tall Where does it say that we must hide Inside this cold divide where nothing good can grow When has a life been black and white Where it's only wrong or right, I never felt so low Deliver me from my sad story I see hope in the morning light Come to me in love and glory I see hope in the morning l  (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: If I Was
If I was a better man Would fellow men take me to their hearts If I was a stronger man Carrying the weight of popular demand Tell me would that alarm her I'd never harm her at all If I was a soldier Captive arms I'd lay before her If I was a sailor Seven oceans I'd sail to her If I was a wiser man Would other men reach out and touch me If I was a kinder man Dishing up love for a hungry world Tell me would that appease her I want to please her again If I was a painter I'd paint a world that couldn't taint her If I was a leader On food of   (full lyric)
Artist :: Ure Midge
 Lyric :: Just For You
Just for you, I could fly Just for you, I could walk the oceans I would cross all divides To satisfy your whims and notions For you, I could break the system I would take every blow Survive upon a poor man's wisdom And if you want I'd chase the world away And when you cry I'd kiss the tears away Just for you, I would cry Just for you, I would fall down to my knees And pray that I could raise a love that's fit to please you And if you're lonely I will be with you If you're in doubt I'll tell you what to do I would take your hand and I'll lead you through I'd give my  (full lyric)
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