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US The Band :: Lyrics


Artist :: US The Band
 Lyric :: Possibilities
Youre so bored with life, you know, I cant stand your antics, I wish you would leave and go, You idiot fanatic. CHORUS: Why you always gotta look before you leap, Pray before you sleep? With you, theres no possibility: No exciting things to see, Thats why youre not right for me. You know, with me, I take a chance, While youre just in a trance, You know, with me, Im in the know, Youre a controlled puppet show! CHORUS BRIDGE: Oh, the possibilities, That youll miss out on, You may be the rich and the free, But theres no doubt about yon. Some  (full lyric)
Artist :: US The Band
 Lyric :: Today (Who I Need)
I dont care what you say, There is no one who can help me today, Actually, theres one I need, But he wont help me, out of greed. CHORUS: Oh, I was selfishI know its true, But there has to be room for me and you, Oh, I need you, I say, Youre who I needtoday. Im in a bad situation here, (Duh, I know, its totally clear!) Will you help me, in a year? (I dont knowwill I, dear?) CHORUS BRIDGE: You know I love you, Thinkin bout love is all I do! You know I need you, So come help me, dude!! CHORUS And the world has to know, That were togethe  (full lyric)
Artist :: US The Band
 Lyric :: Walla Walla Girl
Totally ordinary, as I can see. Nothin else to be butoh yeah, me! The Ki Group, Bleediotie, and mice galore, So many people to look up to with love and squalor. Just Im that girl in the hallways, shouting soundlessly, Sayin, No lives to live, no one to be! Anger abounds, but then I hear a sound. A whisper in my ear saying, Dont you fear. CHRUS: That walla walla girl , you dont really know her. That la-di-da-di girl, never gonna show ya That Im a human being, whom youre really not seeing. I guess I gotta give ya the key-ing To my heart, to my soul, to my blue cereal bowl. To that walla walla girl  (full lyric)
Artist :: US The Band
 Lyric :: What It Was Like
Moira: What it was like, I need to know Is this always how the situation goes? Will it always be this oppressive? At least the history will be quite impressive! But really it doesnt matter to me, As long as I go down in history! Dan: It doesnt seem fair as I glance through the door, My best agent gone and shes here no more. So please tell me what it was like, Before I make the announcement at the mike. Laura: Oh, if she wasnt my friend, I couldnt care less. But no, shes my very best friend, And if I dont find her itll be quite a mess! Moira: What it was Dan: What it was Laura:  (full lyric)

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